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  1. Or maybe stevie Bruce had a say on the kit
  2. I thought it looked a touch black too, probably because they were wet through.
  3. I’ve heard we are getting sponsored by super 6, the irony when we finish 7th
  4. I’ve always hated Man Utd and all of its players yet liked David Beckham, he was a cracking footballer who lifted himself up above his talent, was a fabulous captain for England and has generally lived a pretty clean life despite the global media attention that often brings many young men to their knees. Done so much work for charity and is a real role model. I’m not gonna compare the 2, instead I will just appreciate them both for the performances
  5. He pays the bills, I’m happy for him to have a little self indulgence, I’m the same at my parties when I throw down a few tunes and the kids go no Dad no
  6. A fit fletcher and a rejuvenated Rhodes with wingers whipping the ball in nice and early will do just great for me, 2 of the finest headers in the division, they do lack pace but if we’ve got wide boys with it in abundance and crossing them in from the byline and those 2 coming in around the penalty spot, the goals will certainly come
  7. I honestly don’t mind who he lets go, it’s his call and he will either be successful or not based on those decisions, what worries me is the way everyone is building this all up as though SB is the messiah, the expectation for next season will be off the scale and it may not materialise that way. i have full faith in SB but next season could still be a difficult one due to the P&S, so everyone just keep level headed about the future
  8. We all slate Abdi but how many of us know the facts, injuries are part and parcel of football and I’ve never met a footballer who enjoys being injured. of course he’s been a massive disappointment but to slate his character when we don’t know the facts, I remember the spat with Chansiri when he refused to play but he insisted he wasn’t ready, if he didn’t feel ready what was the point of playing him
  9. To the tune of Techno head I wanna be a hippy I wanna be like fletcher And I wanna get goals We’re Wednesday We’re all Wednesday
  10. Calm down everyone, remember what Jos said, we are not a football team that can compete for the play offs. simple, thanks Jos
  11. Anybody know any decent IPTV subscriptions
  12. I don’t think this would’ve escalated in the manner that it did, had DC been in the country over a longer period, he is guilty of sitting back (this isn’t a criticism as he obviously has business to attend to back home) and trusting the management far too much and certainly not singing from the same hymn sheet, how DC didn’t sack Jos as soon as he stated we weren’t a top 6 side or even close to being one is beyond me. the staggering part of it all is how Jos was allowed to lower the value of our experienced players by not playing them when clearly we were under pressure with the FFP/P & S what is done is done and we move on.
  13. Can you imagine Dave Richard’s saying he’s going to replace you cos you’ve got no charisma, that there is as low as it gets, Pleat has done well to recover from that
  14. Can’t understand why people wouldn’t want Bruce, is he perfect... no, is he an improvement..... massively, who are the alternatives, we aren’t exactly the same club as we were 2 years ago and with financial restrictions galore
  15. Is Jos even there, didn’t see him shake hands with the opposition at the end
  16. Onomah knows how to give the ball away doesn’t he
  17. He’s absolutely brilliant is our Jos , said no owl today
  18. He always knew about FFP he banged that drum so many times about getting fans on board, more season ticket holders, fewer pay on the day, he always wanted to up the income, alas he failed, didn’t hit the numbers required, failed massively on merchandise and now has the fans split. now I’m as disillusioned as the next fan, however I do still back him, he has made mistakes and I can forgive him, but he needs to learn from them, and he can start with getting rid of Jos and then Droyden, get a director of football who has the clubs interest at heart. i think Gary megsons time as a manager has been and gone but as a director of football he would be perfect.
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