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  1. Oh if only I was so smart.... To spend £250 on a test when I had no symptoms... Everybody clap for Sammy 8pm Thursday
  2. So he doesn't social distance either. Another footballer above the law I see
  3. No Symptoms, No problems and no indications but tested positive... What a load of horse p155 Honestly footballers aren't coming out of this in a good light at all. Not only are they moaning about not being able to afford paycuts like most of us who are or will be hit by a 20% cut they are now they are also showing no symptoms at all and testing positive. Ok Sam Mate.... Ok
  4. They are moaning because most are saying they can't afford it. Im sorry but I cant even defend that. If I get furloughed next week I can't afford to lose 20% of my wage but difference is I have to. BBC sport aren't going to listen to Ferky moan about my wages and that I cant afford it. Thats why if they arent careful people will turn on them. But also agree with Gary McLineker (this is a first)... Shouldnt just be footballers in the spotlight and being held at gunpoint in the public eye. If the money is kept by the club and not going to where it is truly needed then thats when the clubs need shaming. Lets hope they can come up with a decent resolution to this without any of the players or clubs becoming super villians and scapegoats in this crisis.
  5. Wayne Rooney.... Whatever way you look at it, we're easy targets. What gets lost is that half our wages get taken by the taxman. Money that goes to the government, money that is helping the NHS." Rooney questioned why "big stars from other sports, who are able to avoid tax by living in places like Monaco" are not being scrutinised over the financial support they are offering in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. So yes it what they are moaning about though innit???? Dooosh
  6. I've just seen Rooney jumping on the bandwagon about this after Danny Rose at the weekend. They are grumbling about a 30% cut. Fair enough... Give them a 20% cut just like half of the country has had to do to stay at home. Time for these pampered possums to fall in line. Fair enough they are overpaid, they shouldnt be backed into a corner and made scapegoats having to pay 30% just because they are loaded. But make them lose 20% and they can't complain or moan. Still getting enough money to live a lavish lifestyle and if they aren't then thats on them
  7. Terry Currans got one out near the kinsley dog track he owns with his brothers (as far as I'm aware) I got a great story of being there on his birthday one Sunday a few years back. I took a photo of all his family together for them as one of them had to stand out of it to take it. As they all split apart I shook his hand and said do you mind if I get a selfie, I got a quick snap then walked off... Leaving Terrys brother stood there wondering what the ferk just happened and my Barnsley supporting father in law and 2 brother in laws in tears of laughter I saw him not too long after at a friends funeral in Stocksbridge, I ducked him just incase he recognised me
  8. James Silverdale looks like the lad I went to school with in Deepcar. Who was also a Blade. Off with his head!!!!
  9. That chelsea player too, Hudson whatever his name is That was breaking news at 2am... very dodgy timing
  10. Where is the thread that has any info on it about what was said at the meeting?
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