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    Remember that, he was gutted. Best thing I've ever done in football playing (and scoring twice!) in that St. Luke's game last year, well timed as I ruptured my ACL in September and will be lucky to play again for a good couple of years.
  2. He was, have you seen the size of him!
  3. He's a mate of mine, can't believe he's in it. Remember when used to play 5-a-side with us at Concord and never paid his subs the tight get.
  4. Don't know why but that made me chuckle.
  5. Look at the results for that week too, some right match fixing going on there with 5 draws
  6. I played in it last season and I'd recommend it to anyone. Absolutely brilliant experience. Managed to bag two as well. Have unfortunately got to have ACL reconstruction in 2 weeks time otherwise I'd be trying to get in for this year too.
  7. Almen Abdi

    Noticed that, was right in the corner. Lovely bit of skill.
  8. Side note, but what a flipping goal from Cavani.
  9. Could Swansea Take Carlos Away ?

    Not a chance when they've been linked with Koeman and van Gaal.
  10. 3rd Kit our tomorrow.

    I've had more hammer from people I know about the coat I've got on than mention the actual shirt!
  11. Yes mate today, going down to Hillsborough in the morning. Just said it was ready to be released and they’d like me to go down there.
  12. Can I Mention the Kit Please?

    I'm not going to say what I want to say to that Still heard nothing btw.