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  1. Double check them times a bridge was struck this morning up line from st austell and trains weren’t running
  2. Allow loads of spare time on lower M5 and A30 ive been up and down it all week and it is really slow going cornwall is still rammed with holiday makers and fri/sat are the change over days so it even busier
  3. You I actually clicked on this with excitement more fool me
  4. Great to see a football team , that is run in the proper way succeed well done Brentford
  5. qui nos praecesserunt in monumentis devita
  6. Yep I do think you need to give your head a shake
  7. Definitely not the right time (yet) but when we can we should it’s all good people saying “he won’t listen so why bother” im sure most protests started with that mindset, but it is only by doing it that you (maybe) get people to sit up and pay attention personally I’m 100% for it and I’m willing to make the 700 mile round trip to join in
  8. I personally cannot wait to get back the sound , smell and buzz of walking down into the ground but what will await us , if only we were all singing from the same hymn sheet the unity that has bonded us all for whatever is to come does feel shattered Hopefully it will melt away as the team that we all love (no idea why sometimes) I do fear the emotions that have held us all together through many a bad time have been stretched way too ghin Yes I do hope that I am wrong uto
  9. Mansfield Town FA cup match scaffolding supporting the back of the stand it keep bowing out and about a 40ft drop kept appearing
  10. Maybe I’ve drunk too much but I was so glad to see we had some actual fight in us tonight
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