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  1. Can't argue with a stupid man so I bow out. Ignore my points to make your own every time. Those men I quoted did not have the resources that CC had, and any one who says or argues otherwise is as dim as you are Mycroft - you clearly are not as smart as the character you take your name from. Don't quote or talk to me again, I will not engage with you as you quite simply talk crap.
  2. HarryPlopper

    Jos feared wife safety

    I must confess, I never gave thought to if he had a wife or kids.
  3. HarryPlopper

    FAO Cameron Dawson

    You take it wrong. Probably in more sense than one.
  4. Well to be honest to disregard the behind the scenes stuff is absolute absurd to me. Did Paul Jewell, Peter Shreeves, Terry Yorath, Chris Turner, Paul Sturruck, Brian Laws, Alan Irvine, Gary Megson, Dave Jones, Stuart Gray have anywhere near the money to spend that Carlos had, or the squad that Jos Luhukay inherited in the 2nd flight?
  5. HarryPlopper


    I'm taking my lad - so that's two season ticket holders who are going for this match. My dad has been to more games than I have hot dinners, but he cannot get often these days as to be quite honest his body is knackered in the main - but he is going and taking my mum too sat net to me and my lad which I am happy as happy can be about, and I'm also taking my nephew who is a season ticket holder at the lane - so that's 3 non season ticket holders going too, including one from the other side! I'd absolutely love this to be a game where we hit 15k, although I don't think it will be. Surely the cost (cheap) plus Luhukay going should be an incentive. Who else is going?
  6. I think a lot has changed behind the scenes though. When we got Carlos, suddenly we had better means to buy players then we had done for quite some time previously. It's a partnership - Chairman/Manager and our previous Chairmen since we dropped from the top flight did handicap our managers somewhat. - so I don't see your argument about us since we left the Premiership being of value in this particular argument.
  7. HarryPlopper

    FAO Cameron Dawson

    Dawson has not been backwards about coming forwards. He is a man not a boy and his interactions with the press have proven this. He has been very opinionated, and that is exactly what you want of a keeper - to be an arrogant gobshite who gives his opinion whether it is right or wrong. I use the word man, not boy - because that's what he is. He will be our No1 again though at some point, well either him or Wildsmith. I don't like others see a need to buy a new No1 should Westwood leave, but I do think that Westwood should see out whatever time he has left with us as No1 and these two should learn what they can from him. I'd say 80% good chance by the end of the season Westwood is gone, but if he isn't that's no where near the end of the world for our other two keepers and one if not both still have a bloody good career with us.
  8. Grimbarian started a poll, and I have been in the minority who voted "no" Would I be happy with Bruce, the truth for me is NO - but he does fit the criteria I spoke about with Chansiri. I wanted British, I wanted someone who understood this division - that's all I asked for, and that's what I have been given, it seems. When I say I spoke to Chansiri, that's a load of poo. I saw him having a fag after a game, three or so games ago and I rudely shouted "Chansiri we want an English manager" - I was annoyed, I was going home having not enjoyed yet another game of football, but my sentiments were true - and I do believe given the fact that Mr Chansiri looked at me, he either understood what I said, or he thought I was just a very angry person giving him grief. I hope it was the former, because later I heard he had got a lot of grief and took it in an impromptu Q&A shortly after I had passed him having his fag. However Bruce? I'm happier, whilst not happy. The reported wage scares me, but we need to look forwards, not backwards and Bruce has to offer more than the last two who struggled to even get their point across with their level of English.
  9. HarryPlopper

    FAO Cameron Dawson

    In truth, the "Owlstalk" reaction to Dawson hasn't been the "Fans" reaction to Dawson. Dawson hasn't been unfairly treated other than by people on this website. A lot of people understand that, those that don't? Well, I make my own assumptions about those people.
  10. HarryPlopper

    FAO Cameron Dawson

    Straight up, decent stuff. Dawson is the future for this club, along with Wildsmith - but right now it was the absolute perfect time to re-introduce Westwood, the reaction of the kop showed that.
  11. HarryPlopper

    We got to sign Hector!!!

    People said that about Irish for the last 5 seasons we had him, then he went to Leeds and still played to a good standard.
  12. HarryPlopper


    A little harsh. This gives the new guy coming in something great to work with, imagine players like Hutchinson and Westwood with a point to prove on your side? They would be a joy for any good manager coming in with, but why do I say you are being harsh? Jos was onto a loser and had a long term plan - the plan was to get through this season and then progress next - he wasn't given that chance, quite rightly IMO but you do have to realise he did have that plan and that's why these players were frozen out. Jos could have worked out and the likes of Hutch and Westwood wouldn't have been seen again. Now they may see out their careers here - which isn't a bad thing.
  13. HarryPlopper


    I think some have been a little overly critical of his prior performances, especially when as a team we have been poor. It's hard to show you are a class act when collectively you are a shower of S....
  14. HarryPlopper

    Prestons fans forum

    At some point in the second half I said this myself - throwing themselves all over the place at every possible opportunity.
  15. HarryPlopper

    Westwood Starts

    Jos wasn't getting sacked just a few days ago. Minds can be changed. I'm not saying it's the reason Westwood hasn't been started but we don't know. I think Jos personally couldn't or wouldn't deal with big egos in the first team but that's just my personal thought, it could easily also have been a money based instruction that's been re-thought given our disaster of a season.