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  1. Suspend the season, restart in the summer, hot days and cool beer watching games...... every cloud.
  2. He berates players then does the same mistake and waves his arm as an apology and thinks that’s ok. but tonight’s not the night to have a go, we at least showed some commitment and that should be a given
  3. It’s funny how people view things, I thought KLee was the pick of the players who started the match, always trying to make something happen, always wanted the ball and had a good 2nd half, the substitutions made a massive difference and Iorfa and Windass would be the 1st names on the next team sheet. After 5 mins I realised Fletcher shouldn’t have started, he wasn’t his usual workmanlike self, miles off the pace. if Monk can’t see that he is making massive mistakes in selection and tactics why does he so often need to make changes at half time and even prior to that today
  4. He was great tonight, he’s the one player we have that makes runs beyond the strikers, intelligent player
  5. I finished work late so giving it a miss
  6. The injury excuse from Monk is something he can’t back up and he needed pushing on it by the press, maybe that’s something they can do next time with cold hard facts and show that Monk is talking from his derrière
  7. I think it’s more to do with paying money and us all leaving at half time with Man City coasting to a win that will leave us owls embarrassed and on a national scale. with the current form and lack of fight it could be a record goals fest against us. im going cos that’s what I do but in reality I’m dreading it
  8. All players get injuries, it’s the nature of the beast, why oh why would you freeze out your best players. If players come in and do well then that’s fine but when their replacements are struggling then it makes no sense to not use these players whilst they are employed by the club. mr Monk needs to man up and admit he’s wrong excluding these players, bring them back into the fold, if Pelupessy is a better option than Hutch in Monks eyes then I think he needs to get some help from new staff because he obviously can’t see the wood for the trees
  9. The decision to take FF off was criminal
  10. I’m happy to say I think AN is an absolutely shocking player, his mobility is terrible and I can’t wait till he’s gone.
  11. You thought AN was man of the match for the first half, he did one little run and pass the whole half, granted it’s was good but that was his whole contribution for the half, no surprise to me when he got subbed, shocking player
  12. Athe has to take his share of the responsibility, he may have been on the pitch a short time but he was so ineffective it’s unreal, he was put on to hold the ball up but was miles off the pace. monk got the subs wrong big time, I’d love to know why Winnal doesn’t even make the bench, he’s got to be better than Athe, very disappointing 2nd half but praise for an excellent 1st half
  13. Selling the ground is potentially a very good thing should DC one day choose to walk away, this allows the club to be sold at a more reasonable rate and the new owner to be able to purchase the ground at a later stage, we certainly won’t be in a Newcastle position where the price doesn’t reflect the value
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