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  1. I wouldn't wish that on anyone seeing my mug driving up to the ground It is mate, thanks a lot!
  2. Nothing as of yet mate. Don't worry, I will be cheeky and I will ask for one!
  3. Literally took me about half an hour on my dinner break, can't believe it won.
  4. Barnsley trying to soften the blow for when they finally get rid of Hourihane, until Scowen and Watkins leave then all hell will break loose.
  5. Personal lifeEdit He grew up in Düsseldorf-Gerresheim, where his parents still live.[2] Furthermore, he is of Ghanaian ancestry.[3] On 20th January Quanner signed for Yorkshire Club Huddersfield Town. He also is the 3rd cousin of German winger Marco Reus. In past interviews Marco has described Collin as the inspiration to his footballing career. Its also rumoured he has slept with leeds united defender pontue jaansons mother.
  6. I posted a black/gold one earlier in the thread mate - http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/249017-design-the-150th-3rd-strip-shirt-official/?do=findComment&comment=7087526
  7. I already have done mate, submitted every one I've posted in this thread
  8. Couple of new ideas ... First one, the stars represent our 4 top flight titles, with the gold trim/shorts as a representation of the anniversary ... Second one is similar, but keeps our blue/black/white colours ...
  9. Another design based on a lot of people suggesting the yellow/light blue combo ...
  10. This was my design from a thread earlier this season, would still love the club to rehash one of the old kits!
  11. Yoann Folly is also now playing in the Rotherham & District Sunday League, what a fall from grace.
  12. Some of the names on that list are fucking frightening.
  13. Lees was substituted at HT when it was 2-0 and replaced by Matt Smith who took about 30 seconds to get sent off.
  14. No it doesn't I'll give you that one
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