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  1. I agree but we don't have players that can run hard for 10 mins nevermind 60.
  2. On another note, as I've said before Barnsley and credit too them are taking full advantage of the extra subs, their attacking midfielders and strikers run their knackers off for an hour and are all replaced for similar. If/when the rule goes back to 3 subs they will struggle immensely.
  3. He is an international, played against England and gave a penalty away
  4. There's about 6 Derby players playing Rhodes onside, are you drunk
  5. One saw him try to tackle scrambled egg on toast. The egg and toast came out on top
  6. They let Harris take it as he's the only one that's been paid this month
  7. Have you got one for city sauna lined up yet
  8. Just overtaking Andre Greens performance in the same game as he played more minutes
  9. No i don't. I don't give 2 hoots about how someone else rated him. He's in the championship, he and no other player would be playing in the championship if they were brilliant. Does playing 3 decent balls in the Cardiff game equate to a brilliant performance, its that your used to his awful performances so when he has a decent game it gets exaggerated
  10. yes mate still gave the ball away numerous times, was good but definitely not brilliant
  11. Seen as you've said he's brilliant definitely removes your opinion on the matter, I don't know anyone who thinks he's brilliant or ever thought he's been brilliant. In fact he's never been brilliant in a single game. Oh and he does has his off days does he.
  12. The 2nd most over rated player in the last 20 year just beaten by Fessi
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