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  1. GEE

    Serious Candidates?

    has he really got parkinson's? thats awful wish the best of that man
  2. GEE

    Mark Hughes

    please no
  3. GEE

    How to remove Jos

    i know a man who can get rid of people
  4. GEE


    Unfortunately Jos will still be Wednesday manager at Xmas
  5. we've got Liam Palmer he smokes marijuana nah nah nah ohh
  6. give it giggsy till end of season
  7. Think the team that started against Reading deserve to start against Stoke, If jos is to make a change I think maybe swap nuhiu for Fletcher. with FF out for 3 games we should bring Onomah on in second half like we have been doing with Forestieri
  8. Top man Chansiri, you listened to the fans and acted swiftly, hopefully this is a sign of things to come.