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  1. And Mark Chamberlain, I remember him destroying Villa away, think Chapman scored a few n Megson got sent off..
  2. Carlton palmer marijuana shirt was classic. I recall having an Atkinsons Barmy army shirt and putting a patch on it saying Tricky Trevor lol.
  3. Need another, have we shot our load first half, especially wi Hutch going off.
  4. Ffs Hutch, can't be relying on Pelupessy to be fair unless we outscore teams
  5. Didn't see that int Star, hope we get a new one done asap. ,
  6. Appologise, accidently posted without finishing writing
  7. So glad we didn't do one at beginning of season wi dross in charge. Maybe DC weren't confident in him then after all the issues with leaving Westwood n Hutch etc out so didn't bother doing one. Now is the time to do the squad pic, a confident, happy team. Also I need a few copies for the house n work.
  8. lad Nuhiu been given a chance like others
  9. Ever since Chelsea keeper did what he did they're all kicking off, players ruling the roost with high wages n no respect.. Play for fans n get payed later ffs.
  10. Christ don't do that I thought he'd come on n scored
  11. Police prob reason for low attendance, the gap between North and West was huge with a steward front line at each side,.. Totally needless. Hillsborough holds 39.000 yet 8.000 seats lost. Merseyside derby other night had hardly any segregation and a similar classic stadium had 39.000. Police fault or club?
  12. Ffs they were there for taking tonight. We played like away team at times.. Bannan n Reach had terrible game, if only they were as good as Hutch
  13. It's like he runs in treacle
  14. Christ, I've never heard of half of the pigs .. Turn up Wednesday ffs
  15. Bannan n Reach need to step up.. No Joao, maybe a Matias day
  16. Said Hamstring or is he off n cant be injured
  17. Hold the ball up ffs, have we stopped playing cos ff off? Time for Bannan n Reach to step up.
  18. Christ ffs, what's up wi our injuries jinx.
  19. Get Foristieri involved up front, he holds it up n wins freekicks
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