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  1. I would hazard a guess he'd get more boos than claps should he ever return. Most overrated player I've ever seen in my 40 years as an owl. Glad he's gone
  2. We're favourites to win it with skybet at 5/1
  3. Of course there's bigger things to worry about than football but if it was us in Leeds and West Broms position we'd be spewing
  4. Not the smartest bet, even worse when you could easily have got 14/1
  5. Correct 3 times he's looked across to see where Jesus was then knocks a 30 yard cross in like that, unreal player
  6. People slag him off because he's not a footballer, no he doesn't look like a footballer but he is a footballer and a bloody good one given the physique he has. Atty I love ya and so do many more wednesdayites sorry you've not got the physique of Ronaldo, I blame your dad the lanky chuff
  7. Because football's that horrific it's to put fans out of their misery
  8. Barnsley have the youngest squad, look how dire they are.
  9. If England's top defenders can't play it then why would a mediocre championship defender be able to do it with any consistency. Let the midfielders play the fancy balls and let the defenders defend
  10. Whats happening, finally getting a new screen
  11. https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/english-football/championship/championship-team-by-team-season-preview-2019-20/
  12. I didn't read it. If I wanted to know the odds I'd look on skybet where I can see all managers on 1 page without scrolling for a week, the necessary bit was a joke so proving my point with how many folk it annoyed
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