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  1. S1Owl


    Wildsmith must be peed off..
  2. I think if they play regularly we win more home and away games against likes of forest and more.
  3. Missing hooper Fernando and hutch, pudil too.
  4. S1Owl

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Just watching Everton match, I like Goodison it's a proper ground just like Hillsborough. 39 thousand in ground and they're a regular prem team.. We can upgrade stadium to 45.000, that's enough, even for Juventus yet we'd keep the history and river/park setting, even Villa upgraded ground n they're in a dodgy area.
  5. Played well today even though there was no midfield at times. Needs Lee alongside wi joey behind.
  6. S1Owl

    Good result..

    Jos knows can't be so reliant on Bannan
  7. We're missing an Abdi type player to create somet. Where's the midfield n Reach
  8. S1Owl

    Any Live Streams Saturday

  9. S1Owl

    Any Live Streams Saturday

    So is there a stream, Swfc Fanzone on Facebook regularly come up trumps last min.
  10. Rodger Milford was quite fair.
  11. At least he knew about the goings on in background, what's this guy know? Would rather have staton n giddings any day.