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  1. HarryPlopper

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    Football is emotional. It's what makes it addictive.
  2. HarryPlopper

    Lee johnson

    What is the obsession with Lee Johnson's rear end?
  3. Reach will have value right now, FF less so. I won't wish for either to leave, but AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME, Reach is the one who would hurt us most to lose. That may change of course, and FF may still have a purple patch to change that opinion before this becomes an issue.
  4. HarryPlopper

    Any news on Bannan injury

    Abdi is fit and has been for a while now, not match fit mind. I think he's been abandoned in favour of bringing on younger talent to be honest which is almost a shame because he could still offer something.
  5. After Middlesbrough, , we have a much easier ride than the previous month or whatever it has been. On paper we've just had some hard opponents and it gets easier after Boro.
  6. HarryPlopper

    That Referee

    Pound notes. This last two seasons has seen me go from asking if refs are incompetent to are they incompetent or bent. It's one or the other. I genuinely believe a lot of refs have been got to by some underworld who make a lot of money on the results of football matches, and it needs sorting - it needs making a totally professional institution which is governed in a strict manner and involves continual training, evaluation of performance and moderation by peers. Full time, 40 hours a week job that involves one or two matches per week, physical exercise (Linesman kop side at Hillsborough last up could not keep up with play so let go a lot of offsides) and a lot of education and feedback on performance. It's the only way when so much money is involved in this game.
  7. HarryPlopper

    Last nights attendance

    That is a fallacy. The opposite is true, it's a figure made up of exact numbers through turnstile - it even ignores figures in the box's. It's purely based on numbers through turnstile.
  8. HarryPlopper

    Not a one man team

    Not slated at all - Bannan has the knack of dropping very deep and I don't know if it's because he's got into the habit of doing so because we are so crap at distribution or what. He's done it as much this season as he has before for us, but he's done it better this season though and has managed those killer balls an awful lot more which have made a difference. I hope that Onomah has given Jos a headache because we've got options now, and I still don't know where Reach's best position is, but I was very impressed with him for most of tonight.
  9. HarryPlopper

    Kirby Sub

    Neither is the spelling of Thornily (joke) Seriously though I would not have sacrificed Hector in defence and changed the full back position, because as mentioned already above Penney was being found out quite a lot but could have exerted himself more against a less attack minded player in midfield. Thorniley would definitely have been a good choice though at either left back or centre half though.
  10. HarryPlopper

    Kirby Sub

    He was up against good opposition, but I would not single his performance out. If he was left back in a flat back four that would be different but he wasn't and was tasked with two separate jobs.
  11. We can operate without Bannan, the first 80 minutes showed that. That's the positive I can take out of this - Reach was outstanding for most of the match, and so were others. Lessons must be learnt from tonight but a point is not the end of the season for us, and we can learn from this. I saw the writing on the wall when Onomah came off, however looking back, whenever we take off the defensive striker who has started we always struggle and concede. Jos needs to learn and take heed on that too. Bannan will come straight back in, and so he should - but I hope he saw this game and it gives him incentive to carry on his good form.
  12. HarryPlopper

    Kirby Sub

    I'd have put Penney into midfield and Thorniley at left back - both offer bite for their age.
  13. HarryPlopper

    Sean Clare

    How is this young fella getting on now? Not heard about him for a while.
  14. HarryPlopper

    Changing Room War Music

    Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in E Major, RV 269, "La primavera": I. ... Bizet: Carmen Suite No. ... Handel: Solomon, HWV 67, Act 3: No. ... Rossini: Guillaume Tell: Ovverture (Andante - Allegro) - Gioachino Rossini. ... Tchaikovsky: Overture with Military Band, Op. ... Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (Excerpt, Opening) - George Gershwin. This kind of thing. Educate them as well as inspire.
  15. HarryPlopper

    Injuries - so it wasn’t Carlos

    Please try harder. Matias has played more recently than anyone, Lee was ruined by being played when he clearly should not have been, and in quick succession I may add. The only two who you may be right with are Van Aken and Fox, who most don't want near the first team starting 11 anyway. That's 2 that may be attributed under Jos . Hardly the dozen or so we had under Carlos, and lets be honest having *some* injuries is normal.