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  1. watty

    Ross wallace

    If Ross leaves , good luck to him wherever he ends up , always gave 100% , some fantastic performances and superb goals , the one at craven cottage is up there with the best goals in recent times .
  2. It's time to cut the lad a bit of slack , I would've loved him to play for us and be successful for years to come , but his head has obviously been turned and for whatever reason he's not going to do that , wether he is a success somewhere else or not only time will tell , but good luck to him for the future , we are going up next year with or without him .
  3. Main one being you're crap .
  4. Sure he made a few mistakes but for me an absolute Wednesday legend , some of the most exciting times watching the Owls were while he was manager , great players playing fantastic football , also made a big contribution as a player even though he was 36/37 when he signed , must have been some player in his prime . Happy Birthday Trevor always welcome at S6 .
  5. It sure is , and congratulations to Accrington , brilliant achievement by them and good luck to em next season .
  6. watty

    Bottom Three

    Just thought as he's definitely no future at wolves just maybe he'd be worth a punt , smart arse .
  7. watty

    Bottom Three

    Ben Marshall has been outstanding for Millwall anybody know owt about him .
  8. watty


    You must have goosed some very strange women .
  9. watty

    #SWFC Fun Day Today!

    Nowt wrong with Edlo , some cracking Northern Soul nights in the miners welfare .
  10. I hate Leeds with a passion , but they are and have been Yorkshire's biggest club for years , Wednesday are a clear second the rest much of a muchness , down to Donny who are at the bottom which is funny after John Ryan's comments a few years ago about them and Barnsley being potentially bigger than the two Sheffield clubs .
  11. It was 3-0 when I got in , what I saw after that we more than matched QPR , by no means was it a terrible display , some of the players who started will be no where near the starting 11 next year , maybe Jos was experimenting , maybe he was forced into the team selection who knows , but we will be stronger and better next season no doubt about it .
  12. He was our best player by a mile last night , worked hard and always a threat .
  13. watty

    Forget big mick

    Hopefully you're right .
  14. We paid a tenner , still poo though .