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  1. Haha, hopefully you're wrong, but yeah, it's a bit gloomy just now. I'll take it. I get into Sheffield in the afternoon on Tuesday, let me know via PM wherever or whatever suits you to hand it over. Cheers!
  2. Apologies, yet another thread about Rotherham! I'm down from Glasgow for this one, still clinging to hope of a ticket for the away end. Would be delighted to pay over the odds! Cheers.
  3. Coming down from Scotland for this (and obviously still desperately seeking a ticket for the away end, will pay over the odds and all that!), but even struggling for a home end ticket at this point with their supposed restrictions on Wednesday fans trying to buy home tickets. Did you need ID to buy that home ticket? If it'll get me in without any problems, I'd obviously be interested.
  4. If you have 70 points, you'll get them today. Ticket office just sold me one and said there are 550 left.
  5. When do memberships become available for the coming season?
  6. Noooooooooo Time off work sorted, trains to and from Glasgow booked, accomodation booked. Gutted.
  7. There's a typical big Fuller's pub right out on the High Street, the Barrow Boy and Banker. Quite a few boozers close to hand though.
  8. Making the long journey from Edinburgh, train down Tuesday, and back early on Wednesday.
  9. Strange things happening with the train lately. It was considerably cheaper for me to book the train down to to London from Edinburgh for the Millwall game than it was to go to Sheffield or even Doncaster for our home game the following weekend.
  10. Also going alone, from Glasgow. :st2: For those talking about train fares though, I got a very early return ticket for £14!
  11. Ordered mine a week and a half ago, really hope it's here for going to the pub on Saturday.
  12. Every time I looked over at the NW corner, they were bouncing! A credit to their club, best wishes to them.
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