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  1. Absolutely was. Handful of the players shirt, was always going to go down. At least not make it blatantly obvious.
  2. From the money they make from selling the kits they ought to invest in a new website.
  3. Made more enjoyable by how easy Ms. Decker is on the eye! Just started watching The Stranger on Netflix which has been pretty good.
  4. http://sportwitness.co.uk/portugal-sheffield-wednesday-wolves-coach-priority-manager-position/
  5. I've been posting designs for a good couple of years and had mostly good feedback on them. If only the club would listen to what the fans are after (granted they went back to stripes with the home kit this year) but I'd design them for nowt if they asked. Just the kudos of seeing my team play in a kit I'd designed (same as the anniversary one) would be good enough for me.
  6. I created a couple of away ones, not had chance to have a look at a home one yet.
  7. They're all knocking about in various other threads I believe.
  8. If I knew who to contact at the club regarding the kit designs I genuinely wouldn’t mind doing it. *hint for anyone at the club who is reading this!*
  9. That's what's frustrating, because it's not difficult to knock something together that fans are going to like.
  10. I'd love for the club to re-release one of the older kits. Either the Orange '96 or the Yellow '91. I mocked the orange one up to see what it would look like: ... and I mocked up the yellow one for the 150th competition (hence why it uses Sondico!):
  11. A short video of how I put together the design that won the 150th Anniversary Kit competition.
  12. I might be in the minority that isn't that keen on this years away effort, the home one is nice though. On the same topic, I uploaded a video of how I put together the 150th Anniversary kit, if anyone is interested the link is - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y2KeHMxyr0 I wish they'd have carried on using it this year, seems like a bit of waste now and the shine has been took off it a little on my part.
  13. 1. FF v Norwich 2. Reach v WBA 3. Reach v Leeds Particular mention for Joao v Blackburn, reyt goal. Amazing to think that we still scored some of those when Jos was still here and were playing terribly.
  14. Can vouch for this, I played a couple of years ago until I ruptured the ligaments in my knee which kept me out of this years.
  15. Was funny in his post-match interview when he was on about Aarons and was about to say 'blow smoke up his arse' and stopped himself from doing so.
  16. I did do a few more that were on my Instagram. I'd like to refine some of them and do some new ones when I get some spare time.
  17. Nice to see they accounted for housing Abdi if it gets built.
  18. If only we had a white kit to wear that we didn't use for half a season ...
  19. Watched this last night, brilliantly put together and a real eye-opener that football is more than just a game. Not going to lie, got a lump in my throat when watching the part about the little lad Jack, probably resonated more with me now as I have a daughter around a similar age and couldn't imagine what they would have gone through. Also a cameo from my mate Chris and his little lad which was good. Will definitely watch it again.
  20. Still, a bit strange when they've not been included for months. Van Aken aside.
  21. Another one, good timing with him winning Player of the Month ...
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