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  1. I'm not watching of course, but Palmer and Odubajo are on the wrong side. Odubajo has done a full season and more as a left wing back for other sides.
  2. Anyone watching, can you post an approximate formation? I know Shaw is CM but has been played CB, and I don't know where Brennan plays - and Palmer, Odubajo and Reach get pushed around all over the place by Monk.
  3. We ain't lined up with a squad worthy of playing against Watford.
  4. Bit of a hard night, possibly one we'll lose, is how i'd put it looking at that line up.
  5. She's been around the world, you know. Then did a McCann thing.
  6. Who are the many? We do have midweek games coming up, I will grant you that. For me, it allows some of those who would be mainly on the bench to get a game and for others, such as Rhodes to keep up some fitness and hopefully form.
  7. They need to get a wage off the bill first, that's why the approach hasn't been made yet - they play a balancing game and have stopped speculating that they can get a player off the books before they get another one on right now.. I'd expect if Lee can curb his expectations he can get a better deal elsewhere, in the Championship to be fair.
  8. I believe Lee is about to be asked to train with Sunderland with a view to a 1 year deal.
  9. Who clearly aren't interested in either the Star in printed version, or it's bloated adware online version either. Going on about boomers earlier too. Who do you think this website appeals to? Maybe we should all leave this website too and begger off.
  10. In truth, you are on a hiding to nothing. It started with the slow but progressive decline on the printed media, but personally for me it stopped with the death of the green un. I'd stopped buying the star way before. I'm a nostalgic person, my mum worked for the Star when I was young, she worked for a guy called Mike Allsop - down York Street, but not where people remember the Star being, on the opposite side the road, it was like a rabbit warren as I recall. This was 30 plus years ago, and I remember Mike taking me on a tour of the printing press across the road,
  11. JPI Media will be dead within 10 years. The Sheffield Star has been dead for many years now.
  12. We as fans need a player like him to come good and really hit the ground running this season, it would give us all a bit of a lift.
  13. Politics allowed in this thread? But as an aside, Never..........Gonna..........Happen
  14. I predict relegation, but what will make it even more unbearable is that -12's will not be applied moving into this season due to issues with Covid, which would have probably saved us from even being in the bottom six. A lot of clubs are going into admin, and the minus 12 rule will be taken away, just you wait and see.
  15. I think all clubs have been told to keep schtum. I'm pretty sure the silence is across the board, not just in Sheffield six.
  16. I didn't really get much enjoyment from using ifollow - and I don't mean the football on offer. I buy a season ticket to be there and nothing can really top that for me. I don't want to beat the club up about this, it's not their fault either If the choice is available, any games I miss due to Covid i'd rather went to a credit for next season's season ticket to be honest, even though I know this harms the club financially. It's the best trade off I can think off for me personally. Surely ifollow costs the club too?
  17. You appear to be in a minority I don't believe the club have refunded anyone yet, and possibly I can understand that. Grandad is basically saying to you what a lot of people are thinking.
  18. They had a contract that stumped yours. It''s horses for courses. The hard fact is that football finances are reset and ultimately clubs will pay less wages. Right now, contracts have to be fulfilled.
  19. People need to consider the purchase of a season ticket a sunk cost. So, we paid for games we won't watch, i'm a bit miffed with that - but hopefully we'll get them online. Not as good, sure. But adequate. I didn't ask for refund last season, but I understand those that did are annoyed they haven't got a refund yet, but quite possibly the club are trying to recoup this cost some other way we don't know about, such as an insurance claim. Or simply waiting to get some money into the club via other means to alleviate cash flow issues. Surely we can all appreciat
  20. If you had to select a player from the lower leagues who could cut it at our level,Ben Marshall could be that guy - he'd do a Kightly to be honest, although I don't think Kightly dropped so low to raise his game so high.
  21. My point here probably needs a different thread, but I would seriously hope that SWFC can do something to maximise profit from what few fans are allowed through the gate. If I can be assured what I spend goes to the club, i'll get me and my kid dinner inside the ground for instance where before I wouldn't have.
  22. I know i've said it before, but no one has really helped me out with my assumption - maybe because everyone thinks I am incorrect, who knows? I am confident the lack of movement of players is purely down to the fact that players and agents are in denial about the change that has happened, players and agents are no longer in control because the economy of football has changed. I'm talking outside the top flight, but absolutely, clubs are now in charge with what they want to pay - and it's probably a change that is here to stay for the immediate future. Player
  23. Many confusing things on show on the pitch right now. I hope he's getting some extra coaching too. He pulls far too wide too often right now, and that was against a 4th tier side. He needs drilling, lets hope he gets some serious one on one time with Beattie.
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