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  1. You won't get people posting images of it for weeks to come though.
  2. Just believe he is a better attacking force. He does not go to bits in the final third. i haven't openly said this before so I can't say i'm the first to say it, apologies!
  3. Genuinely believe Odubajo has a future with us as a right winger - thought that for quite some time.
  4. For some of us who are at work or otherwise not able to watch the game - please can you be more descriptive than things like "YESSSSSSSSSSSS" or "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" or "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT" thank you for your assistance.
  5. Kid was listening to this - someone please make a chant for Iorfa from this tune!
  6. My only thought on the matter is that I don't like Pukka Pies.
  7. There has been a major bust up yesterday with some of the players and Knill. Egan, Sharp and Norwood have tried to have it out with Wilder, who has brushed things off but Knill has gone in all guns blazing back at them and it's started cival war. Ben Osborn has been smacked by Oli McBurnie, and Ethan Ampadu has gone crying back to Chelsea and has begged them to bring him off loan. Wilder has come out fighting after calming Knill down and stopping him walking - and told players he will put out youngsters in the starting line u if they don't step up and be co
  8. U19 rule doesn't go far enough - it should only be allowed if a full international player. I hoped this would go somewhat further and like the old rule where you could only play 4 foreign players in the matchday squad, but I suppose that would be impossible to do from the off.
  9. Bannan and Reach are not the problem, they are decent players. They just don't have a good set of players around them as they should have. In a good team - neither would be considered leaders - yet they are for us. THAT is what says it all.
  10. As above, I believe the man lies. Not deliberately. I just think with money in your family you don't have absolute morals.
  11. Again, a random company doesn't hold my affection - but SWFC does.
  12. I'm not convinced he is minted, or at least inclined to spend to a point we believe he should.
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