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  1. Im calling B.S on any rumoured signings that involve any money at all
  2. Rhodes finally shows up. Brilliant stuff The confidence was bursting out of him. Hopefully he can bag another handful in the next few games and lets see where we go from there
  3. Nice one! Managed to catch the last two goals. Is this a site where we can usually see our streams?
  4. Our biggest problem... Is our moaning fan base that expect us to win every game... We are Sheffield Wednesday not Real Madrid or Fulham Problem solved
  5. We gave away a daft penalty that was the difference last night
  6. We need someone with pace upfront, a totally opposite player to fletcher... someone like Forestieri 2016
  7. Probably more to do with you saying vote tactically to keep the tories out Or pushing your politic views out on a football forum. I'd neg it too if I was that much of a b3llend
  8. Hes not the worst player far from it.. Seems to hit form a few month before his contract is up. Some games he is effective and shows signs of being a decent player but when he isn't being effective he jogs around like a headless chicken with gout in its knees, by that I mean he literally looks uncomfortable when trying to run. For a huge guy he is pretty poor at winning headers against other players, also for a huge guy sometimes he shows flashes of skill with the ball at his feet and the opposition cant get it off him at all. Scored some good goals, important ones, very passionate. Im still on the fence when it comes to Nuhiu. Hes a bit like marmite
  9. Can probably count on 1 hand the decent atmospheres we have had at Hillsborough over the last 10 years Wycombe Brighton Arsenal Pigs 2012
  10. Yes I got that sent this morning.... Along with this piece of poor banter
  11. Yeh but what about the evidence that pointed towards Dotty and his lumping? He was a sky sports mole sure of it, stitched us right up
  12. I can't stand Brighton. I thought they were gone for good. Send the kids and show them the disrespect they deserve
  13. Are they seriously out getting bladdered whilst the clubs falling apart??? I cant wait to hear the explanation of this one!! Absolutely takes the p/$$ out of us hard working fans! I mean to not even invite us over pffft! Hope they steal a few taxis out there! Enjoy boys!
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