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  1. ther was 3 quinn brothers that played wednesday.. but none of them came through the youth academy. all 3 left ireland when they turned 16 as did my older brother.. owen
  2. owen signed for the owls when he was 16
  3. can u help me??

    1. c morrison

      c morrison

      lookin for a friend frm sheffield.. hes from hillsborough. hes a wednesdayite through and through. pat clarke is his name.. my brother lived with his family when he made the move 2wednesday 1998..his mums name is janet.. hes got a few sisters... all in ther 40s n 50s

  4. derry city owl... my big bro played for wednesday for 5yrs also.. ive been a wednesdayite ever since!
  5. ??????????????????

  6. ive been 2 sheffield alot and seen alot of games from 1998 til 2004. i havnt been 2 sheffield since dec 2004.. spent christmas hols with owen and viv and jake that yr....love the city so much...any1 on here that knew owen quinny or del geary personally??
  7. i see u like my big bro alot... did u know him personally?? by the way.. i cant agree more with the fans view on owen being a hothead.. he shud b sittin with millions in his pocket by now if only he had hav kept his mouth shut and layed of the party scene
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