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  1. Can't agree with that mate , I hate dirty Leeds with a passion but their away support is second to none certainly in this league and in my opinion on a par with any club in the premier league as well . Excellent support today from Villa but so it should be they are still pushing for automatic promotion , it will do em no good at all though today 3-1 to the Wednesday. .
  2. Pigs win anyone??

    Cmon Hull smash the DRAWB
  3. Fantastic player big part of the best Wednesday side in living memory hope he does really well for them .
  4. Millwall pubs

    Was there that night first of many visits to millwall , old and new ground , by far the worst one , can only wonder what would have happened if we'd have won .
  5. Maybe he just wants to help as many people as possible to see the game , even if he loses a few quid .
  6. Great offer by the club , irrespective of actual prices for the rest of he season this should result in a bigger than usual attendance , hopefully it will not be the last time offers are made , will definitely add extra numbers on our coach .
  7. Big Ron got loads of grief when he came back with Villa first game of the season after he walked out of the club , rightly so as well .
  8. Fantastic that , was looking forward to the game before reading it , absolutely buzzing now , setting off in ten minutes to meet Rotherham Owls for brekkie and lots of Guinness , UTO .
  9. Hope he's back sooner rather than later great player when he plays well the team tend to play well .
  10. Swansea tickets..

    Think there will be a lot of POTD punters Saturday , well at least one anyway as I've not got my ticket yet .
  11. Pelupessy

    We've signed a very good player will only get better .
  12. Derby tho

    What a poo support tonight , chance to go back into top two if they'd won , think their fans know they are going nowhere with that squad .