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  1. Good attempt Matias, if only he played from start wi attacking intent
  2. Matias comes on we create, good on him, work though lad
  3. We've players on park who can pass why the fizz we not doing it.
  4. His obvious game plan is to bring them on if needed but wonder if he'll bring em on at nil nil. That's difference. Would so love to play these wi all players fir.
  5. He can't play Matias n Joao incase they go missing and like playing wi 9..
  6. We don't look as fit or fast.. Game for Joao up front on own
  7. We got players to hurt these if we didn't sit back ffs
  8. Sitting back inviting them on, crying out for Joao.. If he worked hard
  9. Shoulda scored twice there, especially fox
  10. Need to keep the ball.. No midfield at mo. Can't stand them or fans lately need to rub faces in it.
  11. S1Owl

    Sky Build Up

    How come it's on espn when says not.
  12. Like it that Penney can play almost anywhere though. Can't remember game at Hillsborough where he burst through n had a shot. Bit warhurst-ish