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  1. Hell that’s gone up £0.15p last time I went over it (it was about 20years ago though)
  2. Why is everyone hell-bent on knowing the smallest details of running the club ? Tescos don’t send out a detailed day to day running of their business with its club card statements
  3. Only the barrels and cans the bottles are still brewed In Rock but any sign will do
  4. I only go 3-4 time a year now , due to it being a 700 mile round trip but even though I know we are probably going to be crap and lose I still get that amazing buzz walking upto and into Hillsborough the day that went I wouldn’t bother going anymore its the feeling of we might have the game of a lifetime to watch 99.9% of the time we all come away disappointed, but that’s why most of us stick with it times are crap at the moment (one of the things that we all agree on) but that feeling of coming out of the ground when things have clicked and we have had a cracking game cannot be beaten and keeps us coming back for more
  5. If only we could apply the effort for the first 85 mins, that we applied in the last 8 we would have come away with 3 points today (and many other games as well)
  6. It’s ok I’ve got my bed behind me and my kitchen , bathroom don’t worry if I need a sleep I will pull over and have a few hours
  7. Having an early night traveling back from Inverness to Cornwall early tomorrow only a 14 hour drive All the best to you all and best wishes for the new year
  8. 3 for me also , I assume that if they don’t arrive by post in time it’s just a case of picking copies up from PAFC ticket office on the day ?
  9. I’m going , after getting home at 04.30 after the Sunderland game this will be a real treat (I hope)
  10. Tickets have arrived today for Sunderland match my first game since covid Bloody buzzing already 750 mile round trip please please turn up Wednesday
  11. Before anyone shoots me down in flames I meant 2021
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