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  1. He's just not very good. Never understood the love for him. Not earned it in my view
  2. I've got one adult (30 quid) spare. Getting train at 12 or can meet at ground/in Derby
  3. He's involved at Palace in some capacity.
  4. I'm same, 1 adult ticket but won't be certain till about 10.30 ish. I'm not setting off till about 12.00 train.
  5. It's bonkers and selfish. The home side should take into account the travel problems for the away side. Committed Wednesdayites will travel whatever but Bristol City are potentially putting lives at risk aren't they?
  6. Football has evolved so much that 90% can't read the formation anyway. I include myself in that before anybody pipes up. Comments on seeing team sheet evidence this as do those at the match.
  7. I've got 730. My son has 820 and he's got his. He could do with a driver though!
  8. As per title.Can no longer go. One adult and one U18 Pick up from S6 Pm me with interest.
  9. Sorry Dan, don't agree. Joao had no impact whatsoever on their centre backs and Nuhiu caused them problems. I'd have made same sub then took FF off for Hooper for last 10 as he was pretty poor too.
  10. To be fair, for 2nd yellow I thought he was in possession looking for a simple ball to Joao who couldn't be arsed to lose his marker forcing him to turn into trouble. Also just for interest, he was at St Pancras at 6.40 having a pot of tea with toast and marmalade and for more interest, or perhaps not, fitness guy with big hair and Westwood on the 18:58 to Sheffield
  11. OK, rash assessment after one game but he looks closest to Sheridan that we've had since he departed. Class footballer.
  12. Have a read of this on OS and please support..... http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/london-to-amsterdam-challenge-2015-2398799.aspx Thanks.
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