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  1. Barnsley have the youngest squad, look how dire they are.
  2. If England's top defenders can't play it then why would a mediocre championship defender be able to do it with any consistency. Let the midfielders play the fancy balls and let the defenders defend
  3. Whats happening, finally getting a new screen
  4. https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/english-football/championship/championship-team-by-team-season-preview-2019-20/
  5. I didn't read it. If I wanted to know the odds I'd look on skybet where I can see all managers on 1 page without scrolling for a week, the necessary bit was a joke so proving my point with how many folk it annoyed
  6. Had many conversations with Bob, the best one was him telling me he made a certain sports reporter out of a piece of wood. R.I.P mate
  7. We'll do brill because we've now got king Steve. Onwards and upwards
  8. Hopefully. He's doing a cracking job so far. Might as well join in with the positivity
  9. Realistic. If your happy with recent displays good for you. Our peformances have got worse with our better players back. See how we go when we play a few decent teams. Its ok though Steve's here n we'll now finish top half, bunch of dreamers
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