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  1. It’s a resounding yes from me
  2. OughtibridgeOwl

    Sam Hutchinson's twin brother

    For those interested. Tonight’s lottery numbers are 1, 9, 17, 23, 26, 35, and the bonus ball is 2.
  3. OughtibridgeOwl

    Man of the match

    Dawson for the lads confidence. But id be happy for Hector to get it just for his dirty side. Dragging harvey price down and kicking the ball when the keeper had it. Really winding them up. I thought other than bannan eveyone had one had a good game.
  4. OughtibridgeOwl

    David Jones....did i hear correctly ?

    Unless we’re both hearing things. Then yes, you heard correctly.
  5. OughtibridgeOwl

    Already a txt from a blunt

    Tell him to sit on a rusty nail
  6. OughtibridgeOwl

    Already a txt from a blunt

    Tell him to sit on a rusty nail
  7. OughtibridgeOwl

    Already a txt from a blunt

    Tell him to sit on a rusty nail
  8. OughtibridgeOwl

    Sky sports stats

    The stats that are coming up on sky sports during the build up to the kick off are absolutely frightening. Can’t upload them but from memory. Goals conceded errors leading to goals goals from open play clean sheets 23rd and 24th on them all.
  9. OughtibridgeOwl

    LINEUP - Here is how SWFC line up tonight

    How much input is DC putting into this selection? The man has had four big defeats on the bounce. His job is on the line. And this is what he comes up with. Absolute joke.
  10. OughtibridgeOwl

    Where is everyone watching the match?

    Could be a blessing
  11. OughtibridgeOwl

    How many windows will new gaffer get?

    Hopefully he has a quite a lot with the state of some of our shooting practice.
  12. OughtibridgeOwl

    John Sheridan

    He did yes. No disputing that. But the chairman didn’t like his laid back attitude and didn’t think it would sustain over a long period of time.
  13. OughtibridgeOwl

    John Sheridan

    He wasn’t kept on at Fleetwood and was replaced by the inexperienced Joey Barton because he was so laid back. He gave players days off regular. Source: a friend that went to school with me that now plays for Fleetwood.
  14. OughtibridgeOwl


    I hope so. Theres a lot of things I hope he’s learnt from.
  15. OughtibridgeOwl


    I honestly don’t think DC sees the importance in a derby.