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  1. qui nos praecesserunt in monumentis devita
  2. Yep I do think you need to give your head a shake
  3. Definitely not the right time (yet) but when we can we should it’s all good people saying “he won’t listen so why bother” im sure most protests started with that mindset, but it is only by doing it that you (maybe) get people to sit up and pay attention personally I’m 100% for it and I’m willing to make the 700 mile round trip to join in
  4. I personally cannot wait to get back the sound , smell and buzz of walking down into the ground but what will await us , if only we were all singing from the same hymn sheet the unity that has bonded us all for whatever is to come does feel shattered Hopefully it will melt away as the team that we all love (no idea why sometimes) I do fear the emotions that have held us all together through many a bad time have been stretched way too ghin Yes I do hope that I am wrong uto
  5. Mansfield Town FA cup match scaffolding supporting the back of the stand it keep bowing out and about a 40ft drop kept appearing
  6. Maybe I’ve drunk too much but I was so glad to see we had some actual fight in us tonight
  7. Only an hours travel for us Cornish owls If only we could go would make a nice change from the usual 12 hour round trip
  8. someone stated earlier that it is all well and saving your business but if you lose the people that make that business what’s the point ( I’m fully aware that the vast majority of people recover from this but what happens if you decide to ignore the government’s advice and god forbid you lose some key members of your staff what have you gained get real do the right thing IF you arnt essential stay at bloody
  9. Anyone using this situation to take a pop at the club (yes we all know that many things , with the benefit of hindsight could have been do done better/different) wants to take a long hard look at themselves the time you have taken to post your s**t could have been used to fill out the online form to help the NHS It only takes about 4 mins grow up and grow a pair ffs WAWAW
  10. I love the idea of a mini season ticket as it stands now it’s costing me £300 per game (tickets fuel and hotel) yeah I have to make a 700 mile round trip but cannot justify that sort of outlay every other week so would love some sort of mini season ticket that gives a bit back because like many others it’s one hell of a commitment when you don’t live on the doorstep anymore
  11. I think that is the first time in watching wednesday (30 years) I didn’t really care about the fact that we had just scored God bless her family
  12. If I’m been honest tonight’s result pails into the background reaches goal was great but his determination to get hold of that shirt was far and beyond the goal
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