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  1. Got mine too.. It's been to many places in the world with me, Best towel and emblem ever.
  2. Is Owls in Park the 1st time fans get to see it? If so it's disgraceful, getting loads of fans in knowing most will buy it even if its rubbish. Surely there's a way to get to see it before Owls in the park.
  3. Looks like Bielsa fir Leeds n'all, he's a reyt catch, wanted him after cc but hey we got jos naa.
  4. S1Owl

    Hillsborough refurbishment

    A redevelopment of beauty, hope it happens soon.
  5. We got van aken for far more cash who is donkey pants and true liability in championship yet venancio at half a million or so we dither around when it's clear he wants to stay and has passion.
  6. I think Rhodes could score goals under Jos. He's bringing the best out of players by playing them right.
  7. Were Brondby and HJK Helsinki pre-season.
  8. The colours of his managerial career are on show fir all to see. I wonder if the coaching methods he wrote about in his book ever got across to the players he's managed.
  9. S1Owl

    R I P mum and fly high

    Sorry for your loss TINKERBELL
  10. S1Owl

    Fernando Forestieri

    I kinda think he owes us one for putting up with his antics of not wanting to play in that game however that kind of loyalty doesn't often happen. He should take a look at Nuhiu's attitude. He does seem more focused and his celebrations since his recovery from injury seem more committed.
  11. Yeah but who's designing the kit. Hope there's research done in to what fans might like. Hopefully somet like these. The collard one is a thing of beauty.
  12. S1Owl

    Jos: DC got it right.

    Looks like Carlos has shot his load, showing true colors of his managerial history
  13. S1Owl

    Hooper, Fletcher and Lee

    Joao n Nuhiu back ont bench then and Rhodes. They can't all play so who's gonna be happy on bench regularly.