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  1. Can only think that with CC saying he wants 4/5 new players that 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 are reserved for them?
  2. Guedioura was too busy commenting on Forestieri's Instagram pictures.
  3. £5 increase I think, I paid £50 for last season's home shirt.
  4. I'd love to see them re-hash one of the older kits.
  5. My attempt at a home shirt, modelled on '84-'87 home kit (I realise it's very similar to what we've got this year)... also had a crack at an away kit based on my favourite ever kit, the silver one from '86 ...
  6. Well I posted a design identical to this kit a few years ago on here ... and it got used. So fingers crossed they do the same again
  7. What about the dark blue from the Bukta kit? Bit like this ...
  8. MASSIVE goosebumps listening to Singing The Blues!
  9. I've just pre-ordered one from them through eBay.
  10. Shame, was hoping Jakupovic would be playing. Flapped at a few crosses in both play-off legs.
  11. Is Jakupovic likely to start or will McGregor be fit by then?
  12. You don't need to close the window. Just right-click and open in an Incognito window, and just keep repeating that step (before voting) to open loads of tabs in the same window. Then flick through your tabs and vote on each page. Then close it when you've completed all the tabs, then start again
  13. I take it your just looking into the source code for these numbers
  14. Found a quicker way of doing it. Open Chrome, right-click and open in Incognito Window, keep right-clicking the link and open loads (it should open new tabs in the new Incognito window), flick through through your tabs and keep voting for Fessi!
  15. First goal is crucial. We score first and I think (hope!) it's game over. They score first and they will be right back in it. Come on Wednesday!
  16. If you read his initial point he does say that it's a template that a lot of clubs use, so I'd guess with him working in the industry he will have known that. No need to be an arsehole about it.
  17. I was the same. I was on my honeymoon in a bar full of Leeds fans, so when I did realise it had gone in, safe to say I didn't hold back
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