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  1. The guy still has a lot to give and will help us no end in L1 and he cares and makes others accountable, captain for me
  2. I want a new season ticket, but feel it’s taking the Mick to ask for my money when no refund has been given. I will take that season ticket, less my refund money plus interest owed to me so, let’s just call it squits
  3. i think he would be worth bringing Luongo on for the last 15mins if we are chasing the game to replace JP, certainly a more forward thinking player although its a risk due to the games he has missed.
  4. i Hope big Darren Moore can inspire the boys today to on a big performance which we all know has been sadly lacking, however today is a day to wipe the slate clean and focus on the task in hand. i would like DM's opening statement to start out with something like this. " Boys we are not in a relegation battle today where we wait to seal our fate, no, we were relegated 6 weeks ago and are in league one all ready. Today is our league one play off final and we will win our game today to go back up to the championship, we are positive in our appproach and will not be swayed by the
  5. listened to this last night on radio Sheffield and was really emotional, puts petty football squabbles firmly in its place. fly high and proud young blade and RIP, i offer my condolences to all his family and friends.
  6. I think the players are trying but are they at the maximum, not a chance. we have just had 2 must win games and failed in both, does anyone expect the outcome to be any different at the weekend. we will be relegated of that I’m sure, we just aren’t good enough, in spirit, determination, desire and belief. we are at this final shootout situation because the other 2 teams are even worse than us in regards to points won over a season but we just won’t win Saturday so that’s it.......relegation
  7. Can just see it now going into the final few minutes of the season, we score in the 93rd minute to send Derby down and we rejoice at our win, only for George Hirst to score his first senior goal in injury time for the Millers to seal our fate........it is written in the stars and certainly the Wednesday way.
  8. We have looked better under Moore but let’s face it, things were dire under the previous two managers and Thompson got the bounce that reflects a bad camp caused by Pulis, Moore never got the chance for that to happen. id give him time to rebuild plus nobody else jumps out as a candidate.
  9. I don’t rate him at all, but if he stays I’d love him to prove me wrong. I think the financial situation at the club means any players are available and we will see very little investment. HMS p the league chants are a very distant memory
  10. We are down, the Middlesbrough game was the must win game, that performance alone is reflective of our seasons play. if the players weren’t up fir a battle in that game then I honestly can’t see them finding it within themselves to dig deep and get a positive result for the club. we will go down with a wimper v Forest and Derby knowing full well of the pressures of a final game v us will put it all on the line against a weakened/out of form Swansea. League 1 awaits and I am deeply concerned about the clubs future. we as a fan base need to put our energy into supporting the
  11. Would be nice for all the fans with outstanding refunds to receive an email saying it is being processed, it’s been so long you start and wonder if you applied correctly
  12. An email update would be nice, bit of courtesy I get it that it’s difficult shelling out cash at this time but it’s the right thing to do. what they should’ve done is just put it all on hold, knocked that money off any future season ticket purchase or given us the option if deciding not to renew, to then give out refunds. It’s a mess either way
  13. Why not Chansiri, let’s face it he is self promoting himself as do most rich businessmen/women who buy franchises or sports clubs. look at Abramovic, did he buy Chelsea for the love of football, no he did not, it was about getting his name and face out in the public domain, he was a billionaire and virtually the whole world didn’t have a clue who he was. Can see it now, trying to get in some high class restaurant with a long waiting list, sorry no tables for tonight sir, week after buying Chelsea he makes the same call and he is in. im sure DC did the same at napoleons........
  14. He is a bit like Daniel Jones, decent left foot, great technique at striking a ball, but hasn’t got a football brain and not learning what he can and can’t do. just not good enough but fans shouldn’t be abusing players regardless
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