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  1. Are you shore. It’s a draw so should go down as a draw. if that’s not the case you should write a strongly worded email to your local MP
  2. Actually I don’t need to stop getting carried away. We’re winning the league unbeaten. beating Huddersfield’s never ending winning run.
  3. Some way to go then. I need to stop getting carried away
  4. Anyone know this? I have a memory like a siv. Anyone know this?
  5. What coffee shop? Is his mrs fit? And what dog did he have? Thanks in advance
  6. I think Byers will start on Tuesday. He changed the game when he came on. Wing looks like a terrific player but I get the feeling he isn’t fully fit yet, so there’s more to come from him.
  7. Can’t believe we can’t afford a jacket for the manager
  8. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CSkAlKvgKsd/?utm_medium=copy_link love to see it
  9. Is their manager Wellons? If so, he was annoying me from the off. Glad we stuffed them.
  10. I’d like to see two up top, but i don’t think DM will Change it.
  11. Saved from my position but I was kop end of the south. nice to have a bit of luck if it was the post.
  12. There’s a tendency to put that little bit of extra effort in on your debut, but I was very impressed today.
  13. Non league? Shirley he’s capable of better than that?
  14. I saw this and thought the same. We could at least take it to traceys clothing alterations at ecclesfield if they cannot supply one. I didn’t want to moan though so didn’t say anything because everything else the club is doing at the minute seems to be on the right track. So I can live with it.
  15. One of them is Iorfa though. I’m sure the majority of fans would have loved him in the team last year.
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