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  1. no way is he going to drop Bannan at the moment, he has probably got plenty of credit in the bank and rightly so, rested is more likely to happen in the cup games etc. Having Byers at the side of BB will help him massively, we know he loves his little one twos and not convinced Vaulks is that type of player. its good to see some real competition for his place on the bench and i think this will bring out the best in our Barry, we are a strong unit and finding our way and should expect some faltering along the way. UTO
  2. i thought the ground was excellent and would be more than happy to use their blueprint, the concourse at street level and being able to see the pitch from there too is a really nice touch. i also agree with the comment about the entertainment area around the ground being quite good too, not everyone goes to matches to drink nowadays and keeps the area busy on non match days too. this is similar to what we will see in the coming months anyway with the new development on Penistone Road, lets not forget there were plenty of pubs around the ground at one time and bit by bit they are disapearing so we have to embrace the future im afraid.
  3. I wish him well, i do think on the right deal he was worth another season. he was our most comfortable player in possession at the back and i think he will be a loss, however the decision has been made and we have to move on. good luck Sammy Sammy.
  4. Id keep Hutch and make him captain, he reads the game so well and will put his body on the line for the club as proved in the game against Sunderland, i also think had he not been concussed in that game then he wouldve stopped Roberts getting the equaliser due to his better positioning and reading of the game, however some on here will blame him for getting concussed and going off.........go figure. Its good to have opinions, right or wrong is irelevant.
  5. I went for Gregory but there were some terrific performances for around 60 mins, we dropped off understandably due to game management which then gave them a few opportunities. not seen their goal again yet but it looked out from where I was, thought Hirst did really well considering the scraps he got. wonder if Gregory has a little chuckle when we sing they’re all walkers ( not a typo)at the Lane
  6. I’m not patos biggest fan but that header was unlucky, it really was just a bit too high for him. Still think we should’ve had two penalties or the goal allowed. they are the fine margins that win and lose games.
  7. It’s a bit weird how this thread has gone, an MK fan has come on and it’s turned into a moral compass issue which he is having to defend, the person was 7 years old when he chose his club, who are we to criticise, he loves his club just as we do. keep doing what you do Saul, following your team obviously is a massive thing to you and your family, I wish you well after the 90 plus minutes today
  8. I wish the lad well, life’s too short to worry about such matters
  9. Not been on their for a while, best times I’ve had travelling away from the baggin any spaces left
  10. Not been on their for a while, best times I’ve had travelling away from the baggin
  11. it would be a nice option as the warmer days creep in but on a cold winters day brrrrrrr no way.
  12. whats best options for travel, i have booked the train but would be happy to look at other options
  13. Hutchinson all day long, head and shoulders above every player on the pitch tonight.
  14. seriously.....you gave Sow and Hutch the same mark, It was Hutch who made the difference along with the introduction of SB. All about opinions i grant you, but Hutch was easily an 8 for me.
  15. Daniel Jones had a good left foot, rest of him was crap though
  16. HUTCH End of, absolutely immense, broke up their attacks time and time again, also well supported with the two debutants. BPF will have bought Sam a well deserved Costa tonight
  17. I am a supporter and that was the whole point of the post, I’m also a realist and know even 6 games is a stretch for most people so to suggest supporting a manager regardless of results is absurd. there has been a lot of negativity and that’s why I asked for some respite for a minimum of 6 games but I guess that was lost on some
  18. In fairness he also hasn’t had a consistent squad to choose from, had we got a fully fit squad then we would certainly be in a better position, that said Moore should’ve had more cover at the back bearing in mind the injury record of our main centre half’s and he fell into the trap of putting hutch in midfield only to see him get injured again. no one is suggesting that DM is or is going to be a great manager but he isn’t going anywhere just yet so let’s get behind him, atmosphere wise we were quite a bit subdued yesterday till the last half hour
  19. I’m not a big fan of DM but today’s result has certainly put paid to him getting the sack in January. I think it’s time to stop the negativity for at least 6 games, call it a truce or whatever but let’s just give our full support and see where we are are in 6 games time, we aren’t going to change so why not see if a fully supported DM can deliver. positivity going forward, anyone in
  20. ML mom, but Hutch Mendez Laing and hunt outstanding, to be fair they all played well. well done boys, loved it
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