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  1. and? If we were crap we'd have been leaving with them but we aren't so we didn't. Some are probably gutted we didn't mess it up.
  2. that over head kick was Shelton/Carbone' esque. They were all outstanding, typical Rhodes goals, i so hope Monk brings him back to his best.
  3. i got owlstalk on and stream and cos there's a delay, i'll know from Owlstalk before i see it ffs, the affect of the Wednesday way
  4. John Pearson going on about not needing another goal and if we don't win this game etc... Shut the fizz up.
  5. Dont Park the bus need more, hopefully Monk has learnt his lesson
  6. Recreate the away atmosphere at Hillsborough. It bounced every game in early 90s
  7. Fletcher felt his hamstring,how we all jump to conclusions in heat of moment.. I think we've been playing some great stuff under Monk, the dressing room is good & that's showing in the team spirit, we look very dangerous at times. He can only pick players on merit so if they then play crap given their chance it's hardly the managers fault.
  8. Terrible subs by Monk, any wonder Bannan looks pist off.
  9. Typical, bad sub that Monk, invited them on.
  10. Funny wi Rhodes cos he made difference v Brentford when came on.. I think he's just jinxed
  11. Hutchinson then was like Quint in Jaws trying to kick shark away
  12. Dutch managers usually seem light weight in their set up.
  13. The run up to the cup finals in early 90s the match atmosphere rocked every game, the kop scarily moved at times the noise never stopped. Atmosphere now is dire, all those seats empty all over ground, folks priced out, SAG crap etc. Today's match felt like a friendly at times.
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