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  1. 10 hours ago, The Batman said:




    Would love one like this.


    I've been posting designs for a good couple of years and had mostly good feedback on them. If only the club would listen to what the fans are after (granted they went back to stripes with the home kit this year) but I'd design them for nowt if they asked. Just the kudos of seeing my team play in a kit I'd designed (same as the anniversary one) would be good enough for me.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Hack-Abusi said:

    Oh wait hang on ... these have plumped it ..


    that orange one ...




    @Karl that is a thing of beauty .. please contact the club and present your designs!!


    If I knew who to contact at the club regarding the kit designs I genuinely wouldn’t mind doing it.


    *hint for anyone at the club who is reading this!*

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Hack-Abusi said:

    Oh wait hang on ... these have plumped it ..


    that orange one ...




    @Karl that is a thing of beauty .. please contact the club and present your designs!!


    That's what's frustrating, because it's not difficult to knock something together that fans are going to like.

  4. I'd love for the club to re-release one of the older kits. Either the Orange '96 or the Yellow '91.


    I mocked the orange one up to see what it would look like:



    ... and I mocked up the yellow one for the 150th competition (hence why it uses Sondico!):






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  5. 1 hour ago, OwlofOliveGrove said:

    The Charity Cup for St. Luke's Hospice and SWFC Community Programme is happening again.


    Did it last year and wish I could every year! It was outstanding.


    Can vouch for this, I played a couple of years ago until I ruptured the ligaments in my knee which kept me out of this years.

  6. Watched this last night, brilliantly put together and a real eye-opener that football is more than just a game.


    Not going to lie, got a lump in my throat when watching the part about the little lad Jack, probably resonated more with me now as I have a daughter around a similar age and couldn't imagine what they would have gone through.


    Also a cameo from my mate Chris and his little lad which was good.


    Will definitely watch it again.

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  7. 1 minute ago, mike312 said:

    The thing for me is, forget who's been frozen out or not or why. Westwood is an asset that we are, for whatever reason, looking to move on. Wouldn't it be prudent for us to keep him fit? He'd be more sellable or more attractive if he were. All the frozen out players should be playing in the U23's regular to keep up their fitness, it would also aid the young lads too.


    Still, a bit strange when they've not been included for months. Van Aken aside. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Cheshowl said:

    Good image but I find the concept a bit odd. Why is bazza in a 91 league cup final kit? 


    Why not? The original concept seemed to go down well on Twitter for that other guy so I thought I'd give it a shot, it's only to fill my spare time really.


    I've got another couple lined up that are nearly finished, see if you like them instead :biggrin:

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  9. Originally had this in the Photos section but I didn't think it would get seen so Mods feel free to delete the other thread!


    Being a Web/Graphic Designer I am often dabbling with the programs in Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator mainly). So, a while back I had an idea of 'current players in retro kits'. However, due to time restrictions (being too busy!) someone had already had this idea and made a pretty big following off it. Give him a look if you get a minute - https://twitter.com/EntireDesign_


    I thought I'd still have a blast at some Wednesday ones (some of you may have seen these floating around Twitter).


    First one ... 


    Barry Bannan - 1991 Rumbelows Cup Final Kit




    This one even got approval from the little wizard himself on Twitter!


    Will be posting more of these when I've done them.


    If there are any you'd like to see then I will try my best to do them.


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