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  1. genuinly cannot believe people are slagging CC off for this tweet?? think it shows a bit of class and it also shows he's still in love with the Owls. think some fans have short memories first two seasons under CC was the best we've seen in 20 years
  2. cheers pal, would be lovely for City to lend us David Silva for a season while we go through this tough time
  3. it's been a crap week for Wednesdayites but if we were to appoint Chris Hughton then it would soften the blow and I think there would be a massive buzz around Hillsborough. when you look at the managers favorite to take over he's definitely one of the best options imo
  4. i don't think for one second DC will have gone ahead with the sale of the stadium without getting advise from the EFL first. DC has said on numerous occasions at fans forums that he works closely with the EFL to come up with more ways of getting money into the club.
  5. agreed it would still be the best outcome mainly because we could end up with anyone, could appoint a random foreign manager we've never heard of again, last time we did that it didn't end well. think some fans will still give him stick and probably want him sacked if we don't get off to a good start
  6. what ever happens it needs to happen quickly, if he's wanting to stay we need a club statement immediately, if he's going to Newcastle he needs to sign asap so we can get on with appointing a new manager
  7. agreed, this is 100% not DC's fault, its completely out of his control
  8. i'll be gutted if he leaves specially with it being so close to the start of the season, we could soften the blow with appointing either Jokanovic or Hughton, but with our previous managerial appointments I very much doubt we'd get either of them
  9. Don't think pre season games count, could be wrong but im 99% sure its league and cup games
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