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  1. watty

    I just go

    Of course we do , we have different opinions on players , managers , kits ticket prices etc , but I've gone with dozens of the same people for many years and the thing we've all got in common is we love Sheffield Wednesday no more no less .
  2. watty

    I just go

    Well said pal it's in the blood , season ticket holder since 1972 , as long as I'm fit and able I'll be there I'm fortunate to go with lots of like minded people , WTID.
  3. Fact my arse pal let's stop moaning about whether it's fair or not let's go up to Sunderland beat them then worry about Sunday , that is 100% fact .
  4. End of the day mate that's the hand we've been dealt , without moaning whether it's fair or not we may as well go out and try to win every game we've got a big enough squad to juggle the starting 11 to do that .
  5. No mate but let's stop making excuses before a ball gets kicked , we're playing a side in league one , not fkin Man City .
  6. No idea what to say about that , because I've no idea what your on about .
  7. What a load of rubbish , it's a really sad state of affairs when a club and I mean any club with 20 plus first team squad players can't play 3 games a week , it's like we're making excuses before a ball is kicked , typical of sections of the whinging society we live in today .
  8. All this rubbish about recovery time does my head in , I'm working at 6 Thursday morning , off to the match at 1.30 will get back early hours Friday then back at work at 6 again , no complaints about recovery time , the players are so called trained athletes stop complaining and let him get on with what their paid very well to do FFS .
  9. watty


    He was excellent today , obviously the missed chances cloud people's judgement but that doesn't change the fact he was very good .
  10. watty

    More positives from #SWFC

    Especially when we play the pigs .
  11. The division is much tougher this year than last , lots of clubs seem to be really going for it this time , with that in mind and our current lack of transfer business and ongoing injury problems I'm tipping we won't be promoted before Easter , bit disappointing really as I was hoping we would really smash it this year .
  12. Really pleased for him , great service for us , will be celebrating promotion at the end of the season with the mackems .
  13. watty


    Tell the mini pig to fk off and worry about all the hammerings they're going to get this season .
  14. I've also been told loads of things but most of it was rubbish as well .