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  1. Hi 2 x Adult Tickets wanted for Hull, PM me if you have Thanks
  2. Team is Dawson Baker Hutch Lees Pudil Fox Reach Bannan Pelupessy FF Fletch Joao touch and go for the bench made mainly of U23 players
  3. As of yesterday 25k has been sold and they are expecting 30k of the weather is good
  4. Just been to the club shop (because my i ordered two tickets for the rangers match but only one printed off) he didn't know what pile my ticket was in so it took 10 minutes looking for my ticket. Onto my main point... A man of around 60 was behind me in the queue with his 4 year old ish grandson. Whilst i was been served the man tried to buy two tickets for the rangers match. One for him and his grandson the woman asked if he was on the system to which he replied he always buys on the turnstile so the woman said she couldnt serve him. The man said it was a disgrace and angrily walked off saying 'you cant even support your team anymore' the man who was behind him in the queue was around the same age and was once again turned away for two tickets he was also very disgusted. So to conclude wednesday lost about 50 quid and a future fan and i also waited 10 minute for a ticket i had allready had paid for. Surely wednesday can sort this out as its not like the two gentlemen had thick glaswegian accents and one had his grandson. Surely common sense could be used in these cases? Wednesday need to have a word with syp and stop giving into them for a friendly match.
  5. Harry you work at mcdonalds mate. 11,000 season tickets sold for next year.
  6. Yes was with aldridge tonight. Club would lose £3m worth of revenue. Would be in a lot better state than last time we went down and future of club wouldn't be in doubt.
  7. Well we're not a bottom quarter championship one are we?!
  8. The fact that we sit in out own half the 2nd half of every away game?
  9. The fact we could go down? The crap signings who can't pass to feet? The strikers who don't score?
  10. I'd like to see a new signing win as much as Howard does in the air
  11. What an embarassing song. Its like saying we don't deserve to be in championship when really we should be mid table in the premier league. Such a tinpot song.
  12. Safety at football is way too serious. Wednesday has a bit netted off in the west stand just incase the 200 blackburn fans start a riot not to mention the triangle allready as segregation. The club promoted the use of smoke bombs in there season ticket propaganda at the start of the season and are now against it. Run down to front at an away match and a steward poo's himself. Flags that need certificates is the pinacle of this modern health and safety tripe.
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