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  1. Would love us to get one over on him . But have a feeling its going to be long afternoon
  2. I’m going 700 mile round trip and setting off at 6.00 am
  3. Wildsmith didn’t even stretch for it granted it was a good strike but we had already pulled up from play it was just like watching the teams warm up before a game , it went over the keeper but he wasn’t going to over-stretch for it and risk pulling something
  4. 1 I’m not a pig 2 no I don’t go to every game (I live 365 miles away) 3 I’ve been hiding in the shadows for 5 years 4 I’ve been watching Wednesday since I was 7 years old (35 years ago) Jordan Roades isn’t a bad player (proven track record) when he is being feed scraps he is going to struggle , he is Wednesday through and through some morons on here slate him , yes he is low on confidence but far too many think every time he touches the ball he should be scoring
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