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  1. thommowl

    penney may be off

    One of the worst performances your likely to see. Would love to see his passing completion stats for tonight and I'm a fan of the lad
  2. thommowl

    Not quite in the top 5 yet.

    Does it show the top 6 in league 1 and 2 out of interest.
  3. thommowl

    Hell of a point

    Not sure about your 3rd and 5th points. Hector makes Loovens look like Iniesta. He's passing was one of the worst I've ever seen
  4. thommowl

    Kieran Lee

    But i got told we built from the back with Joao in attack. We've not built from the back n Joaos not in attack. So on that basis we're very much not going in right direction
  5. thommowl

    Kieran Lee

    People said we need Forestieri back because we're crap Forestieri comes back and we're still crap. Now if we get Hooper back or Lee back and we'll be reyt. Er no we'll still be crap
  6. thommowl

    Joost Van Aken

  7. Don't forget big Dave's like having a new player
  8. thommowl

    nac breda

    Did a few championship teams lose to tin pot german teams in midweek.
  9. thommowl


    We're finally getting Kluivert
  10. thommowl

    Was it Over the Line?

    How was linesman to know never kept up with play all game. Marginally better than the ref though
  11. thommowl

    Joe wildsmith

    If he's not playing in Premiership in next 3 years be with us or someone else I'll be amazed. Absolutely fantastic keeper for one so young
  12. If we get any kind of result tonight Jos is a miracle worker
  13. thommowl

    Chant For Big Dave

  14. thommowl

    Get your bets on now....

    100/1 for promotion that's worth a few quid
  15. thommowl

    'Knows the league'

    So just to clarify to some Pep would be no good because he doesn't know the league.