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  1. Whats happening, finally getting a new screen
  2. https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/english-football/championship/championship-team-by-team-season-preview-2019-20/
  3. I didn't read it. If I wanted to know the odds I'd look on skybet where I can see all managers on 1 page without scrolling for a week, the necessary bit was a joke so proving my point with how many folk it annoyed
  4. Had many conversations with Bob, the best one was him telling me he made a certain sports reporter out of a piece of wood. R.I.P mate
  5. We'll do brill because we've now got king Steve. Onwards and upwards
  6. Hopefully. He's doing a cracking job so far. Might as well join in with the positivity
  7. Realistic. If your happy with recent displays good for you. Our peformances have got worse with our better players back. See how we go when we play a few decent teams. Its ok though Steve's here n we'll now finish top half, bunch of dreamers
  8. The whole defence arguement relates to Westwood organizing them better than Dawson, and being a better goalkeeper. Also Bruce plays that way... too defensive did you see the line up at Millwall. If Jos had been in charge for the last 4 games fans would be booing like hell. Like I've said I hope he does great things here but if we're playing the same way for the rest of the season and begining of next would you be happy giving him 6 transfer windows?? I also don't need to show him any respect.
  9. Losing to a Jos side without our so called better players. Bringing our so called better players back and somehow managing to make us look worse. All the playoffs he's achieved he's inherited very good squads. I want him to be successful here but I very much doubt it.
  10. He's a poor manager and has been for a long time. Don't like been negative but a lot of people on here don't like the truth, unless their been told we're brilliant
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