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  1. Rhodes on £35 grand a week yeah.. any wonder he don't look up for it.. comfortable.
  2. if gonna play kick n run yer need players to do it, not the ones Monk brought in for his 352.
  3. that's what i meant, i'd have Kachunga over Paterson or both, need to hold it up top.
  4. i thought direct football meant getting in to strikers quick
  5. Paterson looks like cross between bob carolgees n micky quinn
  6. I recall upstairs on Pinstone Street that smell in the shoe department when buying yer Patrick Stabil or Le Coq Sportif Delta w the big tongue.. Pack of air rifle pellets on way out.
  7. refreshing to see an animated manager for a change. It don't mek yer a good manager but it's what we need after Monks blandness
  8. It starts here wi Pulius fir me, after a defeat it'lll be interesting to see how players react whoever plays, squad game after all. Monk's teams never reacted after bad performances or defeats.
  9. surely putting too much pressure on the players to perform.. there may be some booing..
  10. it's how a team reacts & changes from a loss that judges a manager.. From now he's seen his lot in a competitive game so for me it starts from here.
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