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  1. No he always has that the 3-5-2 is how he wants his teams to play
  2. Moore is pigheaded, won't admit his 3 at the back ain't working but persists with it having said it's how he wants his teams to play. He'll never admit to it being wrong. Even Antonio Conte plays 4 at the back when he thinks it suits & that's more often than not, even with the attacking players at his disposal.
  3. he'll never play 442 which is crazy in this league
  4. couldn't make it up.. Not good enough to play like this away but he's stubborn
  5. it's alright playing this formation but got to take chances, like Barca used to play if you score 3 we'll score 5
  6. if they can't carry on the momentum from last week & take the game to them then there's summat wrong. And if they go a goal down & capitulate then there definitely is.
  7. Luongo has to keep being immense & there's no reason after Plymouth they can't carry on as they left off attacking teams but gotta tighten up at back
  8. Hillsborough is a place of beauty compared to soul less bowls in industrial estates. It's adequate for us as there's teams further up the league with smaller stadiums. At our recent peak in early 90s Hillsborough was awesome and since we're nowhere near that team it's the last of our concerns.
  9. just watched the extended highlight & wow did we play some good stuff against & descent team. I think Mendez-Laing will be a big player for us but they all played well, Luongo & Hunt especially. From now it's whether they can be consistent away and attack teams on their own patch forcing the issue with pace. Said it before & didn't happen so hope it does this time.
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