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  1. Two words. Blades - nothing to do with Wednesday. Hater - Something you despise. My friend, you need a physiatrist.
  2. You have "Blades" in your name. It's very hard to get behind your thought process.
  3. One of us will be proved correct when all is said and done. Monk is not a good manager, he will be long gone while I am still putting my money into the club. Whatever you think of me, if you are one backing Monk you are really the one who the Penney hasn't dropped for. You say "a fine job" - I say - BAHAHAHAHAHAHA you absolute moron if you think that.
  4. TRYING TOO HARD He's never been a good manager FULL STOP
  5. You have no bloody morals you nob go walk your dog twenty times a day during lockdown you freaking prat
  6. I believe vast majority of clubs across the nation have come out with a common statement "This is our only revenue, please don't illegally stream"
  7. Last club statement means the square root of sod all to you two then?
  8. The truth is that Bannan constantly has smoke blown up his arse by the pundits and commentators, but in actual fact if he was that good, he'd have been picked off by a bigger club before now. Unpopular opinion...... Bannan ain't all that. He limits our play by demanding to dictate the play all the time. Let him go, let's see what we can do without a little Hitler in the middle of the park.
  9. I don't think we need a like for like replacement. I don't think Bannan suits our play. He dictates a game every 4 or 5 matches but we need consistency. We need a big snarler in the middle, not someone running rings around himself and pulling off the odd brilliant pass.
  10. Not sure even Monk values Pelupessy to that extent, I think he is an emergency backup and wages probably to match. I personally would allow Bannan to leave. 30 years old, no resale value and assume we stay up and he decides to renew, at 31 he's not going to be someone we should be building a side around. If we go down, even worse and he won't stay anyway so may as well get some experience into the likes of Shaw and Hunt. We will get a pittance for Bannan right now but save some decent money in wages - and that is the thing that's crippling Wednesday - The wage bill.
  11. We have a replacement for Bannan. Those saying £2m plus are deluded, at 30 with less than 12 months on his contract - take a low offer and save on the wages. Get him out. Start the transformation of the squad now. The replacement is not one person by the way, it's two. We have Hunt, we have Penney. Between them they more than make up for what Bannan offers if they are on the pitch.
  12. If history tells us something, the money will stay in his bank but the ability to buy tickets in future may be harder.
  13. That's your right to do, but it isn't a course of action I would have taken.
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