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  1. Think the team that started against Reading deserve to start against Stoke, If jos is to make a change I think maybe swap nuhiu for Fletcher. with FF out for 3 games we should bring Onomah on in second half like we have been doing with Forestieri
  2. Top man Chansiri, you listened to the fans and acted swiftly, hopefully this is a sign of things to come.
  3. GEE

    Always get emotional

    it was at this moment United knew they f**ked up
  4. I’m slightly worried for today
  5. GEE

    Really Disappointed

    This is why it’s so frustrating, I know many elderly people that listen to it because they can’t make the games, I love to listen to it In the car when I can’t make the games. This is a massive mistake in my opinion, I think a lot of the questions on Monday night at the fans forum will be regarding this and less questions about our more important issues.
  6. I'm trying to stay positive, if you look at the back end of last season we were beating teams home and away, we managed to win around 20 points in the last 10 games, some of the teams were at the top end of the league, aslo drawing away to top of the league Wolves. We have pretty much the same team as we did then but a few key players have returned from injury (Vanencio & Hunt leaving and not being replaced is my main concern) Pundits, bookies & journalists have written us off mainly because we haven't freshened up the squad and where we finished in the league last season but forgetting we had a really strong end to season, i think we could just surprise a few people and have a decent season. WAWAW!
  7. remember the season our biggest signing of the summer was Jay Bothroyd? think that was worse than this summer
  8. think the only thing that will calm the angry middle aged men down is a win at Wigan, dread to think what it will be like if we lose
  9. yep and so would i, nothing better than being at Hillsborough, unfortunately people will choose to stay at home in the colder months specially the people that arent season ticket holders
  10. i dont agree with this, it will massively affect attendances, atmosphere at midweek games will be non existent. people will choose the warm comfy sofa instead of the freezing cold cop on a tuesday night, i think season ticket holders will choose to watch it at home at times.
  11. did the Supercomputer predict Huddersfield to win promotion? & Sunderland to get relegated?
  12. haha yep thats all it takes, dont really like the guy but you get more info out of him than you do from the Star journalists