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  1. Picked Van Aken because I couldn't pick Monk, lads like a new signing. All of them again played well. It was a brilliant point not going to grumble. Again Monk had the team playing really well. Point on the board all eyes on the next game
  2. Home kit looks the same as last years apart from a hardly noticeable change in the pattern on the blue stirpe and the button neck (which is terrible for people with wide necks no chance your getting that Button on and living to tell the tale). For me last years is still better but nice to see we are back to the traditional shirts. The away kit I really like, again its only the button I can't tolerate. All in all apart from the button of doom they are very nice kits
  3. Now you are making stuff up ?? All I said was it is not 45k as the original post suggested. Im not going to say it is or isnt 41,636 as I don't have an agenda.
  4. No and you know I can't do that which is why you are asking. Its certainly not 45k anymore which was my point so thank you and save your graphs for someone else. Cheers
  5. Well it isn't 45k for a start When they reduced it after peddling b.s deaths But you already know that dont you
  6. Forestieri was only 30 in January and Westwood is still in our squad as is Bannan.
  7. So by a load you mean fletcher, Lee and Nuhiu? Lol
  8. Letters in the post Or maybe carrier pigeon?
  9. I picked Brown but it wasn't an easy decision to be fair if I could have voted for Monk I would have. We played well and lets face it we probably werent even at our best. All the players put a shift in and showed some fight. Hopefully take that into the Watford game and lets see if we can get some more points on the board
  10. Its going to be close but I think we will end up going down (Judging on last season) not really been able to secure any real strikers. Only real hope we have is if Coventry, Rotherham, Wycombe, Barnsley and luton all have terrible seasons. We still need to find replace the goals we will be missing from fletcher
  11. So its not Chansiri being careful this time around then so we don't get more umbongos and points deductions?
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