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  1. Bristol City 3-2 midweek game - made up for what seemed like hundreds of lacklustre midweek games over the previous years. Surreal weather, surreal ending.
  2. No, have to change at Smethwick Galton Bridge or Snow Hill. Probably easier to walk to Moor Street and get one from there; well, it would have been until I saw this posted on National Rail Enquiries Travel Planner: Travelling to the West Bromwich Albion vs Sheffield Wednesday football match? Due to industrial action by the RMT Trade Union, a reduced service will be in place on the West Midlands Railway network on Saturdays in November and December. This means that fewer trains will be running and services will be extremely busy. If you are travelling to the West Bromwich Albion vs Sheffield Wednesday game on Saturday 23 November, please seek alternative options as it may take up to 3 hours. Timetable details will be updated 2-3 days before Saturday, so please continue to check your train times. THIS TRAIN MAY NOT RUN DUE TO PROPOSED INDUSTRIAL ACTION: Because of planned industrial action by the RMT, West Midlands Railway will run a very reduced service on Saturdays in Nov & Dec. Please re-check your journey on the Friday before to see how your journey will be affected. Some stations will not be served at all. More details Marvellous. Should be fun getting back to Birmingham post-game. And it’s going to wee wee it down all day.
  3. One of the most intelligent footballers we have. He’s up there with Lee. He should play every game. Which is why he keeps getting picked.
  4. Yep, and Northern were on strike meaning taxi from Manchester and back. With train from Newark to Leeds delayed by an hour on the way there. Lovely day out. . .
  5. Always sing ‘we’re so FCUKing MASSIVE’ - works well, makes sense.
  6. Can we just give him the Just Can't Get Enough song?
  7. I still think, given the way we played against Udders in both legs, that the final - had we come through the shoot-out - would have been exactly the same as the Reading-Udders game: 0-0 and penalties. After losing to Hull, I think Carlos would have been even more cautious second time round.
  8. Spare U18 ticket going free to a good home. In Mailbox pre-game.
  9. Have they sorted out some WiFi yet in there again?
  10. On the front cover of single The Man Don’t Give a F*** by the Super Furry Animowls.
  11. Have PM’d you mate if Lee doesn’t want it.
  12. Sky will do something stupid and move to 7.45pm evening kick-off so no one can get a train back, even indirectly.
  13. Sit in the row in front of Mark on the Kop and it’s a sad loss to the Wednesday family. I’ll miss hearing his voice on match day. Condolences to family and friends. WAWAW.
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