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  1. it's ok in ways to have a bad pre-season cos don't get carried away and yer learn more from getting beat. There's been many a season where yer have a bad pre-season & go on to do well.
  2. why do people think we had to win this game or even perform well. DM said the game was there to stretch the players against a good team to see how they react giving the ball away & testing their attitude & fitness against good players. These kind of games are essential in pre-season.
  3. Not bad team that, Iorfa for Borner though, i hope he is the same player after his injury cos it's a bad one to have.
  4. Him n Windass up front for me, he's really fast is Greene, could get a lot of goals. Windass too.
  5. Mandaric should step in for not looking after his Owl he handed over. DC making us a laughing stock .
  6. If I could afford it and most players aren't too skint and for the good of the club I would be fine with it.
  7. The players approaching efl is like them stabbing themselves in foot for next season as they'll get points deducted. No players concern for club just care about lining pockets.
  8. I recall his interview about his first team appearance and how the attraction of playing for us has gone down since. Prob been advised that it's a bad place to be if he wants to progress his career cos of stink in air whereas in past players stay and fight to get in team.
  9. Somebody got to show interest in buying the club. I don't see many lining up wi offers and he still owns the ground don't he. If he gets pizt off he'd prob sell to tesco or summat.
  10. seeing on match thread that cardiff scored & earphones wi radio sheffield saying it's a penalty will haunt me forever.. We were safe for 3 seconds ffs then those last 10 mins.. Will need help for PTSD i'm sure in future
  11. Cardiff had equalised & in a second, radio saying Derby getting a penalty.. typical
  12. i recall renewing mi season ticket back in 80's at that wall back of South & then casually wandered in player entrance door, down tunnel, had a run round pitch & back out. Security got to be similar standard now.
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