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  1. I know was Rochdale but Hunt looked mature on the ball & 2 terrific shots, gonna be a reyt star. Kachunga runs well with the ball & good in the air. Reach should've had hat trick & how good a signing is Windass so a quarter each.
  2. Maybe older so flagging when holding on to a lead, we often looked leggy but now younger players, hope we learned as we threw more than 12 pts away in last mins.
  3. Need to put chances away, a reason we conceded so many in last few mins last season. Points we chucked away.
  4. looks a reyt buy and hopefully get best out of Rhodes. Kachunga looked sharp too when he came on.. What no strikers 😜
  5. everyone get behind Monk, new vibrant team with hungry players along with the experienced
  6. fkin disgrace BBC it's still not on just usual suspects including swine
  7. need him big time, unique game changer in last 20 mins
  8. Penney looks quality, gonna be a right player, hope we don't ruin him.. The Jos affect 😁
  9. everything yer see in those pre season videos of training looks encouraging, the new managerial team, young hungry players even Monk got me enthusiastic then the get on the pitch.. Surely they can't do game plan work in training
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