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  1. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Who does Nixon write for and when is it likely to be published. Will it be online early hours of Sunday?
  2. I don’t think he could turn it around even if he had the remainder of five years. We would be in league one at the best.

    Fully agree with this mate. Its one of the few things the fans can realistically do to get our feelings across. I know people have said not turning up to games, but even with the utter dog dirt that is served up when people have payed a fortune they still want to go. Myself included. Not been today nor been able to watch on the telly. Was there any chants today? certainly should be Friday. And very loudly too
  4. Let DC know by not going to games

    Don’t even think that would sway him his lack of football knowledge is killing us
  5. Fans? weather? ref? father Christmas? pitch?
  6. When will chansiri pull the trigger?

    I hope it’s within the next ten minutes. Cant see him doing it until end of the season unfortunately.
  7. The fans need to do something

    As I said it’s expensive and wouldn’t want anyone to pay and not turn up (though I’ve done it a couple of times this season). My original post was more of a way of getting some ideas. Not sure if you agree but something definitely needs to change if Wednesday are to get promoted any time soon. Ultimately we all want the same thing
  8. The fans need to do something

    I personally don’t think attendences will increase much longer. He probably won’t. I just personally think that we need to collectively let him know how p*ssd off with the manager the majority of us are
  9. I don’t know what percentage of the fan base use social media platforms. However, judging by social media and indeed owlstalk, the vast majority of fans seem to think that Carlos has taken the club has far as he can. I’m included in that though I never vent my anger on twitter etc as it’s a waste of time. Its time those fans did something about it. What that might be im not sure. We need to let Chansiri or his advisors of he is out of the country know. I dont like to compare us to our younger neighbours across the city, but they would have had their shoes off in the car park by know. During games I feel the players should be supported fully. So chanting probably isn’t the best thing to do during a game. Nothing to stop people doing it after the game (if people can endure the game that long). Alternatively, people could just not turn up. It’s expensive to go to games but not turning up when you’ve bought your season ticket with hard earned money. 15k not turning up would be hard to achieve but people would sit up and notice. I could be on my own here but something needs doing. Any suggestions?
  10. One person to blame tonight......

    One collective to blame for tonight. The fans. Boooo
  11. How do you feel right now?

    Sure DC said that the fans are welcome to contact him about anything. If I haven’t made this up which I’m sure I haven’t. Would it be worth everyone that has an opinion to contact him so he can gage exactly what the fan base is feeling. Wether that be keep CC or relieve him of his duties. How would we go about contacting him. What’s his email address? Or do we right directly to him at hillsborough? For me personally something has had to give for things to change. And that something for me has to be the head coach. Maybe a new coach could get a lot more out of the playing staff at his disposal.
  12. Carlos Out!!!!!

    I agree. Think hes here for the season though. Going to be a long borig season if this continues.
  13. Caption Competition

    Leave me alone. I’m playing titanic.
  14. McManaman

    Does Butterfield not count?
  15. Black Shorts

    All of our best kits have had black shorts with blue socks and black trim. Though black looks good today. It would look better with black trim on shirt and socks in my humble opinion