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  1. Ok I give up what is, =( .....a pair of dead diddly boppers ?
  2. I remember doing the fun run to raise money for the Kop roof when I was at school. Looking back was it not a bit odd that the club would help fund the roof in such a way? Did anyone else do the run ?
  3. I would have taken a point before kick off. More than happy.
  4. Not sure I even consider them a team at the moment. #wheelsfallenoff
  5. Or DJ bored with the usual run of the mill questions from the media. Rob Staton: "So Dave, Hayden White. Good prospect for the future" . Dave Jones: "Yeah Rob..." .... .(Stares straight at Staton. Takes helium balloon from behind his back. Retains eye contact. Unties knot . Takes deap breath from balloon..... Dave Jones: "....he's a good prospect Rob" * * thinks that'll screw up football heaven tonight. Now where can get a hand puppet before Calender turn up.
  6. No people with builders cracks show no respect. They don't even have the decency to strain their trumps through denim like the rest of us.
  7. Thanks for the video clip intercity. Great angle.
  8. Thanks for posting. I'll remember that quote for a long time, spot on. Enjoy the match
  9. Also quickly forgotten that he saved us at least 2 points only a couple of days ago. Outstanding save in second half when he had not had a great deal to do up to that point. FFS The guy came with a big question mark over his fitness and has played every league game so far. He was understandably a llittle rusty to begin with but the ever changing defence did not help him did it ! His decision making and distribution is first class and tbh we only have him at S6 because of that questionmark on his fitness otherwise we would have been behind a number of other clubs with bigger chequebooks last summer.
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