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  1. If all goes well, all 3 men deserve a lot of credit. Megson, mandaric and jones.
  2. Just seen this morning that dave jones has once again being nominated for manager of the month. Although he deserves it, I hope he doesn't get it. Always puts me on edge
  3. Only one problem on a day like sat. All be it a nice problem. There's going to be 10 deep at the bar.
  4. i dont know if its my place to name and shame him. he didnt do it on the forum he posted his number and i texted him. if he is a wednesdayite and is selling his own ticket then he`s a pathetic fan. and if he cant make it due to work etc then he should sell it at face value.
  5. just had a wednesday fan trying to sell me 2 tickets for the game at double the face value. surely this isnt on selling them to fellow owls like that?
  6. Anyone with tickets please let me know for my 3 mates that have been out of town
  7. haha. i imagine none. they where apparently giving tickets away on fargate before the match.
  8. my stupid friends who are students in newcastle. but from sheffield. where naive enough to think theyd be tickets left tomorrow. i myself am thinking though luck but im going to try to get them tickets., if anyone knows of anyone thats selling tickets or any websites that are selling tickets. let me know
  9. as a season ticket holder i will be there. but my wednesday fan mates who are students in newcastle didnt manage to get a ticket. any ideas where i will be able to grab 2?
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