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  1. One day on here is enough for anyone. Why you guys want to come on here and make countless posts is beyond me lol. If people don't agree then fair enough, but some are just plain rude and abusive and after a time it becomes boring. This site isn't about having a debate and making sensible points, even if people vigorously disagreed. It's just about a mob mentality, where members are scared to say what they feel. Say they just go along with what the loudest and more crudest members say and then arse lick by liking their replies. It's pathetic really. That is why a lot of people don't post on here, because of the mindset. A fair number are just looking to cause an argument, be rude or abusive, because they are bored or maybe they have a crap life and have to get rid of their frustrations on here. Some of the replies were thought out and I thank those that replied in that manner. But some of the replies were laughable and verging on being naive. But sadly genuine debate is futile on here. So I will be signing off the site and will not be taking part on the post or be replying to people's comments. I hope we don't get a points deduction, but I think it's a possibility. I stick by my comments on Sheff Wed and think it will take a long time to correct our current situation. But don't surprise if Chansiri is gone sooner than many of you think. I all hope you have a good Christmas and a new year. At least there is one thing we can all agree on. You all love the club !!
  2. Not really, I've just said what I think, that's all lol. If people don't agree fair enough.
  3. My point as you know, is he know' s more about the family business than football, hence the advisors and making mistakes.
  4. You are not an pyschologist and besides I don't put my invest my personal happiness in Sheff Wed. So I'm sure your opening gambit say's more about you than me. Yes FFP, is designed to keep clubs like ours from using the Chairman's wealth to the full and it needs changing as you say. But they are the rules at the moment and he still broke them, resulting in our current situation.
  5. I've thought that myself, but I don't know his position in the company.
  6. Inheritance i believe, though his brother apparently runs it. His father could still be alive. I think his father and uncle started the business.
  7. I just think he'll have no option how the club stands and as the market place is at the moment. The only way is he stays for the long term. I personally can't see that happening.
  8. Export of tuna and the 2nd largest apparently. Different to football, hence the advisors and making mistakes.
  9. It's amazing how you think this man will stay around and not cut a deal like I suggest. He won't be around for the long term, despite what he say's in public. If he wants to exit over the next three years or so, he's no option. But I suppose it's just easier to come out with one liners hey
  10. What he say's and what he will do are entirely different things. But if you think different fair enough.
  11. Make yourself a cup of tea fella....you're not worth spending time on
  12. If he wants out, as I believe is the case deep down. He'll have no option that take a cut price deal, but negotiate, where he makes a percentage on future earnings once the club is perhaps back in the premiership.
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