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  1. You can have this tin that's just come through our window.
  2. Theakstons OP, Batemans Victory Ale (I bought it before the result, in the hope....) and McEwans Champion Ale. In that order. Cheers.
  3. I also like to think that we can still relate to the stars and grafters in our current team, and that we are not just wallowing in past memories. I will always support any Wednesday team that runs out on to the Hillsborough turf. Or anywhere else for that matter!
  4. I remember those players well, A12, I'd have to put Redfern Froggatt, Norman Curtis, and big John Ritchie in there also as ones that stand out in my memory.
  5. Great photo Neil - another one for the Hillsborough portfolio?
  6. Got mine today in Drakehouse car park. A brown paper bag changed hands. Block 242.
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