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  1. I get this, I do. I still find myself thinking - you did the dirty a little on us. It's not that I don't get someone having ambition but the result of his ambition and arrogance has currently amounted to the grand sum of nowt. It's hard to imagine he wouldn't have done better staying - although we are talking about Wednesday - but he'd surely have got some time under Jos and not have been shunted to right back where he took an age to settle in. I don't wish him ill at all, but I equally can't wish him the best.
  2. It's an absolute classic. Whatever he was day dreaming about that day, it sure looked important!
  3. Don't wish him either ill will or luck. He really only had one purple patch with us, which came towards the end of his time here which is what people remember - I kind of remember him being unfit more than he was fit to be honest. I wouldn't put him in the mercenary category, but almost.
  4. The problem is, both of those players had a career in football because of something you cannot coach - desire, will and belligerence . They may be good coaches, I don't know. That's the problem, they'd probably have to teach others things they never had themselves.
  5. As long at it's not Nigel Worthington i'm all for it.
  6. A few years ago I had to have it explained to me what that place was about! I felt so naive.
  7. Not sure on either to be honest, plenty of space behind parkwood springs as you say - a lot more than the location I suggested - i'm not in the "move" group of fans anyway.
  8. The only place I can see that is appropriate would be here, but it's still 1.7 miles
  9. You'd struggle to get enough space anywhere within a 3 mile radius of the train station. Probably a larger radius.
  10. It's a definite story, i'm looking online now to find out where I read it. It's going back many decades so I may need some help. Your joke not withstanding...!!!
  11. I heard a story once that Wednesday bought a player, not for cash - but for 6 Mitre's
  12. There's something about the name. I'm sure we used to play with a Mitre Delta playing for our school 30 years ago and that was Manor Lodge so not exactly the more well to do kids, but some of the kids brought their own balls in when we played other schools so we didn't look bad.
  13. I meant, as you probably full well know, the void in the squad of someone bringing them together - such as the gym group.
  14. Maybe Bannan should step up and fill the void - if not, someone else. The club needs leaders right now, so it's about time people stopped reminiscing and got cracking on with what needs doing.
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