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  1. No luck I’m afraid tried everything above just stops working whenever you get on anything to do with ifollow, not to worry I’ll try the iptv thing next
  2. I’m using chrome, have cleared all history, cache etc. But not got the webRTC block, could that be the issue? Cheers
  3. Looking for some help with trying to watch away matches on ifollow (season ticket holder, go to aways when points allow), I used to have a free VPN but that stopped working so have now paid for Avast Secureline VPN which allows me to choose anywhere in the world, yet the wednesday website just says your access is restricted from this location. It’s as if it still knows there’s a VPN (which is kind of the point of a VPN that sites don’t know where you are). Anybody know how to get round this? DM me if you’d rather not put it out on here. TIA WAWAW
  4. Is this a thing then with "the Tap" as 3 of us (all ST holders with loaded tickets) were planning on going in tonight since we have no kids for once? We normally go in the crown and wouldn't want to walk all way to the ground to find out we can't get in. Surely anybody with a swfc ST can go in on a match day!
  5. Is anybody else bemused as to why he's doing all his rehabilitation away from SWFC, I understand him going to a certain doctor/surgeon but surely he should be out running with the team now, especially with the arrival of Jos, surely he wants everyone learning his methods. I keep seeing Instagram pics and vids of him with his training kit on and with the ball so why not at Middlewood? anyone know owt? Or is he just still miles off?
  6. Just watched this and I get the impression that he's talking here with at least some inside knowledge or at least from the Hirst side anyway, he mentions being friends with Hirst snr and states he's not asking for stupid wages. Can't help but think this will only go one way if not resolved very soon. We could be loosing a real talent here, surely there's a middle ground to be found by both sides somewhere??? But once again were left guessing, even the journos closest to the club can't find out what's going on, if it does go sour I really hope it's not the clubs doing
  7. Westwood palmer. Lees. Loovens. Fox Butterfield Lee. Bannan. Reach. Nuhiu. Fletcher. Hunt lost out his head last night and was lucky not to get sent off, we don't get wide men to touch line so don't see an issue in replacing Wallace with Lee, and butterfield barely left our half last night so we need to fill the gap between defense and attack with midfielders not hooper and Rhodes dropping deep, stick 2 big guys up top who can hold up a ball wi
  8. Has anybody else purchased one of these, as mine has a mistake on it, the names on the bottom correspond to the players above and Terry Curran & Fred Spiksley are the wrong way round. I'm hoping mines just a misprint if not its another SWFC retail failure!!!!!!!!
  9. What are best apps for firestick for this please, was going to get it on ifollow as on holiday this week but not on so have to settle for live stream from somewhere
  10. Is this instant when you plug hdmi cable in and select Chanel or do you have to do anything else please?
  11. Yeah that's what I was thinking or vga cable but I'd read it was only available through the app
  12. Has anyone found a decent way of casting to a TV screen or using firestick to log in, I've purchased the match for 2moro whilst on holiday but want to get it onto TV, chrome cast is very jumpy!! Also does it work through a browser on a laptop or does it have to be an app? Any help appreciated
  13. Depends if SAG get involved! Just mean for it to be full for when teams come out that's all!
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