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  1. Although not a player, Milan Manderic used to and still does irritate me. It's not difficult especially when the poster before you has written Mandaric. As OwlofOliveGrove mentioned Nuhiu and Joao are commonly wrong. Outside of Wednesday, Alan Green on Five Live says Della Alli. He could just say Alli but each time insists on saying his full name incorrectly.
  2. I upgrade my Dad's 65+ ticket to an adult ticket at the ticket office when he can't make it. You need to pay an additional amount, I'm not sure how they calculate it. Maybe the adult match price less the cost per game cost of an concession season ticket? Whether that will be the case next year I don't know. Maybe send a tweet to the ticket office - they are usually pretty helpful.
  3. I think the main issue with your analysis is that I don't think that we generally setup with two out and out strikers against the top 6 teams (I note there are 3 above whereas you would expect 4 games out of 19 on a pro data basis) or away from home. Maybe we do need to attack more away from home to improve results but most sides setup more defensively away from home.
  4. I thought this blog from Alan Smith in the Guardian summed our support up quite well. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2016/may/28/sheffield-wednesday-premier-league-carlos-carvalhal
  5. http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/239852-wanted-full-match-replay/
  6. Only the 5 minute highlights are available on demand. There's another thread on here where somebody has recorded it and will share a link.
  7. I'm looking for 1 adult ticket for the match. Please direct message me if you have a ticket available.
  8. Just tried to purchase using your link but it's sold out. Looks like I'm not listening to the Bolton game anymore.
  9. The £30m figure quoted I believe would include the amount required to satisfy the debt so Milan gets £13m (£30m-£17m) net cash less any other debts incurred in the period from May 2014 to the date of sale less any other expenses that he's incurred along the way which may not be shown here. These would include for example the costs of acquiring and selling the club, which are probably in the UKFI accounts.
  10. I'm in two minds on whether the interest on the other loans has been paid or not. The cash flow statement says it has but the I wonder whether its just been accrued and adjusted through creditors in the cashflow statement?
  11. I agree again with Mk. The other loans are in the right overall category creditors less than 1 year but in my view they're in the wrong sub-category. Loans or perhaps other creditors would be a better classification. I wondered whether it had been done so attention wasn't drawn to the loans but then (as Mk notes above) they go and draw attention to it. It's all a bit odd.
  12. I can't disagree with any of this. I'd seen the 25 February on Milan's statement and assumed the accounts were approved yesterday. As mkowl says the accounts were actually approved on 29th November so fon't disclose anything after this date so we don't know the deal was structured.
  13. No you're right if all those things have happened then debt is the bank overdraft less the positive cash balances. Note 14 says that only £0.8m of amounts due to UKFI were converted into shares not £11m. The amount due to UKFI will have been/will be repaid as part of the deal. It's just a question of whether it's been replaced by more loans or equity funding. Did you say that all charges had been satisfied? If so that suggests the overdraft has been repaid too so debt could now be £nil. :)
  14. Yes, I'm another accountant and agree with this, although the stadium revaluation doesn't impact the debt. Debt is around £17m. (overdraft + other loans+ due to UKFI). Please can everyone ignore Hamy. He's just on the wind up. Mind the gap Hamy!
  15. I guess it depends how you define world class. Best 11 or 22 players on the planet? I think that Waddle has a pretty good case for the latter or perhaps a slightly wider definition after being FWA Footballer of the year in 1993 and also playing in a European Cup Final a couple of years before.
  16. Thanks, I've just looked at the Football League rules. 34.2.11 Discounts or special promotions (in each case for one match only) made available to supporters of the Home Club must also be made available on a similar basis to visiting supporters provided always that each Club shall be permitted to designate four (4) Matches per Season as ‘local promotion’ Matches where this Regulation shall be deemed not to apply. Clubs shall notify the Executive of the Matches so designated as and when they are designated. Read more at http://www.football-league.co.uk/global/section5.aspx#V1drXl4R5Vwq58o2.99 I guess this is one of the "local promotions"
  17. I suppose we offered the Living Social tickets for £12 to Home fans for the home game a couple of weeks ago. So, its fair enough in one respect. The season ticket holders lose out again though. Have the rules on ticket prices changed recently? I always thought that away fans should be charged the same as home fans for equivalent seats?
  18. I think I bought number 3. If anyone purchase through the link below then I'll donate the £12 to Sheffield Children's Hospital following am earlier posters suggestion. https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1289552-matchday-ticket-to-wigan-athletic-at-hillsborough?ref=share-undefined-copy_box-web-deals&rui=108592555&rpi=177453492
  19. I parked on Montague Street last year behind the VW Garage. Its an Industrial Estate and not the best area although TBF nowhere round the ground is. Anyway, I accept no liability for any damage caused to vehicles parked there. It has the advantage that if you follow the road round then you're straight onto the A4540 (the ring road) which takes you onto the A38 and you're on your way home to God's Own County. To get there come off the second exit of the A38(m), turn left at the roundabout and follow signs for St Andrews and/or the A4540. Straight over two roundabouts and turn right at the next one at the bottom of the hill (by Big Johns, Halfords, Mercedes and VW). There's normally plenty of parking round there. Take the next right and right again to get onto Montague Street though. Map link attached below. Hopefully it works. https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=Montague+Street,+Birmingham&hl=en-GB&sll=52.479859,-1.877659&sspn=0.001852,0.003433&oq=Montague+Street,+Birmingham&gl=uk&hnear=Montague+St,+Birmingham,+West+Midlands,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=16
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