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  1. Have PM’d you mate if Lee doesn’t want it.
  2. Sky will do something stupid and move to 7.45pm evening kick-off so no one can get a train back, even indirectly.
  3. Sit in the row in front of Mark on the Kop and it’s a sad loss to the Wednesday family. I’ll miss hearing his voice on match day. Condolences to family and friends. WAWAW.
  4. The people that paid £6m for Madine, or £15m for Maddison, or £12m for Elyonoussi, or £17m for Solanke/ £15m for Jordan Ibe/ £11m for Brooks hopefully.
  5. Quicker to walk to Earls Court (20 mins) and get Piccadilly line from there.
  6. Let’s hope it doesn’t go missing - just booked that one!
  7. And/or a discount off your season ticket according to the number of years you’ve been a season ticket holder. Say, 5% 5-9 years, 10% 10-14 years, 15% 15 years plus.
  8. When I went on to buy, only North and South available (no option to purchase regular seat on Kop). Block T was open to purchase in the North, all the way to the back.
  9. We have done already this season. - Bristol City, Millwall etc.
  10. Yep, formation change handed them the impetus with Fletch wasted on the left, and Onomah and Bannan too far forward leaving Joey to police the entire back four. Shocking formation with the players on the pitch at the time that yielded exactly what it deserved. The fact that it stayed that way for the whole 45 minutes though is the real worrying thing. Did anyone on the bench think it was working?
  11. The worrying thing is the last three teams we’ve played have been bang average and put ten goals past us. Will be surprised if more than one of Brum, Naarwich or QPR finish top half.
  12. Worked hard. Why on earth though did Jos move him to the left of a front three after half-time? Appreciate he probably wanted to give Onomah the chance to come inside (where he was as little use as on the right first half), but should have taken Nuhui off and played Joao or Preston on the left with Fletch down the middle. Wasted out left whilst Nuhui was doing the square root of naff all in the centre.
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