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  1. thekimmyowl

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    If I’d known dion Dublin was gonna end up on homes under the flaming hammer I’d have booed him instead of applauding him off the pitch in the previously mentioned game
  2. thekimmyowl

    keeping these two

    I must be in the minority but no way would I keep big Dave, has he done well in the run in, yes, has he been good enough in his time here , no. if we want to be 16th or 17th that’s fine but if we want a big push, not a chance. everyone is saying we need pace, if we had pace in the side Nuhui would never get in the box and his mobility would be questioned more than it ever has. pudil 1year deal, Fred 2 year deal
  3. thekimmyowl

    So seen a article about Rhodes

    I’m happy that he’s here, it’s up to Jos to get him back to his best and playing to his strengths is a must. i couldn’t understand CC signing him and saying JR had to adapt to us, frankly I think if you spend big money on a striker you play to get the best from him, CC has starved him of chances throughout his time here. has he missed chances, of course, all strikers do, but the more chances he gets he will relax into it more. weve wasted more money in other areas that we will never get back so I’m not gonna beat JR with that stick.
  4. thekimmyowl

    Hutch’s pre match talk

    I think Hutch would be brilliant for the first 30 mins or so before he launches into someone and sees a red, but sometimes it’s so worth it
  5. thekimmyowl

    Hutch’s pre match talk

    Sounds perfect spike
  6. I know he’s not playing tonight but his pre match speech will leave the players knowing full well what this means to the fans, he will get some stick from his next door neighbor if we lose tonight, a certain billy sharp no less
  7. I’m Rotherham born and bred, but come from a family that had no interest in football whatsoever, but I’ve always loved it. back in the day the only football I ever saw was match of the day and only ever heard about the usual clubs at that time, ie lfc mufc arsenal etc my mum n dad split up and eventually she met a new guy who took me to my first ever match, Swfc v Luton, late 70s early 80s. we stood in the leppings lane end and watched the owls beat them 3-1 or 4-1 I think, man I tell you I was blown away. the crowd, the ground, the team, totally awestruck. we left the ground and I was buzzing, we went to the local sports shop where I got the kit (no club shop back then) on the Monday we had games at school and I proudly put on my bukta kit, there was bloody uproar, all these schoolmates going mental cos they supported a team called Rotherham United, who I asked, not realising the fury that comment would make (genuinely) i learned quick and realised the one sided rivalry that existed then and still today. it has been my pleasurable duty to have my own family and instill the values I wasn’t fortunate to receive, we are bathed in blue n white and are season ticket holders and fully fledged in the owls family
  8. Wasn’t great here was he, felt for him at times because he did try and a bit like big Dave he couldn’t buy a foul even when it was blatant
  9. thekimmyowl


    You can just see him saying years later if he was appointed How he always wore a United item too that said I do believe he would love to get one over McCabe
  10. thekimmyowl


    I totally respect warnocks managerial career, but his links with that lot make it very difficult for him to come here how about Paul Scholes, been linked with Oldham and probably not the typical ex player looking for a managers job, isn’t overly pr friendly and isn’t a kiss a*s he must have some decent insight to the game and could well have a great ally in Sir Alex. would pretty much consider a number of people at this time due to Carlos having lost the plot shame really but i always believe it’s ok to make mistakes but to not learn from them is unforgivable
  11. thekimmyowl


    Can't see em being hand made
  12. thekimmyowl


    Shirts won't be on sale till all the old stock has gone