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  1. Too right , 1100 sold plus pay on the day is a fantastic support well done to everyone going down .
  2. The mind boggles it was Bristol effin City not Manchester City get a grip Ross lad .
  3. RIP Owls fan Leslie Martin

    R.I.P. Leslie very sad news .
  4. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    For anyone wanting entertaining attacking football Tony Pulis is not the answer , let's be careful what we wish for .
  5. Setting off shortly , meet up with Rotherham Owls in Dalton ( top lads n lasses ) , good beer , good laugh , followed by a good win , happy days .
  6. 25990 including 1500 from Bristol who will be gutted at seeing their lot beaten by 3 clear goals .
  7. Of course we need to locate preferably where the majority of our most passionate fans reside , Rotherham , Doncaster or Barnsley .
  8. I should think there will be more than Leicester looking to snap up one of the potentially brightest young prospects in the country , it's a no brainer really , if he progresses and makes the grade they are getting a multi million pound asset , if he doesn't and it's possible , they will ship him out to lower league team and still probably be quids in , FFS Wednesday and young George sort it out sign the contract prove you're fit to lace you're dads boots and in a few years time if Wednesday can't offer the things you want move on with everyone's blessing .
  9. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    What a goal , what a player no wonder the mancs wanted to buy him .
  10. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Some absolute belters mentioned already , Harkes , di Piedi times 2 , any goal against the pigs , but one that always sticks out in my mind was Gary Shelton's at Newcastle , fantastic goal right in front of thousands of Wednesdayites and it certainly peed off the Geordie's , happy days .
  11. Not trying to defend his scoring record which is clearly not good enough for a striker , but still think the lad gives it his all , and in no way shape or form should he be subjected to some of the rubbish certain fans throw his way either on social media or when he's on the pitch .
  12. Well done big lad , always gives his best whenever he's given an opportunity always 100% , never going to get any credit from some Wednesday fans no matter what he does , we always seem to need a whipping boy be it players manager or fellow fans , unbelievable .
  13. 5 days till Bristol

    As well as they have started we are at home against a side we could and should beat comfortabley if we have any real expectations of finishing in the top 2 , we need whoever plays to start fast and get at em from the off , if we do we will be fine 3-0 to the lads , happy days .
  14. The situation as it stands is either the club , young George or preferably both should come out and clarify what is actually happening and why , both the club and the player are getting some stick , but until the fans know the truth it's impossible to make a judgement , just think it is very sad that the lad is looking like his future whatever that brings him lies elsewhere . Genuinely hope something can be sorted and he's given the chance to realize his potential for us .
  15. One of our all time greats , made it look really easy , and probably the scorer of our most famous goal , certainly in living memory , good luck to him in whatever he does in the future should always be welcome at Hillsborough .