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  1. Unless he wants ten bob and a conker a week he won't be sat waiting. They can't afford to get rid of Schopp either.
  2. Said all along they'll struggle this year lost their manager and best players. But the biggest loss for them was the substitution rule which was in place last year, which to their credit they exploited brilliantly, playing the high press all game forwards and midfielders running their knackers off for 60 mins then all getting replaced like for like. This season with substitution and a different manager that was never gonna happen. They haven't scored in open play in 9 games and their crooks for owners are taking them for mugs, But I'm enjoying it.
  3. In your opinion, if Hillsborough is Wembley to a lot of team whats does that make The Stadium of Light, where Sunderland have yet to lose. Maybe just maybe the team is not good enough just like DM
  4. Said Barnsley would struggle once they couldn't make 5 changes a game to the high press they played last season. Long season ahead for the dingles
  5. Are you trying to buy 1 for the executive boxes, if so they've all sold out.
  6. Can't wait for him to take pen and free kick duties, he'll be taking free kick duties off someone who's head and shoulders above him in that respect. That could be part of Uniteds downfall in signing him. Although his heading ability it the best I've ever known.
  7. You still babbling on, jeepers you don't like your opinion been wrong do you.
  8. No you said Ronaldo was coming to England for a challenge if he joined City. A teams thats already the best in England. I was correcting you if you thought that was a challenge
  9. congratulations you've finally put what you meant. Oh and maybe they signed Messi to win the league. Something they failed to do last year even though its less challenging.
  10. You were comparing Ronaldo going to city for a Challenge with Messi going to PSG for an easy life, Surely Messi is going for the challenge of winning the league. Or would it not be a challenge for Messi because that doesn't suit your argument
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