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  1. its just passion & frustration & yes ale dunt help
  2. Top of league yet folks complain as if they wait for us to fail so can have a go etc.
  3. Christ, glad we aren't near bottom of league..
  4. Need to include Foristieri in starting line up. I don't think Bully likes him but I think him n Harris would be a great link up.. If only..
  5. Solid German defender.. Guido Buchwald, Karl Heinz Forster, Manny Kalz
  6. want to see Foristieri & Harris combining..
  7. Need Foristieri on.. Supposed to play yer best players at home, imagine the best teams doing that.
  8. plays fox at home and not foristieri at home. End of.. It's where your supposed to be at yer attacking best
  9. Was he saving Foristieri for tonight maybe. The idea of him, Harris etc combining up with a pacey start is exciting
  10. He don't care, even if gets sack after 5 games he's managed his boyhood club, gets paid off and back to Caribbean
  11. I don't know what's up with the guy, does he want to retire and become a poet is summat wrong with his head though he often looks happy off field. He often disappears for sure and looks disinterested but back end of last season he was playing regularly and gaining confidence. Hope he comes back soon he's class.
  12. It's nice to think it'd be like that with players nowadays. Howard n his team were hard as fizz.
  13. It's how yer lose not how yer win, blessing in disguise then eh
  14. Someone's gonna get spanked fir 6 under Bully's attacking philosophy. It's all we've ever wanted aint it. Attacking footy.
  15. If's n buts. Could say a game for FF 2nd half today what with constant pressure or Nuhiu holding it up better in penalty area. If Hutch had stepped up from right back with a screamer Bully would be god
  16. I agree with the between sackings & i think we will get a reaction cos today we've battered them 2nd half and on another day we'd have had 2 or 3.. Playing v 10 men is often harder... As long as they're playing for him & with the talent we had on show today there's no reason why we can't be back up top soon.
  17. Whatever result we've had a reyt go, played some great stuff. A game for FF though in 2nd half.
  18. Whatever result we've had a reyt go, played some great stuff. A game for FF though in 2nd half
  19. On the 'Wednesday sing' fb page, can't post link for some reason
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