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  1. If he can't see the spaces and realise a 30.000 gate weekly would improve atmosphere and performances there's some wrong. However he can be stubborn to admit failings
  2. DC has to find a way of filling more seats without annoying them that've paid in advance. It looked like a testimonial on TV yesterday wi all them empty seats. The more in the ground the better the atmosphere which the players appreciate. Like Wycombe game.
  3. Monks right in his interview, it was just bad luck we didn't get at least 2 in first half. Hitting posts n goal line scrambles, are luck not how team is set up.. I praise Monk for team set up just need to be more clinical
  4. christ. what a joke. He sat a few games out under Jos ffs
  5. what a joke. Remember when Jos didn't play him and everyone wanted him back. He has saved us so many times in the last few games.
  6. All the empty seats, it looks like a wasteland ffs.. Fill the ground DC
  7. christ what a joke... he makes a mistake, did you see his save last week & all the stick Jos got for dropping him. He's vocal, controls the area ff get a grip
  8. mines not that bad.. its only a pain if yerv got other stuff on but beneficial to know the final whistle has blown. Lat week was a nightmare. just click the x's, close the tabs
  9. atdhe showing what a good footballer he is.Game for Fessi this
  10. stream https://www.vipbox.live/sheffield-wed-vs-swansea-1-live
  11. https://www.vipbox.live/sheffield-wed-vs-swansea-1-live
  12. At Blackburn he came on and was just wondering about waiting for ball to come to him & they scored whereas he's capable of moments of class but is s like playing wi 10 men until he does sometimes
  13. How we gonna get best out of Foristieri if don't give him regular starts
  14. FF came on & hardly touched it, can't rely on him to score world class goals each week he needs to work n track back, like being a man down ffs.The reason he never starts.
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