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  1. Was mostly a joke, surely Middlwood rd training ground is bigger
  2. So they're signing Hector, FF and now Bannan.. What next they're wanting to buy Hillsborough for a training ground, maybe ask Elev8 to produce their new kit..
  3. We should get him fit, a good pre season under Bruce and he'll be the player he once was to take us up.
  4. He needs a pre season under Bruce along with his new medical team hopefully, get fit and playing weekly and there's no reason he cant be the player to build the team around.. Selling him is madness especially to them
  5. He's not had a pre season with Bruce and there's been lots of players out with long term injuries which I think is the fault of the medical team that Bruce has talked of and trying to rectify. I think a fit ff will be huge for our promotion push.
  6. Surely this is a joke.. All them pics he's had taken smiling with young owls fans and knowing it'd be horrible for us to see him there DC and SB would surely not let this happen
  7. Was to blame for 2 pig goals last season. Looked slow and out of his depth
  8. Has Van Aken gone yet, shame about Frederick Nielsen. Thing is wi bringing in defenders from lower league abroad is the pace. Hope he's to replace Lees he looked out of sorts lately
  9. If he likes it here like he says why don't we just buy him ffs, I'm sure DC can afford him. If he's not backing SB why bother bringing him to club to get us promoted. We'll end up fannieing around in typical Wednesday way and he'll go elsewhere.
  10. Thought Hooper looked good when came back, good footballer.
  11. sounds like they're all on beach already, wee wee poor
  12. Plane on way, just seen over ecclesall woods
  13. I got online grief from pigs for talking about flyover, Wilder n Sharpe all being same as fans etc and I got reminded of sackings on Xmas eve and match fixings so don't talk about class, but they were different I guess.
  14. Being vocal and commanding yer defence creates attacks n spreads through team. It's no coincidence since Westwood has been out we look more fragile throughout team
  15. defensive errors ffs. There for taking Preston if just more solid, i wonder if Lees has had his day..
  16. Wouldn't bring Lee on when we down to 10 needing a goal unless..,
  17. We need a settled side with hooper, FF, and especially Westwood. It's not coincidence we've not been as good without Westwood he organises the defence which works through the team
  18. What is it wi pigs, how can they play for that tvvat oh yeh birds of a feather.
  19. And all them points dropped which under Bruce I'm sure we wouldn't have. Makes me nauseous thinking about it
  20. I think we'd have beaten Norwich if Westwood was in goal.. Thats how it was under Jos and how it'd be if he went
  21. Foristieri was class, Messi esque, need to build team around him..
  22. Not for sale. Build team around him. World class.
  23. Shouldn't have took him off. Bad move from Bruce. FF was buzzing, full of life and holding ball up well.. When he went off we were sitting back. As for Joao...
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