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    Weren’t Leicester one of the highest points scoring teams from January and then carried that form on the following season to win the league, Ranieri got the praise but it was NP who built the team and didn’t lose the job cos of anything he had done. that said I’d still stick with JL, he hasn’t done so bad considering the whole situation he finds himself in.
  2. thekimmyowl

    United away

    How many times are dirty Leeds on joke !!!
  3. thekimmyowl

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    I wouldn’t want to lose FF especially to that lot, but if the sum of the parts can then be greater than the individual and we settle an imbalance with the FFP then I guess sadly it could happen
  4. thekimmyowl


    I’m sorry to be the party pooper but I don’t rate him one bit, don’t get me wrong I’d love him to prove me wrong which he did in part at the end of last season, don’t see how any owl would want to see one of our players fail. if we have any ambition though then AN wouldn’t even make the bench, I hope the fans maintain the love for him if he doesn’t deliver this season
  5. Most people commenting on Winalls attitude are probably just part of the pub talk band wagon, he fell out with FF in a training ground tussle, it happens all the time. Made friends at Derby. carlos handled the situation appallingly, and I think SW going to Derby was a very poor decision. would I be as peed off as SW with how things started, he was delighted to come here and then was shown the door without really getting a chance. if anyone honestly thinks big Dave is a better option than SW then I really do despair, AN had a purple patch at the end of a contract yet has failed miserably over his time here. we lack mobility up front and SW can provide that for us, and if he does have a bit of a nasty streak so what, we could do with a little bit of that cos for far too long we’ve been a bit of a soft touch.
  6. Modern keeper right there, good with his feet and hand
  7. Is this side mesh going to work like those dresses that came out for the ladies a few years back ( Kate winslet ) where it makes you look slimmer than you really are, if so I’m buying these bad boys no question. could be a new fashion in men’s football shirts, Nike and Adidas will be like WTF, why didn’t we do this fIrst
  8. thekimmyowl

    All Rhodes lead to the Premiership

    I honestly believe he’s still our best chance of getting goals, if we play to his strengths. i saw him make runs constantly under CC and yet we never played him in, the early ball is what he thrives on, not sideway passing. he was stifled by CC and in turn his game suffered, get his confidence up and this lad will do what he’s always done.
  9. thekimmyowl

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    If I’d known dion Dublin was gonna end up on homes under the flaming hammer I’d have booed him instead of applauding him off the pitch in the previously mentioned game
  10. thekimmyowl

    keeping these two

    I must be in the minority but no way would I keep big Dave, has he done well in the run in, yes, has he been good enough in his time here , no. if we want to be 16th or 17th that’s fine but if we want a big push, not a chance. everyone is saying we need pace, if we had pace in the side Nuhui would never get in the box and his mobility would be questioned more than it ever has. pudil 1year deal, Fred 2 year deal
  11. thekimmyowl

    So seen a article about Rhodes

    I’m happy that he’s here, it’s up to Jos to get him back to his best and playing to his strengths is a must. i couldn’t understand CC signing him and saying JR had to adapt to us, frankly I think if you spend big money on a striker you play to get the best from him, CC has starved him of chances throughout his time here. has he missed chances, of course, all strikers do, but the more chances he gets he will relax into it more. weve wasted more money in other areas that we will never get back so I’m not gonna beat JR with that stick.
  12. thekimmyowl

    Hutch’s pre match talk

    I think Hutch would be brilliant for the first 30 mins or so before he launches into someone and sees a red, but sometimes it’s so worth it
  13. thekimmyowl

    Hutch’s pre match talk

    Sounds perfect spike
  14. I know he’s not playing tonight but his pre match speech will leave the players knowing full well what this means to the fans, he will get some stick from his next door neighbor if we lose tonight, a certain billy sharp no less