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  1. That was someone on the wind up. He later admitted it if you look at his tweets.
  2. Absolutely bored to death of everything related to Bruce now.
  3. He would jump at the chance to leave Man U and come to Wednesday.
  4. He’s been there to pick up the pieces on numerous occasions and in my opinion he loves Wednesday just as much as we do. Think chansiri will like that. I wouldn’t be against him getting the gig, and he would have my full backing, as would any potential manager.
  5. The button for “select seats” and “quick seats” (I think that’s what they are) are grey and I cannot click on them. I am on my phone though
  6. Trying to buy tickets online but it’s not letting me pick seats, I’m guessing they’re not on general sale yet? Can anyone advise when they will be on general sale? Pricing info would also be greatly appreciated? ta
  7. One would think better than some of the dog dirt names that are currently been thrown around, but they must have been sacked for a reason.
  8. Just had a quick scroll through this fred laughing at the gifs. Can someone confirm, is it black shorts and socks? Is there a trim in the home socks? What about a sponsor? TIA
  9. Hughton for me. That list just looks like a random list that sky bet have put together.
  10. Can’t be harrised to read the whole thread, but are the three new players their? see what I did there? Good eh?
  11. Lazaar has liked all the photos on Instagram. It’s a sign
  12. Yes, that’s the kid I was thinking of. I know there was a big thread about him on here and it sounded like we was heavily linked with him. Not heard anything since.
  13. People keep mentioning a CDM, what was the name of the kid that was heavily linked with us previously, played for Hull a few seasons ago? Then went to Newcastle I think? Is he still available? Would people want him?
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