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  1. Feel sorry for Liam Palmer. Much improved the last few seasons and adaptable at this level playing in a back 3, back four or wingback. Almost seems like he’s heading to the magical Monk Room of No Return like some of his former teammates. Windass another one, was on a decent run scoring a few goals and generally looking a threat, a game off the boil and he’s gone. Monk the man manager strikes again...
  2. Advertising hoardings should read: #pleasedontmakeuscomeback Absolute dross again. The monk masterclass continues..
  3. 0-0 today I think. Neither side has enough goals in them. Hopefully Wednesday prove me wrong! COME ON YOU BLUE & WHITE WIZARDS!!
  4. Interesting they noted Dawson has a tendency to parry shots so gambled for the goal. GET WESTWOOD BACK!!
  5. Wednesday being Wednesday on a Wednesday! It’s the most Wednesday thing ever!
  6. Trying my best not to go into tonight with any enthusiasm or optimism.... Thats when Wednesday always get you and let you down! Let’s go 0-2 to satisfy the football gods! (Secretly believing let’s smash the southern third division fairies) COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!!
  7. Do people not think we’ll be one of the teams to get invited to join?
  8. It’s the draws that kill you. Or is it the hope... No it’s just Wednesday. Spineless as ever. Nothings changed.
  9. Come on you Blue & White wizards!! Fancy a 4-0 win in the Hillsborough rain!
  10. Come on you blue and white wizards!! Tough fixture today but and we know anything goes in this league!
  11. Laughable really that Watford are in a position to come and pick off our best players. - Tiny Ground - Small supporter base - Little to no history Why a player would want to leave to join them when in the same division is beyond me... Oh because they’ve got loads of money for failure from the Premier League!
  12. Does anyone know if we can get them printed yet at the club shop? Would like to get -12 on the back for the memories.
  13. -8 -8 Sheffield Wednesday -8 -8 they say -8 -8 Sheffield Wednesday In the playoffs before Boxing Day!!
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