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  1. I never said Brown was better, I just feel moving Brown centrally may give us something different, he has more presence height, better at set pieces. id put BB on the left and see how things play out, we have finally started picking up points but let’s not get carried away that we’ve turned a corner, Derby should’ve been out of sight and fair play to our lads for sticking at it.
  2. I have and it clearly reflects badly on both of them, a senior player has to have an opinion and can’t simply switch it on and off the pitch, Monk also needs to be open to observations by his senior players and to manage these players. adaptability is a better trait than sheer stubbornness, proved by the point that both are currently out of work, I would sooner have SH at our club than GM and I believe we would be in a better position than we are now
  3. I’ve always said TL is a very good defender, if you want to erode his confidence then give him the ball and ask him to pass and play, it’s not his game. he is a very old fashioned stopper, don’t ask him to start playing from the back, in fact keep it away from him till it’s time to defend. easy
  4. We pretty much went from 3rd in the league to almost relegation and the worst home record in the league from Christmas..... your honour
  5. I certainly am not in the BB fan club, the guy is extremely talented and works hard no doubt, but for a player of his ability he underachieves massively, his passing stats may well be the highest at the club but that is because he is given the ball at every opportunity, his passing often is poor and his set pieces are abysmal, even the goal we scored from was a poor delivery against Derby, his cross field ridiculous pass almost cost us the 3 points, he often berates players for mistakes (especially the youngsters) yet waves a hand when he does a fk up. I honestly would rather see Iz
  6. It’s simple isn’t it, Hutch was available to play from Christmas last year to the end of the season, Monk chose to play Joey instead, he then released SH and offered JP a new contract. Reason enough to be sacked. Sam is a very good committed player and certainly good enough to cover Louongo, JP or SH, if you need to think about it, stand in the corner
  7. Looks like DC never wanted him in the first place but was advised that TP would prevent relegation, DC said to TP I don’t want the old English type of football, TP said he was adaptable, but he wasn’t. I think DC deserves backing in this termination
  8. I’m totally split on NW For the 90+mins and the post match interviews, I hate him. away from match day, he talks a lot of sense and can be quite humorous. he is a very good manager, but he’s a blade and that’s enough reason for him to never be associated with our club. plus I love the Colin anagram and the song. let’s keep it that way
  9. I actually don’t want the co commentator to be sitting on the fence, I want him biased towards our team. I want one of us doing it rather than someone just doing a job, it’s all emotion isn’t it.
  10. Good performance and very much required. can’t agree on the Bannan comments, he played some horrendous passes last night, and his set plays are still very poor. on the plus side, he did set up a goal for Shaw with a good ball in and works his socks off. for the amount of set plays and times he is given possession of the ball, he needs to do better, he’s our captain, our senior outfield player and playmaker. He has the ability to do way better
  11. Patterson is awful, but if you want to have a go sta player, take a look at JPs role in their goal, he just jogs at the side of him, doesn’t sprint and pressure him to assist the defenders, awful from a defensive midfielder, also if you watch the highlights from Quest , their first chance he is with Gallagher on the edge of the box and he just leaves him, he is so static it’s unreal, if you want to ball watch Joey, sign up to I follow and crack on
  12. Are we for real!!!!! we moan and moan at DC putting us in a mess with P&S and then we demand he spends a bucket load again so we can go through the process all over again ffffffs do we ever learn.
  13. Easy comments to make with the benefit of hindsight, if Patterson or Bannan had taken him out and they score from the free kick they would’ve been lambasted, damned if you do, damned if you don’t
  14. Pelupessy just ran at the side of him and did nothing, ffs he’s running with a ball and JP is jogging at the side of him fffffffs
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