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  1. i honestly would like to see a change in management, we need some fresh ideas and get some confidence into these players but i dont even think losing the next two games would change anything, i think CC will be our manager for rest of the season regardless of how we are doing
  2. wow! i would never hope for Wednesday to lose, NEVER! thats absolutely ridiculous
  3. Exactly to what extent are Doyen Sports involved in our clubs targeting of transfers?
  4. Doyen

    cheers mate
  5. i keep seeing the name Doyan pop up on Twitter and Owlstalk and appears people seem to be a little concerned, can someone shed a little light on this please? where has this name come from and why are fans worried? sorry if there is another thread for this but i couldnt find one
  6. born in 1988 first game 1995 Sheff Wed 1 - 7 Nottingham Forrest
  7. No chance this fixture will sell out
  8. Bannan

    why not biggest fan? he's by far the best player we have
  9. I don't think I'd be too disappointed to lose to Birmingham if we were to win against Blades and Leeds, anything less than 6 points would be a disappointing week
  10. bringing the Yorkshire pudding wrap to hillsborough would be bigger than signing Jordan Rhodes, it would be MASSIVE
  11. i would 100% love to see this at Hillsborough
  12. My Anxiety levels have breached, not excited in the slightest, the thought of losing is vile but IF we do manage to win then im sure that feeling in the pub afterwards while im sipping a nice cold pint will be perfect!
  13. Brentford tonight

    those stats show Brentford aren't very good at shooting