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  1. the view was actually quite good and was nice to be sandwiched in the middle of the noise
  2. ...what a great day yesterday was, not only did we get a chance to visit your great stadium but also to witness such scenes. Its what being a football fan is all about. Great to meet you fans on the trains and trams and talk well with you, very down to earth and good people. Good atmosphere in the ground, very loud and good banter. Good result for you, and great to witness the pitch invasion in a non aggressive fashion towards us, which allowed us to enjoy the moment without worry. Great to see your fans come over to us. Also lovely to feel safe to stay and applaud your players. out of all the crowd just one idiot who was sat in a green jacket in our enclosure (possibly staff?) who decided to start giving it the bishop basher signs after your first goal. Great occasion and good luck, a wonderful club with great fans...you belong in the premier league! Good to see the large inflatable football from our fans in the middle of the pitch invasion bouncing around.
  3. yep will be there, hope the exeter piglovers beat the blunts, but we beat you.
  4. in response to OxonOwl, how would you feel if wednesday was picked up and moved to london? or man united dropped into your city?
  5. may your dreams come true, may your dreams come true, we are gonna beat you but may your dreams come true.
  6. supporting your local team is enviable, although your local team was?
  7. haha our beaver has 25 goals so far, with tomorrow to go
  8. milton keynes might be, but no football club exists, its a stolen identity, maybe i should mug your gran and use her passport? is that ok?
  9. There isnt a Bucks Derby, your a bunch of nonces, even wycombe turned your mob over, run mk run! 5 lads and an old granny are after you. In all seriousness our derby is slough and we hate Col utd, not you
  10. we are going to give sheff wed a verse of 'she said no', hopefully they can do a verse of roger off mk the county is wycombes!
  11. wee wee off cowshed, MK has and always will be a true football fans embarassment. Im sure most sheff wed fans agree, franchise football is not acceptable. Never has been and never will be. Id rather be playing AFC wimbledon than you lot of plastic cowboys. Even Wycombe managed to get together and batter your boys, now that is embarassing!
  12. we have inflatables at the ready for our end, we dont want you to think we are boring gits, its a party no matter which side of the fence your on, bounce around!
  13. 1867 hmm your promotion? foregone is it? not the correct attitude, most of your support seems genuinely humble and deserving of us letting you win tomorrow, not you sir
  14. in a shock result for them at Adams Park, they couldnt hack it one bit that day! three points or even a point that day and the story would be different now
  15. there wont be any bother in our end unless you start to take the wee wee. All up for friendly banter, when at brammall lane we had charlton and birmingham in our end. Its ok as long as it friendly.
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