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  1. S1Owl

    Morgan Fox

    Penney should be playing. Anyone can see he's a quality player, should be encouraged not demoralised, hope Bruce sees that
  2. It was but being away side it might work better.
  3. I like that at least they're tinkering with stuff to see what suits instead of playing same old every time
  4. Yer learn more from players in defeat, well said Brian Laws.. Blessing in disguise
  5. If the players are not turning up under Agnew it ain't a promising future considering they're all gonna be working wi him when the messiah arrives.
  6. Why don't they want to play for us? Maybe they don't like Agnew and wanted Bullen to stay on.. It happens in the work place if new boss comes in. Hope Bruce has his magic wand at hand cos if results don't improve before he takes over the with coaching staff in charge that will work with them it don't bode well.
  7. S1Owl

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    The players may not like Agnew, they may've preffered Bullen to stay on, this happens in any work place if yer not happy.. If we go on a bad run till Bruce comes in then that's the players alienated n demoralised by the new coaching team they're gonna have to work with. Shoulda kept Bullen on till Bruce started.
  8. Yeah that's a terrible thought, players demoralised with coaches they're hoping to be inspired by.
  9. Shoulda told Bullen to stay as head coach till Bruce starts
  10. Always looks like he's treading water.
  11. Boyd needs to improve cos he looks half fit. Would prefer Joey n Hutch away from home.