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  1. yeah he left ages ago, new Forest owner is Evangelos Marinakis, Google him there's some interesting articles
  2. fingers crossed! i think we would witness the biggest meltdown in Owlstalk history if the club mess up on the kits again. we need a positive start to the season, as daft as it sounds getting pre season and kits right will benefit the team, positivity and negativity feeds through to the team, lets get everything right this summer.
  3. Not Wednesday related but Forest could be a team to worry about next season
  4. GEE

    jack cork?

    its a wind up, fake account set up on twitter
  5. im putting my money on England to win the world cup, Nuhiu to score the winning goal
  6. GEE


    Hopefully that won’t be the case with Jos, he seemed to get the best out of Nuhiu, Joao & Vanencio who under Carlos either barely got a game or weren’t very affective when playing, Reach also played some of his best football under Jos, fingers crossed he understands our players and there strengths more than Carlos and previous managers did.
  7. These types of signings always excite me, you never know what to expect, Benfica are a big club too. I just want us to bloody sign someone so we have bit more to talk about, close season is very long and boring
  8. GEE


    Unfortunately Once it’s on the internet it can never be fully deleted, the original post might have disappeared but that picture will have been screenshotted, posted on several forums and social media sites.
  9. GEE


    Genuinely one of the nicest Wednesday fans I’ve spoken too, doesn’t deserve this at all.
  10. Both I think, Joao alone is worth more than that