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  1. 2 minutes ago, heppers said:

    When did you first call it and what exactly did you call?


    I saw David Hirst play as a 9 year old. He scored and I turned to me mate and said, “He’ll score 4 against Hull one day”. I never forgot it and when it happened I just turned to my mate and nodded. No words were needed.


    Just believe he is a better attacking force.   He does not go to bits in the final third.


    i haven't openly said this before so I can't say i'm the first to say it, apologies!

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  2. There has been a major bust up yesterday with some of the players and Knill.


    Egan, Sharp and Norwood have tried to have it out with Wilder, who has brushed things off but Knill has gone in all guns blazing back at them and it's started cival war.


    Ben Osborn has been smacked by Oli McBurnie, and Ethan Ampadu has gone crying back to Chelsea and has begged them to bring him off loan.


    Wilder has come out fighting after calming Knill down and stopping him walking -  and told players he will put out youngsters in the starting line u if they don't step up and be counted and stop being mardy and getting aggravated with each other.


    I particularly like the bit about being mardy, as that is what he is ninety percent of the time.





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  3. U19 rule doesn't go far enough - it should only be allowed if a full international player.


    I hoped this would go somewhat further and like the old rule where you could only play 4 foreign players in the matchday squad, but I suppose that would be impossible to do from the off.    

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  4. Just now, hirstyboywonder said:


    Maybe that's because they would have received what they had paid for.


    If you bought a holiday up front but as a result of a pandemic arising unforeseen it wasn't fulfilled, would you happily regard it as a sunk cost? 


    Again,  a random company doesn't hold my affection - but SWFC does.

  5. 7 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



    The club owner is minted


    It’s not the ordinary sheffield working mans place to subsidise a billionaire football club owner paying agents and advisors millions of pounds to bring players to the club and pay them millions of pounds 


    No chance 


    I'm not convinced he is minted, or at least inclined to spend to a point we believe he should.

  6. Actually I think Grandad has hit the nail on the head with his opposing thought to mine.


    I am coming at this situation as purely club in mind, some are coming with a thought of personal interest in mind, and others have a middle ground.


    I apologise to anyone who genuinely needs the money back for their circumstance, but I urge all else to try to keep it in the club if possible for as long a possible because I genuinely believe the club as a business is a concern.


    I hope this makes my position a little clearer.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Grandad said:





    Had I bought tickets for anything. Flights, gigs, cinema, theatre, sporting events, a stately home, an exhibition. Anything


    And I can't attend and it's no fault of my own.


    I want my money back. Whether I can afford it or not. Is that unreasonable?


    No it is not unreasonable.


    I don't support ryanair though.    

  8. 1 minute ago, Aingarth said:

    The truth is that if the club files for bankruptcy, our claims will. E very last in the list. And with us heading directly for relegation, like a bomb heading for the ground,  going for bankruptcy or administration wouldn’t be a surprising move for the owner. Watch this space. 


    I'm not convinced this isn't an option.


    Hence my stance.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Grandad said:

    The majority of fans just want the money back for LAST SEASON. Not this


    A lot of fans are getting precious about having money back they had already budgeted for going out.    My issue is that these fans are now going apeshit crazy wanting it back fast.     They would have watched the games happily but as they haven't they feel aggrieved.    In the main it's not about having money back, because if you can't afford it you wouldn't pay it.    It's about being aggrieved.   

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  10. 2 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:








    My main issue is that we as fans paid the money,  before all this happened.


    The club took the money in good faith and we all knew the club were taking this money up front for sunk costs.


    As fans, things didn't change much - what we had spent was what we had spent, and we would have spent it regardess.


    I don't get why some are being so precious about not having money back they would not have had back had this virus not occurred. 



  11. Just now, mirocevic said:

    To be honest after reading your posts and the numerous responses  from different posters I believe you have a serious problem with comprehension.





    I have a serious problem with your response.


    The club has a cash flow issue.


    If you can't understand that, go back to school.

  12. 1 minute ago, hirstyboywonder said:


    That is an arrogant and ignorant viewpoint. Take a look around and see how many more people are out of work as a result of this pandemic. Some of our fans will be business owners who have seen their livelihoods threatened.

    Yes it may be a minority but the club is owned by a rich man with a rich family, not sure why you are not understanding why people are critical of it taking months to provide a refund to some supporters. 


    it's OK though - some people can get Universal Credit! 


    There is arrogance on this thread, but it ain't mine mate.



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