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  1. He'll probably be back on bench next game
  2. They're so many things you don't understand Mr Chairman.
  3. Its how we roll, any ideas on the next manager Dejphon
  4. His first season as owner, anything that goes wrong hes gonna be the common denominator. He was the messiah not long back
  5. When your the owner aren't you the common denominator in all good things too
  6. I for one will not be buying anymore tuna till he sorts this mess out.
  7. I've seen Wednesday have some bad starts to games but this must be in the top one
  8. You don't have to have a bet to watch it, just need to log in
  9. Love the bit where the commentator says have that you piggy tvvats
  10. Go by current points per games they'll only need another 60 games to get to 7 points
  11. Expect fans to say Arbitration panel have it for us then, only getting 6 points knocked off. After all everyone has it for us
  12. We'll still have those that claim the efl don't like us
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