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  1. thommowl


    We're finally getting Kluivert
  2. thommowl

    Was it Over the Line?

    How was linesman to know never kept up with play all game. Marginally better than the ref though
  3. thommowl

    Joe wildsmith

    If he's not playing in Premiership in next 3 years be with us or someone else I'll be amazed. Absolutely fantastic keeper for one so young
  4. If we get any kind of result tonight Jos is a miracle worker
  5. thommowl

    Chant For Big Dave

  6. thommowl

    Get your bets on now....

    100/1 for promotion that's worth a few quid
  7. thommowl

    'Knows the league'

    So just to clarify to some Pep would be no good because he doesn't know the league.
  8. I don't get this "rather have someone that knows the league" the championship is changing and progressing all the time what is it he needs to KNOW
  9. If Swansea offered anything close to 4 million I'd ****** their hand off and do they really need a player that runs round in circles for 90 mins. There's load of players out there better than BB the love for him on here is heart warming though
  10. thommowl

    Almen Abdi

    Abdi had the problem he wants to look at getting the ball forward under Carlos he had little to no chance.
  11. thommowl

    Next manager odds

    If you'd done your research you'd know there's not a manager in that bloke. Let's get him because he has a point to prove. You mean like 95% of managers
  12. I have heard him and I'm sick of hearing him spout drivel. Apparently we were going to be more attacking. He never said anything about going behind before we started been more attacking.
  13. With 21 points up for grabs against the bottom 7 teams you'd expect a healthy points return say 12-15 points been realistic. We got 4 points I'd have a guess that every single team including those in the bottom 7 get more than 4 points.