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  1. My Anxiety levels have breached, not excited in the slightest, the thought of losing is vile but IF we do manage to win then im sure that feeling in the pub afterwards while im sipping a nice cold pint will be perfect!
  2. Brentford tonight

    those stats show Brentford aren't very good at shooting
  3. Just got back

    Makes me even more proud to be an Owl, club has had a bit of stick recently but they've made a massive effort these last few days, that Dream Scene is immense, I bloody love this club!!
  4. Jacob Butterfield

    Exactly! Derby fans aren't exactly going to paint a pretty picture of him, if it was the other way round and Bannan left for Derby yesterday i could guarantee most of our fans would say he's useless, some fans still think Bannan should be dropped which is mental!! the only way to tell if he's a good signing is to see him play, who knows he might have been fed up at derby and this move could bring out the best of him, don't understand all the negativity when we haven't even seen him play in a wednesday shirt yet, Could end up being a key player for us this season

    Have we signed Messi yet??
  6. i reckon Fulham will now push for Forestieri, and might have to pay a bit more than they would liked now Jota has gone to Birmingham

    Sunderland have tried to get Jordan Rhodes on loan, club have said no Source Alan Nixon
  8. Alan Judge

    Signed a new contract for Brentford
  9. The warm breeze of positivity

    im pretty sure positivity is against Owlstalk rules