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  1. The club has to pay wages, it's overheads do not change. I don't believe you are able to comprehend that, so arguing with you is pointless.
  2. Ok so three comments saying I don't know income hasn't stopped for most. For almost everybody, income hasn't stopped. There is furlough. There is Universal Credit. For self employed like S36 who are self employed, they have totally ignored lockdown. There is a minority who won't be covered by these things I suggest, but that is absolutely a minority.
  3. It's quite different for a lot of clubs. Some have had income from insurance, others have had insurance block them and say - sorry you are not covered for an unknown disease. Some have been covered for only a month, some for only a few months and a very select few covered totally A lot have had no cover at all.
  4. I bought a season ticket knowing I could afford it - nowt changed. Not significantly. The club received the ticket money, believing that it was part of their income that would continue to flow. That income stopped. They still have bills to pay, just like you or me, but unlike you or me, the income for the club has stopped.
  5. I asked about the clubs predicament. Not yours. Or mine. Or other fans. The club right now has a very serious cash flow issue.
  6. Ok smart arse. Please now make a list of income since March. It's not a long list.
  7. Their shop is a bit pokey, it's in an L shape with not much space. Mind you it's bigger than the old shop we had back in the day - that was tiny!
  8. A business doesn't have any income. Of course it's a bloody cash flow problem!!!!
  9. I don't believe Pulis is a stupid man. It would take a very stupid, or ignorant man to be not understanding of what he was approaching when taking this job. I think possibly Monk was such an ignorant man. Either ignorant, or so arrogant to believe he was capable of beating the situation. The same COULD be said of Pulis, is is not ignorant, or just arrogant? I certainty hope Pulis is arrogant, because we need that - but I do not believe he is ignorant to our plight.
  10. Monk and Pulis are poles apart. To steady a ship, you need an old head and that's what we have - it's not just about tactics, it's about respect between the players and the coaching staff, and right from the training ground you can see that Pulis demands respect - he is an old fashioned guy who takes training himself which is an old trait but one that I think should not be outdated, but yet it seems to be. I'm not getting into tactics and how we play, we all now we are going to feel short changed, but to be honest - we all want improvement in results right? So how can
  11. When he first signed for us I was in awe. Little guy, strong as an oxe on the ball and it took a lot to take the ball off him. He had the odd bit of eccentric moment that we've not seen since the two italians - although not a patch on the great Waddle. Then he let it all get to him, his ego outgrew the club. Go to hell Forestieri, you mercenary piece of Mierda
  12. Just want to add, not all blades fans have been refunded either. I say "not all" to be nice - I don't know if any of them have been refunded, but I do know several that have not been, from the horses mouth from three different people. So - if a Prem team with all that money is struggling with cash flow, it's not hard to believe we are also.
  13. Been taking in the wonderful forum that is s24su and one of dissenters was talking about the last time they did something like this - not one of them referenced this thing Bassett did in having an early Christmas do because he was fed up with them not turning up until after Christmas. I wondered if I was obsessed with them, but then I realised - no, I'm just more knowledgeable, as at the time it was an article in either the Star - or was it Telegraph and Star still? Or the Green 'un, or maybe both. I don't get these people who say we should mind our own business and
  14. Not sure, looked like Patterson had quite a package.
  15. I remember a ball in very late in play, and before it hit Adem Poric's head, the ref blew for full time. The ball went into the net, it was a sweet header. Was that a goal?
  16. To be honest, nothing like him. One had a decent left peg with a long cross and defend adequately, the other isn't so good defencively, is better on his right foot and can dribble, run past a man, and either cross or pass with consummate ease, also One can play as a wing back at either side, the other is purely a leftback or centre half in emergencies. So, in short, nowt like Fox.
  17. We were better - whatever motivated the players needs to stay, and I hope it isn't a flash in the pan.
  18. One player comes off in his natural position, another in a position he's only played once before, and you pick on the player playing out of position. Classic SallyCinnamon to be fair. Totally wrong.
  19. It will help not only the whole team, but also Bannan if that is truly the case.
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