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  1. Where has this other 2 clubs facing admin come from? Sorry I'm trying to catch up on about 30 pages
  2. But you will be relegated into a league that won't compete next year. Good luck with that one
  3. Agreed, thats a championship club aswell. Hammer will fall on a few of the league one and two clubs definitely. Hopefully the Efl help the clubs instead of going for the throat
  4. such a shame that in this new world of most normal people losing 20% of their wages that footballers are missing money. Maybe they couldn't fit all the thousands into their pockets
  5. Yes Im very aware of that... Just happens to be winnall thats why Im having a pop at him. Biggest bullshi11er in South Yorkshire You have 1 dog he has 3
  6. Oh if only I was so smart.... To spend £250 on a test when I had no symptoms... Everybody clap for Sammy 8pm Thursday
  7. So he doesn't social distance either. Another footballer above the law I see
  8. No Symptoms, No problems and no indications but tested positive... What a load of horse p155 Honestly footballers aren't coming out of this in a good light at all. Not only are they moaning about not being able to afford paycuts like most of us who are or will be hit by a 20% cut they are now they are also showing no symptoms at all and testing positive. Ok Sam Mate.... Ok
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