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  1. No thoughts from most on here, they would find faults with Pep or Sir Alex little realising we are skint and have been an absolute crap football team for at least 28 years of the 35 I have been alive (thats been generous too)
  2. Im paying 20 quid a game, I got a season ticket
  3. First thing you mentioned was Bruce... So it was Me starting point yes? Lol
  4. 100% agree, just wish others would open their eyes. Its like replacing Jon beswetherick with Morgan Fox then Fox leaving to a new club and everyones thinking fox is the new Roberto Carlos because of how terrible beswetherick was
  5. Why are people acting like we have lost a god like manager.... It was steve bruce He turned the team around and did a reyt good job? My nan could have turned that team around when Jos left, she would have started by putting westwood back in between the sticks. When exactly did we do good? We won 6 in 11 against absolutely garbage teams. We couldn't beat rotherham or millwall.... we couldnt put reading to the sword at Hillsborough. As soon as we came up against half decent opposition we faded away. 2 wins 3 draws 3 losses in the last 8.
  6. I find it strange that people actually think steve bruce was gods gift to football management. The saving grace of sheffield wednesday. We will end up with a few million quid for him and move on. It doesn't mean we are going to collapse into ruin. Its Steve Bloody Bruce....
  7. I hope Bullen doesn't get it. No way should he be anywhere near that job. Literally just last season he was moaning that he couldn't do it. That was after a few games. Thats not to say I don't like Bully though. Manager wise I would pick Hughton, maybe someone like GVB would work out but other than then two maybe Rowett or Monk who have done reasonably well at clubs theres far worse out there
  8. Maybe shift workers can't all be 9-5 Dolly partons
  9. Megastore closed today, wonder if they will be selling them before the weekend? Hopefully they get a sponsor put on the away shirt it looks like a training kit (it actually looked better mocked up on here with the nintendo logo/7up etc)
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