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  1. I have heard him and I'm sick of hearing him spout drivel. Apparently we were going to be more attacking. He never said anything about going behind before we started been more attacking.
  2. With 21 points up for grabs against the bottom 7 teams you'd expect a healthy points return say 12-15 points been realistic. We got 4 points I'd have a guess that every single team including those in the bottom 7 get more than 4 points.
  3. Impossible to believe we have only picked up 4 points out of 21 against the bottom 7 teams in what is probably the most average championship since we got promoted. We've beat none of them that in itself it a joke. Carlos do us all a favour ffs
  4. Bannan

    Problem is he's playing 10/15 yards too deep causing barely any problems for opposition although that's not his fault
  5. Stopped reading at mesmerising skills
  6. Fernando Forristieri injury

    I think the Winnall and Forestieri training ground bust up led to Winnalls departure Same as it will for Fernando, basically doing what they did to mcguigan by not playing him again until he's sold. I was led to believe they both had 2 game bans imposed by the club but not at the time as not to leave our options limited with Fletcher not been 100 %. Winnall found a club Fernando didn't and the reason he didn't may have been because he was injured but I don't believe that was the reason.
  7. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Exactly this. People still think man landed on the moon. Don't believe every you read or hear
  8. Still got my no.9 Hirst Wednesday legend t-shirt
  9. Under 23s today....

    Mark Smith's son. Great young defender but we won't give him a new contract. Marks going mental

    Original went for £8250
  11. FF and JR

    If we played to our strengths we wouldn't need to worry about FFP. We also wouldn't need a centre back
  12. Probably because of cricket
  13. Joao to Wolves???

    When you say unorthodox you mean he's got no idea what he's doing
  14. Joao to Wolves???

    Maybe but my take on it is if he's not good enough for Blackburn he sure as hell ain't good enough for us. You have seen him play haven't you??