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  1. That dog's scared of it's own shadow. Lovely animal though.
  2. Not renewed for the first time in 15 years. Got erno junior on the way so need the cash, but to be honest, I was happy to have an excuse to drop out for a bit. Fickle, but if we have a good season and look like doing something, then I'll probably get one for the second half. Chances are I'll go to a handful of games while we struggle though.
  3. Happy with that, like Weaver. We share enthusiasm and average ability. Although, Maus is about the Holocaust - so I'd avoid it as a bed time story for a young un.
  4. Great thread PPX Maus - Art spiegelman Is this it - The strokes 28 Grilled mackerel, steamed samphire and a fancy splat of horseradish sauce. With a g&t in the garden. And some blackberries nicked off the brambles next door for pud.
  5. I'd be very surprised if Best takes a wage drop to move. I doubt many footballers would.
  6. I couldn't take my bottle of pop in last season to have with my pork sarny. Because I 'might throw it at someone'. Surely a tuba hurts more than a tango (unless it's the fat one being thrown)? Ban the band!!
  7. Touching gesture. Will the team be wearing black leather armbands out of respect?
  8. I read that they put adverts out in NY6 (like the sixer but in New York) calling all Ramones to a try out for the band??
  9. Bizzare how they are all called Ramone, but aren't related. Must have been fate. RIP
  10. I love some of the crap agents come out with at this time of year. Jan Vertonghen's ... "Several teams are interested in Jan. I cannot confirm or deny whether Barcelona are one of them."
  11. Seems an odd tweet for someone who retweets only stuff from 'official sources'. Not that I am in any way arsed.
  12. Apart from when he tweets about Bony having a double leg break of course?
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