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  1. HarryPlopper

    Encouraging news about JT

    You have a 50" screen and blah blah blah. Some people see what they want to see and sod all else.
  2. HarryPlopper

    Encouraging news about JT

    No recording broadcast on TV could catch a blink of an eye in real time with enough quality for you to stop on the moment the eye is fully closed. It's not the pixel depth, it's the speed of recording.
  3. HarryPlopper

    We got what we deserved tonight

    Struggle on then. I'm not a teacher, so figure it out yourself. I'm guessing you've not watched much football in the last half decade, otherwise you wouldn't be so naive.
  4. HarryPlopper


    Hiding to nothing. He can't win in a game like tonight.
  5. HarryPlopper

    Honeymoon over Jos

    Whoever changed the title - it was "Honymoon" !!!
  6. HarryPlopper

    Honeymoon over Jos

    Alright hony.
  7. HarryPlopper

    We got what we deserved tonight

    It's a long term job, not a short term one. Refunded? No - it's not like he went out to not win. He tried something different under circumstances that would test anyone. Have Joao or Nuhiu been first team players when all are fully fit? Have we not been clamouring for youngsters to be blooded? Have we seen the best of Boyd yet? Obviously not and his skillset is not an unknown. Tonight was not a disaster, maybe a bit of a mistake given the result and performance but to call for refunds is just a bit of a knee jerk reaction.
  8. HarryPlopper

    Craziest line up ever

    Call it codswallop but he has played a lot of football this season.
  9. Unfortunately precisely this. Concentrate on our future, if Hirsty Jr isn't our future forget about him, other than whatever £££ we can now get for him. I would hazard a guess if he ever gets to the position where he plays against us, he would get quite some stick and all of it heart felt because of where he came from and what he could have been with us.
  10. HarryPlopper

    Craziest line up ever

    Well the train of thought may be to make sure he doesn't drop his current form. Keep him interested and allow him to realise his shirt is not guaranteed. Fitness may come into it - keep him fresh, also keep others interested. Football is a strange game these days, the manager is less coach and more and more has to concentrate on keeping players focused, what with them being molly coddled and having so much money thrown at them that they don't think they need focus both on the pitch and also in life generally.
  11. HarryPlopper

    Craziest line up ever

    I wonder if I i have misjudged the formation - Stobbs is like muck off a shovel, he could well be up top just behind Boyd.
  12. HarryPlopper

    Craziest line up ever

    Might be make do and mend with an eye on the next couple of weeks.
  13. HarryPlopper

    Craziest line up ever

    I looked at it and can only really see this Wildsmith Venancio Loovens Thornily Hunt Fox Pelupessy Jones Wallace Stobbs Boyd
  14. HarryPlopper

    Katiren Meire

    Some might suggest those mistakes were not hers. If I get given a job to do and told how to do it, I do it how I am told or face the consequences.