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  1. north west corner

    Someone said on here the other day it’s unsafe do to the angle of it. To steep
  2. Which areas are Wednesday

    I can count the amount of blades on one hand from Oughtibridge (that I know of). Fortunately they’re all decent functioning members of society.
  3. Remember this one against Sheffield United?

    I was there. Was also at the game where tudgay scored.

    What's he banned for ?
  5. Can someone add a little turd coming out of one and into the other
  6. SAG and SYP will be having kittens over the queues into the megastore
  7. Flares on Sunday

    I have a feeling there will be a few on the west stand upper. Not so sure about the other areas. Unless carlos pulls one out of his rusty sheriffs badge at 5-0
  8. Football Rivalries

    There was always that family at school who couldn't afford new uniform and shoes etc every year and they was passed down to younger siblings. I never hated that family. But often pitied them. Much like Ike the pigs.
  9. Aerial View of Hillsborough 1960s

    Before my time. So love seeing pictures like this. Thanks Dunsby
  10. I didn't know this. How ridiculous
  11. Sending them oout over the south stand bridge along with the south stand is mind boggling when there's thousands of Wednesday fans coming off the north stand that way. Keep the uneducated, unwashed, unsightly two hats in the ground until everything is clear.
  12. On a side note. I miss that roundabout.
  13. Looks lovely there! if it was like that now I'd stick those tramps in the bottom and hope the heavens open. Another way for them to get a wesh! tramps!
  14. Derby + Stag Do? Local advice needed

    Wherever you are in Sheffield it's going to be bus and a tram at the worst case scenario. Not sure how much these costs as I haven't used one in yonks. I reckon you're looking about 6. Or if you haven't signed up for Uber your first taxi ride is free. A tram may not be the best idea as it will be full of the scrubbers from s2 and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Maybe someone on here would be happy happy to help with a lift maybe?
  15. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    Rather be at the top of a different table