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  1. The performances by the players in friendlies has shown that maybe they don't need a big name to ripple the water. The players must be been pizt off by the Bruce situation and are proving a point, a collective family etc. Not sure how that'd fare in snowy January.
  2. Apart from the contacts thing which is important I'd've though players would be just as annoyed with SB and be more closer unit with LB. Just carry on the training techniques that Bruce did and carry on as normal without the snake.
  3. I reckon the players are as pist off about the Bruce situation as the fans but also seem to want to pull together to show they don't need him and can have just a good season without.. For me, just thinking of Bruce would motivate me to do better now he's gone.
  4. He's played well in pre-season and maturing into a quality player. Not keen on Alice band though.
  5. Looking at the recent friendly displays, the players seem to be like the fans, good riddance to SB and fully behind Lee. Makes us stronger.
  6. Why does a group of players need a big name to progress. Lee is full of passion, loves the club, won stuff wi us and knows the current squad n players. What more do we want as a manager
  7. Meks mi blood boil thinking of the family time we allowed him. If he didn't have that we might've gotten in play offs.
  8. Is he on gardening leave or does he have to be there as manager until DC accepts compo?
  9. Why would they pay it up front then employ someone else.
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