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  1. Foreign coach is Chansiri’s safest move. Even a Paul Cook/Cowley type appointment has the potential to divide the fan base which given the recent “How not to run a football club” events Chansiri can ill afford. A foreign coach comes with a bit of mystery and excitement without polarising opinion too much. 99% of the fan base will jump on for the ride and give it time to play out. Pet Rescue would be an interesting one
  2. Come on you blue and white wizards! New Year new Wednesday
  3. People shouldn’t forget all the pre story with Bannan when Pulis was appointed. Crucial member of the dressing room and on the pitch who already has doubts, I’m sorry but you don’t ever forget bad managers in your career. Then called Moses out and his treatment of Rhodes, can easily piece together how it very quickly started turning quickly. The results and performances back this up. Chansiri appointed him though, almost seems to have been overlooked so far
  4. Wholeheartedly agree also. However looks like old Dino Tone isn’t the only one whose good with the media
  5. Dear Tony, I know it’s early in our relationship but I’m having some doubts. In fact dear, this really isn’t working is it? It’s not me, it’s certainly you. And no I certainly don’t want to stay friends. Yours regretfully, Forward thinking football fans
  6. Couldn’t agree more. Was brought in to make us solid and people were ready to sacrifice good football to watch a team that battled and won ugly. instead we’ve got players out of position, players out of the picture, we’re awful from set pieces at both ends of the pitch and we’ve somehow managed to go backwards from Monk which I didn’t even think was possible. He will not only take us down I think he’ll go down as one of the worst appointments in the last few decades and that’s some achievement.
  7. It’s not just Dinosaur football! Its League 1 Dinosaur Football! Can’t wait for next season!!
  8. Typical Wednesday. And do you know what, typical Pulis as well. We knew what to expect with his tactics and sometimes we will hold on and others we won’t. My worry is the frailty of this squad and the Pulis tactic book will see us lose more than we’ll hold on for.
  9. Really enjoying the new manager “bounce” we’ve had. Absolute drivel.
  10. Here we go then DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS! Expecting an ugly, well fought win full of running and effort that will make Pearson wish he was in a Blue & White shirt! Excellent stuff! COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!
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