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  1. OughtibridgeOwl

    New Kit

    That’s a quality kit. I can’t remember the last time I bought s football shirt. Probably cause I’m gigantic and they don’t fit. But I’d buy that one. Nice one Karl
  2. OughtibridgeOwl

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and...

    Is his belly butten pregnant. And look how happy the bloke is who’s having his balls tickled.
  3. OughtibridgeOwl

    So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    Get this clown out before the seasons over.
  4. OughtibridgeOwl

    Matias, FF, Van Aken and Thornily

    See what you’re saying but I’d rather see Matias on the bench than butterfield.
  5. OughtibridgeOwl

    Nuhiu's second goal

    Wish it was me. Took it excellently as well
  6. OughtibridgeOwl

    FAO Just Visiting

    Just visiting. Might not be visiting for a bit.
  7. Hopefully available for selection after the international break from JL interview with Staton. Excellent news.
  8. OughtibridgeOwl

    Adthe Nuhiu after todays game

    If that vest had tea stains on he would look like a gypsy.
  9. OughtibridgeOwl


    I thought scoring more goals than the opposition was the reason we won.
  10. And it’s just got worse. Absolute plop.
  11. OughtibridgeOwl

    Let's crowdfund George Hirst's new contract

    Signinfiicant significance
  12. OughtibridgeOwl

    Ohhhhhhh Sammy Sammy..........

    Not enough Sammys in that sentence.
  13. OughtibridgeOwl

    Sheffield Wednesday team for Leeds away

    I certainly hope he keeps he same team. Or st the very least don’t make six changes. Not having a consistent team for me hasn’t helped.