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  1. When our Jane posted his national insurance card, passport and Visa to facebook, I did think it was a bit much.
  2. A friend of a family member of mine found this at the weekend (they were supporting the wrong team unfortunately, but you can't choose your family, eh). If anyone knows Mr Bird, let drop me a DM and I'll pass on the info of the person who has it. Cheers!
  3. To be fair, I could hear them loud and clear at Wembley the other night for the England match ... had to mute it after about 5 mins of the great escape.
  4. Hutch to come from the ranks as a leader of men in our journey to the championship. Could be a big year for him IMO.
  5. The atmosphere at Wembley had diddly squat to do with the tooters and parpers. Had no idea they were there my self.
  6. Anything involving James Cordon should be struck from the archives. The Welsh are winning this one for me, plinky plonk or whatever its called.
  7. Kivo, have you tried hypnotherapy? Changed my life, having been (albeit to a much lesser degree) in a similar state. Good luck to all with ailments tomorrow, bounce away your boo boo's!
  8. christ, don't think I can uncringe my face from that
  9. This could be good. Think I'll put one together my self and be quiz master. Rest of you can go F yourselves
  10. Does anyone have one I could get sent my way to print out for the journey down? I want to play as well so one with the questions on one sheet and answers on another. I'll scrunch my eyes when I send it to print or cheat
  11. I was a 606er, liked it there. It saddens me that the money saved by shutting that down went towards Ian Wright and his 'fawts' on the radio version.
  12. Trying to join not606 to troll them. It's not sending my my confirmation email (I cant post yet) and its last facebook post was 2011. Even their forum is tinpot.
  13. If we play at our best, no one would cruise it. Let alone Hull flipping city.
  14. if you cant sell them in your own end ... flog them in the away end. Hull logic.
  15. They're not happy "If you're succesful, you could pass them on to city fans, or sell them outside Wembley for 4 or 5 times the price. Whatever you wish." http://www.not606.com/threads/pigs-extra-tickets-ballot.330039/
  16. You're all jinxing it and if we lose it's all your fault. Scabs.
  17. Cheers, Whitechapel. Can't get much work done due to excitement, OT is the right place to burn time this week
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