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  1. Does anybody know what he is actually doing with the strikers. Since his arrival they have actually got worse. I would love to actually watch one of his sessions. Thoughts?
  2. Hello Billy black how long does it take for you to reply pal, you ringing a friend for help?
  3. Hector and hutch can both play midfield or defence, along with stobbs, Jaoa, Kirby and Preston to freshen up tired legs in midfield and attack if required. Billy black I suppose you would have picked another two defenders instead of Jaoa or Preston to make a full bench of defenders wouldn't you pal.
  4. Fox shouldn't be anywhere near that squad no. Players that are available and not injured bench would be, wildsmith, pudl as I would have played hector, Hutchinson, stobbs, Kirby, Jaoa, and Preston.
  5. I ain't making an issue of having two goalies I have named them as in the squad numbers
  6. How many do I have to name you pal, ok stobbs I would pick him over fox, last few games he has been playing well and assisted in a few goals
  7. How many goals has fox, baker, thornily, hector, scored then pal? Hutchinson would bring a voice in the team, ok he is a walking liability but he is a better option for me than fox, why do we need him on the bench, if Penney got injured you could move reach bk there to cover left bk. We don't need 4 defenders on a bench
  8. What's wrong with picking Hutchinson or Kirby then to put them on the bench
  9. I ain't making an issue of there being two goalkeepers, read the post the issue is the 8 defenders in the squad, 4 of them being on the bench
  10. Out of a squad of 18 inc both goalies Jos has picked ten defenders. Sorry for a home team looking to win a game of football, why oh why do we need two centre halves and two full bks on the bench, it is beyond me how this manager sets up his squad selection.
  11. For me has got to start as centre half along side tom lees. Loovens is too slow and a liabiliy, van aken at moment is not good enough. I think Sam reads the game better when he is centre half and if he does make a mistake has got the yard of pace to rectify it. In midfield i always have my heart in my mouth when i see him go thundering into a challenge. In defence he seems more assured, with our sunday league defending at the moment i feel that with him at the bk it would help tom lees and make our shaky back 5 a bit more confident as a unit!
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