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  1. Buy a ticket in an executive box they are £90 each and they have some left, that is what I had to do and I'm a season ticket holder who could not get a ticket!
  2. Lee Grant as the money we got helped save us until the Milan takeover
  3. Got to take the money and run but, I would demand a helicopter and a sun bed from the purchasing club.
  4. Did he sign Carlton Palmer & David Hirst when he was at Southampton ?
  5. Would be A great signing but think he is premier bound :-(
  6. Not sure on the figure but I think mine was around £350 on the kop and £15 for my son MASSIVE bargain
  7. That would be a great idea but I would probably do it for current season ticket holders who have not bought one yet and maybe a slight increase for new season tickets? Wow first post be kind x
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