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  1. OughtibridgeOwl

    Joey Pelupessy

    Sorry for the neg mate. I normally like your posts. But im growing extremely bored of the Abdi injury jokes.
  2. Confident of the first away win of the season today. Am I confident of a clean sheet? Not totally. Either 0-1 or 1-2 away win. Can also see a goal for fletcher today. Looping header from a corner. Top of the onion bag.
  3. Make this man the captain.
  4. OughtibridgeOwl

    Free loans!!

    It is however good that they’re not charging ridiculous loan fees like a lot of clubs do. Ala Chelsea.
  5. OughtibridgeOwl

    Free loans!!

    Though the principle is good to get their young lads playing well and bridge the gap to the first team. But it doesn’t bode well if they play pants and are guaranteed to play the next game. They know the shirt is theirs no matter how they play. Holding clubs with no money by the testicles.
  6. OughtibridgeOwl

    Fox, Boyd and Jones

    Disagree mate sorry. I dont want our players to do fine. Jones wasn’t bad. Put himself about. Showed for the ball. Wasn’t excellent but wasn’t terrible. Fox was very poor. His lack of effort is blatant. He lost the ball in the first half and just strolled back like he was out for a jog with the dog. Baker made a fantastic tackle to thwart any danger. I do however agree that fans shouting nonsense from the stands. First minute or the last minute. I also don’t think personal insults should be made like @@owlstalk has said a couple of times tonight. Though I have been guilty of this in the past. I don’t do it anymore though.
  7. OughtibridgeOwl

    What is George Boyd?

    After the first twenty minutes. I think most of the team looked bang average. Preston and baker should take encouragement from the game. Stobbs looked Lost.
  8. OughtibridgeOwl

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    Thought jones put himself about and wasn’t too bad. Fox is garbage. Where he lacks in quality he doesn’t even make up for it with effort. I didn’t see him get out of second gear in any run. Nor did I see him pass with any purpose. Pooh Pooh
  9. OughtibridgeOwl

    You don't mess with Gerry

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before my time. But it what a proper pair of boots they are. Better than today’s current offerings.
  10. OughtibridgeOwl

    The Abdinator!

    Owlstalk has the ability to really make me chuckle. And occasionally spit out my tea. But my gosh the abdi jokes are becoming very tedious.
  11. OughtibridgeOwl

    Lucas Piazon signing for #SWFC?

    Aren’t Chelsea renowned for charging a fortune to loan players out? Sure I’ve read that it more than covers there initial outlay for a player. Sign for X amount of money. Then rent out for XX amount of money for several years?
  12. OughtibridgeOwl

    Monstrosity of a starting line up

    I said before the game what a fantastic line up this was and that we would score two goals and be comfortably in the front. I also said that they would score from a misplaced header back to the keeper from Lees. And that everyone would have a twitchy bum bum for the remainder of the game. I forgot to post it it but I definitely said it. On a serious note. I was a bit flabbergasted by the team but was glad to see a change in formation and a few youth players. Really enjoyed watching tonigts game.
  13. OughtibridgeOwl

    Cameron Carter-Vickers

    Nice to be finally linked with someone. Even if I don’t know who the eff he is
  14. First league win of the season today. I can feel it in my underpants. Actually thats just my weak bladder.
  15. OughtibridgeOwl

    Team for tomorrow

    Can’t believe Joao is on a yellow before kick off. I blame look north, calander and Sheffield star. Booo