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  1. Probably same reason as the 3 Argentinians
  2. No we don't we have plenty of individuals that look decent on a good day in a poor league but them days are few and far between We have a very mediocre squad. Expect Belguim to win in a canter
  3. Then sold all their best players to pay off loan. Once all the good players were sold they jumped ship
  4. As I've said before their owners really don't have much money, no searches tell me that Chien Lee is a billionaire. They did a right old trick on the French club they owned, they'll do the same with the dingles given the chance. They failed to take over Falkirk I think it was because they couldn't prove they had the finances
  5. 125/1 to be top scorer in league is a great price. 1/4 odds first 4
  6. You've not got a pot to pee in mate, your owners will eventually bleed your club dry. Billionaires my ars3
  7. Exactly this, for every decent league 1/2 player you sign, you'll sign 6/7 poor ones. Can you guarantee a quality player for your money...no
  8. I would hazard a guess he'd get more boos than claps should he ever return. Most overrated player I've ever seen in my 40 years as an owl. Glad he's gone
  9. We're favourites to win it with skybet at 5/1
  10. Of course there's bigger things to worry about than football but if it was us in Leeds and West Broms position we'd be spewing
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