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  1. No, unnecessary goals. Yerv lost before ya start.
  2. after giving unnecessary goals away against a good team yer feel deflated, like weeing in the wind. I think if it was nil nil late in 2nd half we'd have have done em by 2.
  3. His fault tonight 100%, giving away stuff like that leaves his team mates a load to do. I hope they belting him with soap bars in pillow cases like in full metal jacket.
  4. Hope Da Cruz gets a chance, looked good other day, needs match time. Börner injured just saw him in Co-op
  5. maybe some of the senior players were causing a stink & unsettled the team, now they've gone maybe there's more unity in the squad & everyone is pushing in the same direction. Hope so anyways
  6. like with many players, a few good performances & results, the confidence goes up & a spring in their step
  7. weren't they short contract extensions until the end of the season that they refused as opposed to new long term deal lol, like FF is going to get one of them. We need to cut wage bill but just shows they couldn't do that after being furlowed on 30g a week just to help out.. I know there's no loyalty or morals in football anymore so best well rid & they prob don't want to play in league 1 ffs
  8. Monk out Foristieri in, a descent manager wouldn't not play yer most gifted player yet keep Pelupessy.. Sumat stinks big time.
  9. yeah true but summat stinks as to why we only seen the best of him in flashes like at Norwich and hardly hardly gets picked
  10. if injuries then fair enough but if it's cos of bad vibes between him & manager & neither of them want to work for each other then it's a shame..
  11. true, but he's the similar latin temperament and under a descent manager playing consistently he would be our best player i feel yet here he is seemingly on his way
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