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  1. Saw this on a Facebook group.. Can't recall this image with chimneys.
  2. Galatasaray v Besiktas at 4pm for a bit of live footy, just drink raki to inoculate and get on wi it.
  3. it say's alcohol is good to thwart the virus so some brut 33 on hands and a few large snifters n all's fine..
  4. Whoever it is to come in they have to be experienced and know the game especially when it comes to building a team basically from scratch getting rid of dead wood and players past their best. We don't want unknowns from Europe or untried, inexperienced managers.
  5. And Bannan comes out saying that it's the players to blame. Nobody knows ffs.
  6. Need someone who knows football inside out because the chairman doesn't so i'd go for Allardyce at the moment, can't keep gambling on low experienced or foreign coaches at this time.. i'd never go for him in past but need experience now.
  7. is it that they aren't playing for Monk his tactics, selections etc cos i don't believe some of these players are this bad so regularly.
  8. why don't the press ask Monk this stuff... Foristieri should never have come off..Da Cruz only stayed on because Monk signed him and would make him look like a crap recruiter of players on loan or via money.
  9. I agree with Monk, we had a game plan, it nearly worked apart from a partial offside goal against a descent team.. From what he's saying i reckon he'd have brought Dave on in last 10 mins at nil nil in game plan.
  10. Yeah agree, He's our best midfield playmaker trying to organise on the pitch cos theres no captain also spending lots of time running back trying to cover the lack of midfield cover we have which ain't his game.
  11. That ball to Fletch.. He looks real hungry too
  12. Well played Hunt. Top player. Not for future for now.
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