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  1. agree yeah i know many points dropped overt season cos of shitness & inconsistency just saying it couldve been 2pts less
  2. conceding that goal v Bristol though..
  3. wonder what DC is doing at mo, hope its sinking in
  4. i recall the Steve Whitton game. That was bad enough
  5. Green is rapid, need to give him ball to stretch them
  6. thats lots of players mentality though now aint it with players who's attitude is that of a high opinion of themselves. They'll have to take a wage cut i expect and settle for mi table championship teams. I recall when Nilsson etc stayed in 1990 when could easily have gone anywhere but different cos we were good then.
  7. at 1.05 & 2.28 they show incredible pace & energy in training.. replicate that in games & we'll stay up
  8. Club who knows the player will be a different player once not going down and desperate to jump ship.
  9. Still don't like the playing out from back. They not good enough and we need to get ball up top as fast as can in times of desperation.
  10. they arent bothered cos they know they'll be elsewhere next season, just going through the motions & if ever they have a good game like v cardiff it benefits them for next club
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