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    What an awful 1st half that was yesterday. As we moved towards half time, you could feel the tension and anger in the crowd. People were building up for a big booing and "Jos Out" moment... Then we scored! I've never seen a goal celebrated in such a flat way. People weren't sure what to do! We clapped them off only for them to let Rotherham score seconds after the restart! Took real advantage of scoring first! Arrgh!
  2. Getting slated on Sky Sports
  3. A57Lincsowl

    Cowley brothers

    I think they're happy at Lincoln. The club has a plan and is on an upward trajectory. They are doing a great job here in Lincoln. There is a real positive feeling between the club and the fans. They are having houses built in a local village. I know houses can be replaced but I get the feeling they are planning to stay in the shire a while yet.
  4. A57Lincsowl


    Even if he isn't injured, there's no way he'd be match fit. He'd be sent off if he played Friday for a clumsy tackle.
  5. A57Lincsowl

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    This is half the problem. Too many times players look for Bannan rather than attack teams themselves. We need more players to involve themselves. The movement Norwich players made when attacking was far better than ours. Some of our passing was poor, surely BB isn't the only one who can pass? A few need to practice harder. Also Jos should show the team kit diagrams... We are in blue.... they are in yellow.... don't pass to the yellow ones!
  6. A57Lincsowl

    8 wins in 26 games

    We were 6th a few weeks ago. Now 6 points adrift of 6th! Needs a big turn around of confidence, tactics and luck if we are going to get anywhere near the play offs! Start with a clean sheet might be a good plan.
  7. A57Lincsowl


    Commentary about a minute behind. Doing my nut in!
  8. Too slow tonight. Passing was poor.
  9. Yes. Will be going to both. Can't drive anymore and live in Lincoln so staying the night in hotel after as unlikely to make last train. WAWAW UTO
  10. A57Lincsowl

    Lincoln City vs #SWFC - SOLD OUT

    Got my tickets! Short journey for me. I live in Lincoln not far from the ground! Serious banter flying around my local already!
  11. A57Lincsowl

    Pre Season Friendly Announced.

    Looking forward to this. I live in Lincoln. There is a massive positive vibe around the club at the moment despite loosing to Exeter in the play off semi. They have a good following for League 2. Lincoln is a good city with some great pubs. My local is a few minutes walk from the ground. Good real ale and all well behaved fans welcome. Same brewery chain as The New Barrack Tavern. Should be a good night/weekend. The banter has already begun!
  12. A57Lincsowl

    New Kit

    Just need stripes back, the kit to be on time and proper UK sizes (FB downwards!). The current XXL would require me to partake in a month's starvation diet!
  13. A57Lincsowl

    Players wearing new kit

    The players wearing the new kit could be driven onto the pitch by a fleet of DC taxis! A new kit before the summer and the actual arrival of DC Taxis (been 'Coming Soon' all season!) would be a miracle!
  14. You should have stopped at Beres for a hot pork sandwich!