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  1. I think it will be hard for this leopard to change his spots, however if the Penny has finally dropped then great. im not expecting much so any success he and we enjoy is a bonus
  2. Bostock did look good however he is totally ineffective, passing the ball sideways and backwards constantly. he had loads of possesion which we allowed hm to have and didnt hurt us, the type of signing we wouldve got but dont need.
  3. I’m struggling to see how they can get away with the sale of the football ground(us too) when you sell it has to be independently valued, this is a must from HMRC (known as red book) and there is no work around this and I’m not convinced we are out of the water on this yet. The biggest single problem with all this and why P&S is flawed, had Derby actually got promoted they would’ve been laughing and probably never looked back, you can see why the temptation is there.
  4. The EFL should be better structured to be fair, there is a deadline for accounts to be submitted and it shouldn’t be flexible. if they imposed a point per day deduction for not hitting that deadline,I think it’s fair to say most clubs would get their acts together. through this Covid situation however I think the EFL haven’t supported it’s clubs correctly, how can clubs be expected to pay the players the staggering wages when the clubs income has been shattered. The EFL needs to realise they ultimately need these clubs not the other way round,
  5. Typical Jeffers gets fit for a game then gets sent off and misses a few games. Couldn’t make it up
  6. The David Hirst one was pretty good with some decent players, highlight was Ian Wright running down the wing imitating a chicken while everyone was singing….. I feel like chicken tonight …… due to his advert.
  7. Hardly a surprise, is it for tv or can’t SYP control a game between 2 L1 teams, pityful
  8. Thought GC was good for us at the time, one of the few players that could use both feet comfortably and get around the pitch, I thought he played some really good games for us but would always sour his performance with a really sloppy pass when not under pressure
  9. Good player on his day but with bones and muscles akin to a brandy snap, so no thanks
  10. If we had remained in the championship this transfer would be a non starter, but in league one with a lot of young players in the squad then I think this isn’t a bad thing, I’ve also thought Palmer is a better left back than right anyway. can’t think of many free right backs available that we could sign within our current restraints
  11. 2 different entities, so no. that said, I find watching England an absolute chore apart from the knockout stages
  12. I honestly can’t see the EFL being able to take points for non payment of wages considering the epidemic, it would be morally wrong and a punishment to fans , players and the club. if they do then it’s time for clubs to call time on the EFL
  13. Had to remove the seats so HMS pees the league could come through that corner
  14. the thing is we were sold by DC the thoery we needed to invest future season ticket holders revenue to offset p&s so we could be promotod, its looking more and more likley that the well had already run dry and now we have already had an advance on future season ticket sales which just compounds the lack of money coming in over the next few years, if this is the case then its just a matter of time before we go bust. i genuinely hope this isnt the case but the lack of a statement looks more like the delaying of bad news. there has been mamy a fan on here touting a new ground for us over recent years, looks like they could get their wish and not for the better.
  15. If we had more players like Hutch I can guarantee we wouldn’t be kicking off in L1 next season
  16. Legally the club hasn’t got a leg to stand on, fans paid for season tickets to watch championship football, that has now been taken away with relegation. I understand the problems with cash flow, the chairman has had it tough, we don’t know if the players deferred any of their wages, there is so much we are not privy to. the one thing you do not do is ostracise the core of your business which is the fans, I honestly think most fans would accept the refund staying in the club with it being credited against future tickets etc. engaging with the fans and keeping us in the loop keeps everything harmonious, simple really
  17. It’s laughable, how many people are going to buy season tickets for next season who are still waiting for a refund. could be the lowest season ticket holders stats in years this time around.
  18. The guy still has a lot to give and will help us no end in L1 and he cares and makes others accountable, captain for me
  19. I want a new season ticket, but feel it’s taking the Mick to ask for my money when no refund has been given. I will take that season ticket, less my refund money plus interest owed to me so, let’s just call it squits
  20. i think he would be worth bringing Luongo on for the last 15mins if we are chasing the game to replace JP, certainly a more forward thinking player although its a risk due to the games he has missed.
  21. i Hope big Darren Moore can inspire the boys today to on a big performance which we all know has been sadly lacking, however today is a day to wipe the slate clean and focus on the task in hand. i would like DM's opening statement to start out with something like this. " Boys we are not in a relegation battle today where we wait to seal our fate, no, we were relegated 6 weeks ago and are in league one all ready. Today is our league one play off final and we will win our game today to go back up to the championship, we are positive in our appproach and will not be swayed by the task in hand, embrace the day and show why you were selected by this fabulous club to represent them on days like this. What would you like DM to say?
  22. listened to this last night on radio Sheffield and was really emotional, puts petty football squabbles firmly in its place. fly high and proud young blade and RIP, i offer my condolences to all his family and friends.
  23. I think the players are trying but are they at the maximum, not a chance. we have just had 2 must win games and failed in both, does anyone expect the outcome to be any different at the weekend. we will be relegated of that I’m sure, we just aren’t good enough, in spirit, determination, desire and belief. we are at this final shootout situation because the other 2 teams are even worse than us in regards to points won over a season but we just won’t win Saturday so that’s it.......relegation
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