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  1. Ive got one of the best commutes ever from west coast to south coast and it only takes 15 mins
  2. Yeah only popped out for pack of fags (8 years ago) worrying thing is , no one has missed me
  3. St Ives Cornwall Via Walkley
  4. Positives from this evening

    Yeah Abdi survives evening on bench but slips over walking back to dressing rooms out for rest of season
  5. Positives from this evening

    Got back from walking the dog ,just before the heavens opened
  6. Let it go we are where we are (poo i know) We all know what has gone on im no do-Gooder but i really think we are going to come good next season with a full strength squad we would have smashed this league (poss wolves apart) good things come to those that wait and my god we have waited long enough
  7. Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    He owns the club he ain’t mother Teresa
  8. Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    We are on our knees at the moment but it is due to an unpresidented amount of injuries look back in time Dave Allen had us on our knees (nearly finished the club off) we need to see this season out , regroup get our players fit and go again next year IF we are in the same position this time next year with a full strength squad , then fair play changes are needed
  9. Disgraceful club

    Very poor show tonight but OP needs a quick head shake
  10. Pitiful

    I wish i could reply to this thread with some positivity poor in possession , poor in closing men down , poor in attack , poor in creativity a bad night for SWFC Only good point was the brave souls that made the trip down there safe journey home guys
  11. Tactical Genius ...

    So we think Jos put out the worst team he could ?? do we not think that he may have a reason for tonight’s team selection ? just because he hasn’t shared his reasoning for it , he is now crazy and we are heading for non league football
  12. Are we gonna do this then?

    2-1 3-2 Reach,Wallace,Rhodes Reach
  13. Swansea tickets..

    It took me nearly 24 hours to decide you’re right though , no I don’t (have you ever tried surfing in Cambridgeshire)
  14. Swansea tickets..

    I wish
  15. Swansea tickets..

    Good guess yeah St Ives