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  1. OughtibridgeOwl

    Team vs Lincoln

    What’s Lees snuggling up his shirt
  2. Any truth in the FF to Swansea rumour? I imagine DC would want a hell of a lot more for him than 8-10m
  3. That kit is hurting my eyes and my stomach in equal measure.
  4. No way would I sell to them for anywhere near 5million. They would have to dig very deep into that 12 million from Brooks. Plus a clause of 1m per goal scored against us. The vile unwashed can sit on some barbed wire and swivel. Tramps.
  5. OughtibridgeOwl

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    Who’s the manager of the u23s? Will said manager be fully in charge for this. Or will Jos have some input. I.e he wants certain players to get some time etc so he can watch them?
  6. OughtibridgeOwl

    Behind closed doors friendly

    Behind closed doors friendlies are sometimes to try out different formations etc. Though we as fans want to know what happened and read reports etc behind closed doors are done so for a reason. And it is quite normal. A lot of clubs do it. Its also beneficial if we have trialists so prying eyes cannot see if they’re any good. This is just a small number of reasons. There’s plenty more that I’m sure others can enlighten us with.
  7. OughtibridgeOwl

    Who is fit?

    Pelupessy is Reyt fit. In a non gay way he would definitely get it
  8. Not necessarily mate. We don’t know why it’s broke down. Could be due to the payment to us? Or maybe he is willing to take a pay cut but just not down to what Norwich have offered the first time. Nobody knows i guess.
  9. Also is it out of the realms of possibility that Rhodes would take a small pay cut to play regular?
  10. Norwich won’t have enquired about Rhodes on a whim. They will want him. Im sure they will be back in next week. We will accept a little less they will pay a little more.
  11. OughtibridgeOwl

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    To be honest mate you probably know a lot more than me. But I would be surprised if they haven’t received something from united to play there. Like i say, I could be wrong but I would be surprised. Anyway id rather watch Wednesday v Stocksbridge than United v inter/AC/Barca/anyone else
  12. OughtibridgeOwl

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    It’s £12 per ticket at the Lane.
  13. OughtibridgeOwl

    Jack Baldwin

    I wonder if Jos has seen him play. Or a recommendation from the scouting department?