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  1. To the tune of Techno head I wanna be a hippy I wanna be like fletcher And I wanna get goals We’re Wednesday We’re all Wednesday
  2. Calm down everyone, remember what Jos said, we are not a football team that can compete for the play offs. simple, thanks Jos
  3. Anybody know any decent IPTV subscriptions
  4. I don’t think this would’ve escalated in the manner that it did, had DC been in the country over a longer period, he is guilty of sitting back (this isn’t a criticism as he obviously has business to attend to back home) and trusting the management far too much and certainly not singing from the same hymn sheet, how DC didn’t sack Jos as soon as he stated we weren’t a top 6 side or even close to being one is beyond me. the staggering part of it all is how Jos was allowed to lower the value of our experienced players by not playing them when clearly we were under pressure with the FFP/P & S what is done is done and we move on.
  5. Can you imagine Dave Richard’s saying he’s going to replace you cos you’ve got no charisma, that there is as low as it gets, Pleat has done well to recover from that
  6. Can’t understand why people wouldn’t want Bruce, is he perfect... no, is he an improvement..... massively, who are the alternatives, we aren’t exactly the same club as we were 2 years ago and with financial restrictions galore
  7. Is Jos even there, didn’t see him shake hands with the opposition at the end
  8. Onomah knows how to give the ball away doesn’t he
  9. He’s absolutely brilliant is our Jos , said no owl today
  10. He always knew about FFP he banged that drum so many times about getting fans on board, more season ticket holders, fewer pay on the day, he always wanted to up the income, alas he failed, didn’t hit the numbers required, failed massively on merchandise and now has the fans split. now I’m as disillusioned as the next fan, however I do still back him, he has made mistakes and I can forgive him, but he needs to learn from them, and he can start with getting rid of Jos and then Droyden, get a director of football who has the clubs interest at heart. i think Gary megsons time as a manager has been and gone but as a director of football he would be perfect.
  11. I don’t think it’s a case of players not trying more a case of they aren’t playing for him. they want him gone as much as we do, it’s a sad state of affairs that it’s come to this. please DC admit your error and put us all out of our misery there isn’t much out there as a replacement, but I’d be happy to see Ollie in charge, I know he is limited but I do feel he would love the job and put his heart and soul into it
  12. Matias is bloody awful, does he run around, yes, is he productive in anything he does, no. Stay on your feet and play football, show your talent, no he would much sooner throw himself on the floor
  13. Deluded owl, it’s not about the money. Jeeez
  14. Ok I will just sit in my seat and clap with a moronic smile on my face
  15. China’s owl, I see what your saying but the problem is that while we are under this ffp no one will buy us unless we are sold for a song. would you buy a club for say 40 million and then be happy to sit on your financial wallet for 18 months minimum
  16. I think considering the performances this season then the fans were brilliant yesterday but alas that Avenue is not really working unless it happens en masse
  17. We aren’t in position to be sold with ffp, it’s aimed at Jos not DC
  18. I think the play would know it’s not aimed at them
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