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  1. Don't think it's so much a lack of confidence. More like 80% of the squad not being good enough for the Premier League and having to give up their cushy and overpaid lifestyles
  2. Pink Floyd - Stafford Bingley Hall - 1977 Deep Purple - City Hall - 1971 Vinegar Joe - Black Swan 1972
  3. Doesn't matter who we play up front, we won't score many goals from open play with this uncreated midfield
  4. No matter who we are playing against, we are always second to any loose ball.
  5. Why not let the managers manage without any interference and see how we go on.
  6. Defence is definitely more confident with Westwood behind them.
  7. Way I see it is there is a difference between players who are not good enough, and players who are good enough but don't seem to be trying very hard.
  8. Never going to win unless we score at least 2.
  9. Barnsley,Birmingham or us for 22nd place. Hull and Reading will be OK.
  10. Let the guy in charge of the under 23's take over until a new manager is found
  11. Turbo vpn is completely free and works perfectly on kodi. You can get it from the play store
  12. Too many also know that they won't be here next season if we do go up.
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