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  1. Shirt prices

    Hi at the current exchange rate it's 1 for 1. Last season shirts are still to expensive (home and away). If this season's shirt is more than 40 quid it's to expensive. Love Stef xx
  2. Shirt prices

    Not a real person I am. Love Stef xx
  3. Shirt prices

    Isn't enzo wwe ? Love Stef xx
  4. Shirt prices

    At least u got my name right. Love Stef xx
  5. Shirt prices

    To dear. Love Stef xx
  6. Quality of shirt

    Easy don't buy it. To dear Love Stef xx
  7. Shirt prices

    I didn't want to start a moaning thread about shirt prices if there over 40 quid there not worth it ! Some people will say they are and buy them at any price but there opinion is as valued as mine love Stef xx
  8. Shirt prices

    It's Stef
  9. Shirt prices

    Cheers mate but I'm 33 I've had it 4 my whole life been called Stephanie, your a girl nonsense so I've got a thick skin. Also cheers father cos I no u r reading this
  10. Shirt prices

    It's Stef and yes it was garbage love Stef xx
  11. Shirt prices

    Also I no ticket prices have been done to death but it's 10 euros 2 go and watch roma on Friday.(before people start kicking off at me I no it's a friendly) Stef
  12. Shirt prices

  13. Shirt prices

    Sorry not trying to gloat. We've saved up for ages to be able to go away mate
  14. Shirt prices

    Sono massiccia
  15. Shirt prices

    I agree with u mate I asked the man in the shop why they were so dear he said it's because nike r the kit sponsors which wasn't a good enough answer ! Sorry mate I could have be a translated that but I'm on holiday in roma