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  1. Rub it in at every possible chance. The aim has to be to show them what "Light years ahead" truly means.
  2. How big were Newcastle United back before they signed Andy Cole and Kevin Keegan came back to England? They were mere potential. Just as we are now. Everything will fall into place, some things though such as club shop might have to wait a while.
  3. Over 3k posts on a rival's forum. You are almost as sad as Big Buns.
  4. One quality that O'Grady has is his ability to slow the play down. The ball sticks with him, he has good control, can pick a simple pass and not just sideways. He is also very strong and is not shrugged off the ball. I could see him doing more a holding midfield role very well for some team. It just happens we have a brilliant option in that position already, and an able backup in reserve. So it wouldn't happen with Wednesday unless we had major prombles.
  5. Lee Peacock had a bit of a playmaker role later on in his career doing something similar. Worse suggestions have been made in the past.
  6. Shouldn't you be fixing your outlook?! He has broad shoulders. Well, broad EVERYTHING actually.
  7. Hello Mr Cheese, Can I call you by your first name? NOB!
  8. Stick it back to two subs. and get rid of the backpass rule too. And stop weeing about with offside while you are at it.
  9. It would be worth while getting hold of a SUFC player for the effect it would have. Put Utd fans further on a downer and Wednesday fans on a bigger high - could easily sell more season tickets because of the feeling that we are getting yet another 1up on them.
  10. Do Jamaica have many games this season? If they do, and assuming he's fit then this is good for SWFC.
  11. will leave the rating or slating until The day after Tomorrow.
  12. It would be short sighted to ditch any of the older players we have, such as Jones, Lowe etc unless they are on an absolute mint of a wage - and I can't see that being the case. We need momentum. You don't get that by making wholesale changes from a squad that has just had the best points haul the club has seen for over a decade.
  13. Lowton and Maguire to go in that development squad that Jones is putting together!
  14. I understand the sentiments. I heard on TV this morning "Its Huddersfield v Sheffield" I shouted - no it ****ing isn't, it's Huddersfield v part of Sheffield.
  15. There may have been discontent had we not got promoted. Young and talented players always want to improve themselves. But where would he go to now we are in Championship, a lower Prem side with less potential then Wednesday?
  16. Suprised any donut even bothered to repeat such rubbish.
  17. McCabe Senior is the only person who has anything to do with the "Scarborough" empire who wishes to still have anything to do with Sheffield United. All other parties see it as a millstone.
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