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  1. Have a dump too while you are at it, I fear we need the insurance policy.
  2. I'll give you not lazy, but there are occasions every so often when he just doesn't get into the game - not the same as lazy. It's like sometimes he just gets everything wrong - then on that occasion you are scared he is going to do one of those 5 metre sliding tackles that you normally think is going to get him sent off!
  3. Fletcher is a good player, even given his age - and given his nouse about our squad he is pretty much going to play a blinder against us if he plays. As above, do not wish the man any ill fortune but I will be happier if he cant start against us.
  4. I know, but West Brom aren't down there without reason, and pigs haven't been playing dreadful - I know this as I live with pigs so whenever they are on TV we have it on.
  5. I would consider the top six of champ and bottom six of Prem to be about on a par. If this lot come down, they could well drop two divisions quickly.
  6. Do you not berate Westwood at every possible opportunity. Do you not slate people for backing him?
  7. My point is Dawson and Wildsmith have been poor. The hate for Westwood mainly comes from you.
  8. What can I say - the hate for Westwood is systemic in some on this site, it's quite disgraceful.
  9. "It's was" exactly what is normally acceptable. "thats" better than what we have been subjected to so far this season.
  10. Some people purely post to make themselves look better. Westwood made a good clearance, the return would not happen ninety five times out of a hundred. Try harder to hate.
  11. Possibly the client ID number is the order sequence.
  12. Two words. Blades - nothing to do with Wednesday. Hater - Something you despise. My friend, you need a physiatrist.
  13. You have "Blades" in your name. It's very hard to get behind your thought process.
  14. One of us will be proved correct when all is said and done. Monk is not a good manager, he will be long gone while I am still putting my money into the club. Whatever you think of me, if you are one backing Monk you are really the one who the Penney hasn't dropped for. You say "a fine job" - I say - BAHAHAHAHAHAHA you absolute moron if you think that.
  15. TRYING TOO HARD He's never been a good manager FULL STOP
  16. You have no bloody morals you nob go walk your dog twenty times a day during lockdown you freaking prat
  17. I believe vast majority of clubs across the nation have come out with a common statement "This is our only revenue, please don't illegally stream"
  18. Last club statement means the square root of sod all to you two then?
  19. The truth is that Bannan constantly has smoke blown up his arse by the pundits and commentators, but in actual fact if he was that good, he'd have been picked off by a bigger club before now. Unpopular opinion...... Bannan ain't all that. He limits our play by demanding to dictate the play all the time. Let him go, let's see what we can do without a little Hitler in the middle of the park.
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