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  1. I don't think we need a like for like replacement. I don't think Bannan suits our play. He dictates a game every 4 or 5 matches but we need consistency. We need a big snarler in the middle, not someone running rings around himself and pulling off the odd brilliant pass.
  2. Not sure even Monk values Pelupessy to that extent, I think he is an emergency backup and wages probably to match. I personally would allow Bannan to leave. 30 years old, no resale value and assume we stay up and he decides to renew, at 31 he's not going to be someone we should be building a side around. If we go down, even worse and he won't stay anyway so may as well get some experience into the likes of Shaw and Hunt. We will get a pittance for Bannan right now but save some decent money in wages - and that is the thing that's crippling Wednesday - The wage bill.
  3. We have a replacement for Bannan. Those saying £2m plus are deluded, at 30 with less than 12 months on his contract - take a low offer and save on the wages. Get him out. Start the transformation of the squad now. The replacement is not one person by the way, it's two. We have Hunt, we have Penney. Between them they more than make up for what Bannan offers if they are on the pitch.
  4. If history tells us something, the money will stay in his bank but the ability to buy tickets in future may be harder.
  5. It's not the same. Don't want to watch game on laptop, can't be arsed to plug hdmi cable into TV and lad isn't bothered watching it on TV, he just wants to go to the game with me. Just not the same.
  6. I'm of the opposite opinion. That side shows us how much the 2nd tier of English football has improved over the years. The side we had under Carlos first year would have battered the 2002 side by 5 or more goals per game. History is history. I still shouted for those players and still went to the games regardless.
  7. Most fans would want Eustace back to take over from Monk, to be quite honest.
  8. I remember Francis as player manager up against Peter Reid as player manager and both going in full on tackle on each other at Hillsborough. My dad was laughing and I did not understand why at the time! In Hindsight, It must have been like a Rocky film, two geriatrics going at each other!
  9. It's quite a strange feeling being so long since seeing the old girl. Since the first time I went in the ground and as a youngster was in awe of the place, I fell in love with it. How can you not? Some may say it's this, that the other - but to me it's a home for all things I believe in, its not a shrine it's better than a shrine. I don't worship at Hillsborough, I simply feel at home and I feel like I am part of something. Yes, I miss Hillsborough. I hope others feel the same.
  10. Sorry the thing that is embarrassing here is you. McCabe did exactly the same and then quite some, but it was not reported in the local newspapers It's fact. What is also fact is you seem to want to turn everything into a major issue. Grow up.
  11. Quite simply, because it did happen. It's actually fact - you simply have to look it up.
  12. I have one issue here. When the exact same thing happened in Sheffield 2 with Scarborough holdings and McCabe, nothing was reported. It happens to us several years later, and it's a massive story. Some people wonder why we don't trust those creating the storylines in the local newspapers - but in reality, it's because of double standards in reporting the two clubs.
  13. Before anyone calls him Harksey, he wasn't He was "The Yank"
  14. Not quite true, Ron left Pressman out every now and then to give him a kick up the jacksie, including the final. Pressman was always the better of the two - and I don't know about Turner when he played for us the first time before leaving for Man U - but in that year, Pressman was the better keeper but was a bit lax, and knowing this Big Ron really did him a favour by persistently dropping him when he needed it.
  15. Kingy did something like this a couple of years ago too if I remember right.
  16. I cannot believe that is the agenda on this very website. Only an imbecile would back Monk, yet the owner of this site berates anyone giving the journeyman manager, who is hardly any age - tells anyone giving Monk a hard time that they do not know what they are talking about. Its almost like the owner of this website is trying to alienate SWFC fans by backing this IMBECILE Monk.
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