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  1. Agreed, something definitely dodgy about the incomings and outgoings. Even still to this day I think that bearded dude is still appearing on youtube videos around the coaching staff and players... Paxio?? (I think) Not blaming him but just dont really understand what his role is
  2. Is that not what we have always been? Or did 2 cup final losses in 1993 still leave your head fuzzy?
  3. I cant believe how petty and bitter some of our fans are towards Carlos. His first season was probably the best season most have ever witnessed. Fact of the matter is if we would have beaten Hull that day none of you would be bitching so much. If we ever got to the premiership I'd expect some people to still be moaning and crying on here because we arent winning every game or getting to europe. I still can't believe we have fans that just cant understand we arent even good. Arguably we have never been that good. Odd seasons like the Carlos era come along once every blue moon and we should enjoy them for what they are. It doesn't matter if we average 23k fans a match or have an epic away support we will always be light years behind most of the prem clubs now
  4. I've never had a problem or any virus...
  5. To be honest aswell if its on I-follow then more often than not theres a stream for it where you don't have to pay and they are pretty decent quality once you get past all the pop ups
  6. This! And make sure you turn your notifications off on the app itself theres nothing quite like a notification coming up to let you know Wednesday are one nil down and we haven't even kicked off on i-follow
  7. Genuinely cannot remember him... He must have been crap but not crap enough to leave a Beswetherick like scar on my mind
  8. Dan Jones and Michael Morrison? Why can I genuinely not remember who these guys are
  9. Giving me flashbacks everytime I log in to owlstalk. Needs deleting from history
  10. Good news for Luongo but I want to see that referee punished for such a terrible decision. Give him a ten year season ticket
  11. No, the following saturday. Skipping a week due to cup games etc So the weekend when we lose to millwall is the next round
  12. West Brom for me please Watched Luton against forest they are absolutely terrible
  13. I think it might have been just before JJ and Antonio. I think it might have been the dark days straight after the prem. Some of the excuses back then were laughable. Owusu spewing every home game because he never played infront of a big crowd before pfffft
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