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  1. People using the "it's reported in so and so" are the joke to be quite frank.
  2. I tried to post about Joey Pelupessy recently. Half way through the post I had a mild heart attack, indeed I did not finish my post but somehow managed to hit send, and some of you then had discussion around my half finished post! I have been recovering since, indeed this is he first time I have been back online since. I forget now what my main point was, but I was going to suggest something along the lines of the fact that I think there is a player in there that has not been allowed out previously. I think the standard of opposition he had against him was not at Championship standard and I am not sure why Jos thought he was the man for the job, but I still think he has been played incorrectly given what you can see about him on youtube etc. He seemed to be more attack minded under his previous club. I will be proved right or wrong soon, as if Bruce doesn't think the same as me, he'll be gone i'm sure in the close season.
  3. This guy is 25, which tells me he has already had a lot of training, a lot of being told what to do, and a lot of direction. To me, he's not cutting the mustard, but am I wrong? Heracles Almelo
  4. History tells me that old heads coupled with energy work. But....that history is in my youth, i'm now in my 40s. I don't know. Whelan may be worth a punt, but not if it's on significant money.
  5. All focus has to be on next season for my mind. That goes with any thoughts on Lee making an appearance in the matchday squad too, assuming he will still be a Wednesday player next season.
  6. I will bite. It was a poor pen. On reflection, although I said opposite previously - Fletch deserved to take it as it was earned. We move on, such is life. live and learn.
  7. Not sure where I stand on this. Got back from the match feeling down but not really anything other than I expected - I thought on the whole we were the better side strangely enough. I don't rate Fox but i'm not going to slate him today. I think I take more umbridge with the pen. Had we scored that, it would have been a different game. I was hoping Hooper would take it and wasn't confident before it was struck.
  8. I somehow do not think so, despite understanding your thought process thinking this.
  9. Danny Wilson on the pitch offered a little bit of cleverness. I remember him kicking the ball at the legs of an opposing player from a free kick, to indicate to the ref that he was a metre away instead of the required space for a free kick. Culminating in a yellow card for the encroaching player. This was the kind of guile Wilson gave us.
  10. Those who don't go regularly I hope you enjoy it and come back again soon. The sad thing is most who post on here probably put more revenue into Owlstalk via adsense than they do SWFC via actual bums on seats.
  11. I swear that is from Berlins well over a decade ago!
  12. Each to their own, I think both were trying to play in unnatural ways to them under Carlos, I don't think they played together under Jos.
  13. Under previous regimes I totally agree that Hooper and FF shouldn't play up front together. I think both are needing game time, but more importantly I think Aarons not playing will hinder them both too, unfortunately. I'd like to see a fit Hooper and FF play up top with each other, and lets be honest neither will be match fit right now.
  14. Christopher Sholes. Don't think he could do a job for us though.
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