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  1. I'm 46 and I can't think of more than 10 times that I've thought England played well. You can blame Southgate but when the players are forever unable to make a decent pass or make a decent run.then they're always gonna be overrated. Is every manager that England have had been inept. Maybe just maybe we pay too much attention or believing the Premier league and English players are the dogs bo#÷cks when In actually fact they're really not and most fans need to take the blinkers off.
  2. Agree totally really makes me laugh when you listen to commentators when I team comes back from say 2 nil down and then grab an equalisers in the last minute " that's why it's the best league in the world" like it doesn't happen anywhere else. People instantly believe their drivel. While ever we have top teams with overrated English players we'll always be behind proper winners.
  3. Because he's hot more b4lls than Rhodes
  4. It's even better if you did it against the top 7
  5. He was that good I remember the day he got outdone by Mr Monk
  6. Second daftest, his dad should have shot him into space
  7. Isn't there supposed to be an ambulance on site so if an incident occurred don't they now have to wait until the ambulance is replaced.
  8. Get well soon John Fleck, blade or not its not what you wanna see. Hope he can continue to play
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