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  1. watty

    Ball boy kop/North corner.

    Said the same thing last night , he definitely deserved at least 9 out of 10 , slowed it down every time it went out of play , other ball boys /girls should do the same when we're in front .
  2. watty

    Tonight's Attendance

    Not too bad a crowd , as stated the Sky coverage will affect not only us but most other clubs in the Championship as well , also thought atmosphere was quite good last night , well done the team and the , more of the same on Saturday. .
  3. watty

    Bazza Was Immense Tonight

    Best player at the club certainly the most important , he plays well the team plays well , keep it going wee man .
  4. watty

    Liam Palmer

    Well done Liam Palmer great performance tonight .
  5. watty

    Man Of The Match

    Fletcher for me keep him fit first choice striker for me , but Bannan , Palmer and Adam Reach were very good. , saying that well done to all of em especially the young uns .
  6. watty

    Toxic to support

    Well Manc as we say in Yorkshire bugger off then you won't be missed owd wee wee tail .
  7. The season is two weeks old we've two winnable home games so of course we're going , and if poo happens and we don't win em both we'll still be at the Wolves game it's called supporting the fkin team .
  8. watty

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    There are always tickets available for away games .
  9. watty

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    Probably a combination of a number of things , certainly those 2 plus as most would agree you can't beat a good away day .
  10. watty

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    Good point mate , but I know loads of fans who go to loads of away games but hardly ever go to home games anymore , so to be fair they contribute jack to the club .
  11. watty

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    Definitely not Neil but fans negativity , accepting and expecting defeat before a ball is kicked is not doing any good either , the only thing we can do is turn up whenever possible and support the team , at the end of the day the season is two weeks old , long long way to go yet .
  12. watty

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    After a game and with hindsight by all means express an opinion , obviously we are all experts after the event , but the truth is some of the posts prior to matches are rubbish , and for people to be already saying we are doomed and nailed on to go down is just pathetic , yes we've started poo yes DC has made some shocking PR decisions , Jos has made mistakes , but let's get behind the team and maybe just maybe we can turn things around starting Wednesday night .
  13. watty

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    It was Luton at home , think it finished 4-2 .
  14. watty

    Wolves League Cup 1976

    Went down to this game only just left school it was very dodgy , their fans certainly weren't happy , trouble before during and after the match , great win though .
  15. watty

    I just go

    Of course we do , we have different opinions on players , managers , kits ticket prices etc , but I've gone with dozens of the same people for many years and the thing we've all got in common is we love Sheffield Wednesday no more no less .