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  1. personally think Jos should be given a chance, let him do his work pre season, bring some players in and get rid of players he thinks arent good enough/too injury prone and see what he can do. slight issue is i think a lot of fans wont have patience with him just like CC this season, a bad start and fans will be calling for him to be sacked. both excited and anxious for next season but im definitely looking forward to this one finishing
  2. Kieran Westwood

    Best Goalkeeper we have, best Goalkeeper in Football league
  3. thats what im worried about, we will have fans tweeting abuse to his wife again
  4. but he also said this “I feel sad because I have missed the whole season but now I want to focus on the present and future here in Sheffield,”
  5. 0-1 England tango with a late goal
  6. Adam Reach Interview

    great lad great player, not much to be positive about this season but he’s definitely been a massive positive and has become one of our key players imo
  7. Adam Reach

    Reach has become one of our best players! He’s been class in the centre of the field with the free role and I can only see him getting better when some of our key players returning from injury
  8. He’s been a brilliant player for us, i was so happy for him when he scored his first goal against Newcastle, and what a result that turned out to be. Massive shame his career at Wednesday is coming to an end but I will always remember him as being a solid defender for us
  9. As per title, was meant to be working today but I’ve now got it off, would be amazing if I could get a ticket, obviously they’ve stopped selling them at club shop so this is my only way of possibly getting one. WAWAW
  10. can you still purchase tickets for this game? I'm unable to find a link on website to buy tickets
  11. Next season

    After this seasons shambles would you settle for a mid table finish next season?