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    South Stand Announcer

    Doesn't rhyme
  2. HarryPlopper


    Apathy is in full control and make no mistake, however how can we change that? It's obvious the club is disjointed from the fans, even the players are disjointed from the fans - but as fans what can we do? After all, after this management has long since gone, and after this set of players have long since gone - it's us poor lot that will still be around. So what can we do to affect positive change?
  3. HarryPlopper


    My issue is not with Baker, but being shoehorned into something he maybe is not - or is not yet. His age is not an issue if he is being asked to do something he was not asked to do in his previous 8 years or so. In reality, I refuse to Judge Baker this season - why should I? He is coming into a poor side low on confidence.
  4. HarryPlopper


    What is quite laughable is that he is in truth a centre back, pushed to right back at two points in time in his time with us. Both those points in time have been when Wednesday have needed a right back at u23 level and first team level.
  5. I genuinely don't like getting on players backs at any time, but i'm finding it hard not to. I actually stopped myself from shouting abuse at Fox today - I stood up, ready, thought about it and realised It wasn't me. Nuhiu at times was poor too in his decisions and application too. I can understand why some players are getting stick, I really can.
  6. HarryPlopper

    Brian Laws in an advisory role?

    I don't advocate this, but we do need a British manager at the helm, one who can talk to both the players and fans alike. I'm fed up of having to second guess what has been said with the last two managers, so i'm confident a lot is lost in translation to the players.
  7. HarryPlopper

    Can anyone remember a worse win?

    Stay classy.
  8. HarryPlopper

    That 'Penalty'

    Give it up. It was a dive, you are an aberration of a fan who merely spouts his own bile. Accurate? You would not know the meaning of the word "Accurate" Oh, and Lawrie Madden was a fat slob of a player too towards the end, probably describes you to a tea.
  9. HarryPlopper

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Well, let us be realistic. Jos has only actually brought one player in, and he has brought on a few youngsters who we would now say are capable of being first teamers - indeed when Penney and Thornily have been dropped recently, A lot on here saying that Jos was wrong and they should have kept their shirt? Yet he is the reason they are at the forefront anyway. Truth is, if we have to cut our cloth, and we have to do it this drastically that we cannot play players for fear of clauses that give a player another term, then this manager has his hands tied quite a lot - not only that he is being forced to alienate players which will be killing morale, but is that the managers fault? The football on display is shocking, and I cannot deny that, but I do not know the whole truth and I do not 100% believe A.N. Other will do a better job in this period where we are really struggling. I'd personally stick with JOS until such a time when the manager (whatever manager) doesn't have his hands tied.
  10. HarryPlopper

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    History says otherwise. 15k average attendances are the kind of thing that scaremongers would come out with right now, to be honest.
  11. You username is Marc Degryse. Such a non descript player in a time of absolute nothingness. Your argument is pretty much nothing, as very few people are doing what you are saying.
  12. The main thing in the OP's point is "IF" So, to be honest, absolutely nothing to talk about. Just another bedwetter.
  13. HarryPlopper

    Well Done, Dawson

    The post before yours I was just about to agree with, and in truth I still do agree with this point:- However there is a reason he has made more saves than any other keeper in the championship this season - he's faced more shots! I do think Dawson needs to learn - and fast, but he is now first team on merit. I'd still love Wildsmith to figure though, and do well, because he's also a good keeper, and in my mind probably the better of the two
  14. HarryPlopper

    That 'Penalty'

    No, being right makes it not true. It was NOT a penalty, and anyone who says it is, clearly is someone (like you) who is simple as simple is. Plus - HOW long will you be a "Student" for? you've been on here for an age, are you a job dodger?
  15. HarryPlopper

    That 'Penalty'

    Give over, our radio expert will shoot you down quick smart ! Not a pen in a million years in truth.