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  1. Monk is probably playing Patterson wide and Reach centre forward knowing his previous weird selections.
  2. No that's not right - it comes from the selling club, which is why free transfers often have larger signing on fees for both player and agent, but why when a player is in contract, the selling club demands a fee unless it is freeing up a considerable wage.
  3. Chansiri will not sell Iorfa, unless there is some clause in the contract. The man is nothing if not stubborn. Now, if the fee is north of £10m is that the correct decision? Probably not.
  4. I've never said it whilst he has been a Wednesday player.
  5. Rhodes would be very well suited alongside Patterson
  6. I can't quite get my head round who you sound like there. Someone once talked about quite a lot on this forum. Nope, can't remember, sorry. Forget I said anything!
  7. The issue is too many at once. I'd have liked a few more older heads alongside a couple less newly blooded.
  8. You know that first season Van Aken joined us, he was almost on a hiding to nothing. We were on the whole, defensively sound, but what none of us realised just how fast it would go south. We were told that this kid had been scouted and out of nearly 200 people, chosen - he came with a large reputation because of that, and he looked impressive early doors - pinging the ball about with consummate ease. Then he got held out to dry with a few really bad performances - and no one can deny that he had some very bad performances for us. BUT he has done ok this s
  9. I'm talking a long time ago, I have tried to find it - it was one of those thing my wife watched and I wasn't bothered about but my ears pricked up when I heard his history as a footballer. I know i've not imagined it, but I can't find it either! Edit - I did not notice the RIP comment until just now, then googled it. Wow.
  10. Tony Crane was a centre half come midfielder as I recall, and whilst he was a stiker, didn't Junior Agogo try to make it on a reality TV show?
  11. Very jealous i've not been accused of giving a young female steward that kind of dogs abuse, yes of course you must be totally correct. If that's the kind of fan you want back then please get out the red carpet.
  12. It's more his sincerity as being an all round good chap i'm more concerned about.
  13. You once said on here you'd not had a drink for over ten years. Maybe it's time to restart that effort.
  14. My Grandads balls were really long, but i'm not sure that's something to be proud of.
  15. He is the one player who was chalk and cheese between appearances.
  16. Penney has to not be overawed and pushed back today.
  17. I dress it up as 11 changes, because that is what it is.
  18. No. It's turgid and boring. A draw against a 4th tier side, an unexpected win in the Championship, and a run of the mill game against another lower division side. You really are trying FAR TOO HARD to push this.
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