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  1. Mrs Forestieri posted this on Instagram, she referring to injury comeback or something else you think?
  2. A friend of my mum and her fella spoke to Winnall, Fletch, Hooper and Hutch in exec box after Rovrum game. Hooper said “you won’t see me again” Winnall “February” Hutch “1 game away from triggering new deal, not allowed to play” Fletcher “no idea why I’m not playing, you ask the boss why?” Im not saying this is true, I’m not itk, just what my mum and her fella were told
  3. Nobody can offer him anything yet, so long as we get it sorted before January then no club can talk to him or his representatives, they’d have to go through the club
  4. Didn’t Jos say last week that the 2 weeks off coming soon will be the time to talk?
  5. Continually playing players through injuries, forcing them to have injections in order to play, thus resulting in the injury not being dealt with and getting worse over time, all for the goal of short term success and no acknowledgement to the longer term plan. Also a decreasing general fitness whilst he was in charge. I feel the blame lies solely with CC and his staff at the time. The old proverb ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is all too evident here.
  6. Not Wednesday related, but I listen to ‘quickly Kevin will he score’ superb 90’s podcast with josh Widdicombe
  7. Wasn’t it a villa vlog going mad about Tom Lees when we beat them at our place in their first game since relegation? I’ll have to dig it out, was quality to watch
  8. On mobile, they don’t show under videos, follow attached photos, guessing it’s much the same on desktop
  9. You saw the whole thing then? Did u see Johnny get the poor lad in a headlock? couldnt believe my eyes
  10. I’ve heard he wants to leave, kicked a kid in the knackers before he left
  11. Kim Olsen- people often say ‘I could do a better job up front’ in this case that was actually 100% true
  12. I’ll have some of what you’re smoking
  13. A tablet and Sky Go will suffice, I have no hope of a ticket, so may as well work and watch
  14. Nooo, I’m at work on that Friday night, no tv access and no holidays to chuck in
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