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  1. especially when players undermining the manager during a game.
  2. going through motions making poor teams look good.. somet stinks
  3. moving Palmer to center half shows what Moore thinks of Iorfa
  4. they just can't be clinical, sometimes yer just know whats gonna happen
  5. yep my thought too & not getting a settled side & a team gelling & by the time they do it's half season gone & yer just above half way
  6. yes it's clear to see there needs to be a leader in defence, Dean back asap
  7. so by third of way though season we start to gel & halfway in table..sounds like last season..
  8. one off strikes can often cover over the ability to work goals & have a method like King n Worthington
  9. probably yeh.. me and a fellow defender in a team had a points chart of how many players we took out with a good sliding tackle, especially in rain n snow
  10. why the heck don't players slide tackle anymore ffs, need to get close & put a foot in instead of just shielding.. it's gone lame nowadays
  11. need to get more ruthless n put teams to bed early, that was last seasons problem hanging on near end and conceding last min
  12. it worries me that bringing in too many players is going to take time to gel & by that time a third of season is gone & we're just above half way.. Gonna miss Peacock Farrell & Luongo. Should've kept is as near as dammit to last seasons starting 11 then we may start wi the form we finished with
  13. hopefully so though he is heavily reliant on..
  14. too reliant on Bannan for creativity & pulling the strings.. If he gets injured there's nowt.
  15. Paolo Roberto Falcao from the1982 Brazil team.. Good player need to keep an eye on him
  16. Looks great, be even nicer with the old new badge. Who's the sponsor?
  17. nearly, yer can't take the young fan out of the old man.. Wouldn't have bothered if it was Trevor Matthewson
  18. i remember when we played Benfica a few years back i met the great Manuel Rui Costa, signed mi programme.
  19. surely in top 5 to keep cos of experience & he's been great albeit a mess up at end. Not a time to rebuild wi younger players, got to get up 1st
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