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  1. Would have took a point at the beginning of the game but the way it went down was shocking. Next time a player is offside doing jumping jacks in front of the keeper maybe we could ask him to wear a hi-vis vest and hold glow sticks so the officials can see him.
  2. There is literally now a place called the Black bull which is a boozer, one with a big screen aswell and a little kebab house on the side. I went in earlier to see what they served up. Got a warm carling and a less warmer chicken kebab. I thought surely someone doesn't think this is good. I'd have been rather happy with the ladies of the night to be fair
  3. This is the start of a run of 6 or more games that will really separate the men from the boys. A win tonight would be huge!
  4. I was just googling where that is but literally can see it from my balcony
  5. Anybody in benidorm and going to be watching it? Im stuck on my own with non football interested people. Aka Wife and her hermit friends
  6. Not just you mate, but at least its a very decent idea especially with xmas round the corner. Seems a quick fix like you mentioned but I believe this is the third financial year isn't it? So next year would wipe out the millions we spent in the first year (rhodes signing etc). I could be wrong but nice to see them getting a bit of well deserved praise for a good idea certainly beats that membership bronze seat thing
  7. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/october/double-your-money-at-the-megastore/ Apologies to the west if the pope is deceased. Seems like a quick fix to ease any future ffp or just free up some cash. To be fair with xmas coming up its a really good idea by the club and I don't say that often.
  8. I'd keep him on the bench till he retires... I've always said when he comes on in the 80th minute how can tired defenders deal with him when Nuhiu doesn't even know what hes doing himself.. Genius!
  9. Carlos had a dream tune.... We have got Kadeem We got him on a free We had no wingers then Brucey f**ked off back home Green light means go And he hits turbo That Kadeem Harris He'd make bolt look slow
  10. The Forestieri owls foundation video was brilliant. Ff: Hello is this Glynn? you are speaking to Fernando Forestieri from Sheffield Wednesday Glynn: hahahah F##k off Ff: you have won Five thousand owls foundation Glynn: AV'WUN WHAT? LOL
  11. Definitely in need of a solid left back and a striker that has 20 goals a season in him (Yes I know fletchers on fire but hes knocking on). More importantly its time for Rhodes and maybe winnall to move on. I'd think about moving forestieri on aswell depending on the situation at the time, hes a quality player but if monk cant get the best out of him we may aswell cash in to fund sources for our weaker areas
  12. Could get an Oompah Band in the top corner of the kop instead
  13. That is an absolutely awful song. Surprised he hasn't stuck the nut on anyone singing that at him. Doesn't even go to the song either. Embarrassing.....
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