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  1. I was at home stroking the cat. I dont have a real cat
  2. Craziest line up ever

    What’s Reach done wrong? Other than work his blinking knackers off

    The players mentality and character is very high. I trust my players 100% and they trust either. Top man.
  4. Chansiri has lumped on to ease the burden of Farsical Fair Play
  5. I’d be happy just with another green square in there at the minute
  6. Everyone knows that it’s bad. But looking at that is painful
  7. I can’t see us beating them. He will have a point to prove
  8. Club shop.

    Not seen these in the club shop
  9. George Boyds Goal

    If you aren’t at the game. Where have you watched them?
  10. Matias

    A goal in his last game. 2 assists tonight. Got to be good for his confidence. Hopefully he can build on this. Chuffed for the lad
  11. My youngest is now hooked

    Or the milk man joking obvs
  12. Can someone start a petition for them to keep the badge. Sure there will be a few thousand fans of other clubs willing to sign it
  13. Wondered where Big Guns had got too
  14. Jordan Thorniley

    Not read the full thread so apologies if this has been said already. Thought there was one or two occasions where he kept hold of the ball a little too long. However, all in all what a debut (guessing it is as I’ve not seen him before). Comfortable on the ball and didn’t look out of place at all. Clean sheet to go with it. They could still be playing now and they didn’t look like scoring. Well done lad, hope you can keep it up and really progress from here.
  15. Who’s nicked the back of his collar?