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  1. Like the idea of rotating keepers, no permanent number 1. Dawson a few weeks then Westwood a few weeks or game by game. Keeps them on their toes
  2. maybe i'm mistaken but i'm sure we just released him or someone cos not good enough, sure it was him though.
  3. thought we'd shipped odubajo out cos not good enough
  4. Monk sees he's got a bit of passion so stuck him in tonight. Prob get sent off its the Wednesday way.
  5. Same here in ways. If they play well tonight and win, then even the next match, we could still capitulate in the game after cos we've proved we don't learn. How we can't take the confidence from beating Weeds into the next game, never mind being hammered is beyond me.
  6. Am sure I seen him on twitter with this seasons kit on in front of South
  7. Summat stinks big time. Even though we could've been a few down against Leeds in 1st half we won, similar wi Brighton but I saw no confidence taken from those results from the 1st minute or a positive reaction to going behind..
  8. Zzzz.. You'd think he'd try to have a personality
  9. But of counselling to talk about stuff, addiction etc
  10. Probably although I'd have liked to see how we got on if we went 1 down. That sitter they missed early on.
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