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  1. I think we have to take one of the country and cancel the entire season and start a fresh next year. Best all round right?
  2. Probably not, cause the championship and lower leagues are just a second thought in comparison to the PL.
  3. I think a lot of people hate him, me included. But he has that winning mentality and that nasty side to him that I think we need. Been under some top managers, and done his time as a coach. Certainly the type of person I would like us to look at.
  4. I’d like John Terry. We will get Terry Henfleet.
  5. Let’s be honest. City didn’t get out of reverse and they were still quicker going forward than we were.
  6. Better than Dawson by some distance. played well today. Unlucky with the goal.
  7. Yes, I think so. might also get us a decent loan or two
  8. I don’t think Monk has the minerals to do the job required here, but who would people want on his place!? For me, and this may get me some stick, probably a lot of stick, but I would like to see John Terry in our dugout. winning mentality, played and managed with some of the best, served his time with Villa. I certainly don’t want another dinosaur of a football manager.
  9. The questions are never very good are they? They’re very open. Why can’t they ask direct questions like, are you good enough to sort this poop out? Rather than one where he can veer off and give a generic answer that doesn’t really answer the question.
  10. If/when he goes and we need a new manager I can’t see ha having many applicants
  11. How many managers would go to a club knowing they won’t be allowed to bring in their team? im sure it’s not many
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