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  1. hykehamowl

    Luton tickets

    When I went on to buy, only North and South available (no option to purchase regular seat on Kop). Block T was open to purchase in the North, all the way to the back.
  2. hykehamowl

    Where to start?

    We have done already this season. - Bristol City, Millwall etc.
  3. hykehamowl

    Clichè but a game of two halves

    Yep, formation change handed them the impetus with Fletch wasted on the left, and Onomah and Bannan too far forward leaving Joey to police the entire back four. Shocking formation with the players on the pitch at the time that yielded exactly what it deserved. The fact that it stayed that way for the whole 45 minutes though is the real worrying thing. Did anyone on the bench think it was working?
  4. hykehamowl

    We should Keegan the Championship

    The worrying thing is the last three teams we’ve played have been bang average and put ten goals past us. Will be surprised if more than one of Brum, Naarwich or QPR finish top half.
  5. hykehamowl


    Worked hard. Why on earth though did Jos move him to the left of a front three after half-time? Appreciate he probably wanted to give Onomah the chance to come inside (where he was as little use as on the right first half), but should have taken Nuhui off and played Joao or Preston on the left with Fletch down the middle. Wasted out left whilst Nuhui was doing the square root of naff all in the centre.
  6. hykehamowl

    Phone call from ticket office

    If his surname is Gilbert, the answer is no.
  7. hykehamowl

    HELP please

    Think Wednesday ticket office will send them to the away ticket office at Sunderland if you ask them?
  8. hykehamowl

    Easter Monday - Nuhiu

    And I am the life. . .
  9. Greatest regret about Rudi was that me and my mate, despite several attempts away, never, ever got people to join in with a chant to The Specials 'Rudi, A Message To You' - made for a terrace anthem. He was a talented and yet an incredibly frustrating player. The best quote I saw about him was in a fanzine (WOTMT?) when someone expertly stated that "everything he does nearly comes off."
  10. hykehamowl

    Debunking myths

    Teams that play one up top inevitably have more bodies in midfield,making it more difficult for teams playing 4-4-2 to play 'football'. When you play teams like Hudders, that essentially play 3-1-5-1 when in possession (enabling them to dominate possession), that becomes even more difficult. The fact we have so many strikers of (seeming) quality presents the problem - we have too many to play the 4-5-1 the rest of the squad is crying out for. I have the utmost appreciation for Carlos but until we find a solution to this - bypassing via the long ball is not an option - then people will continue to complain about the style and/or results. Changing the formation might (or might not) be the solution but are people prepared to see three of Rhodes, Fletcher, Hooper and Winnall on the bench, assuming Carlos can trust FF on the left, otherwise it will be four? There are no easy solutions - otherwise we'd all be doing it.
  11. hykehamowl

    QPR away by train

    Would wait till Sky confirm April selections before booking!
  12. May as well start the ball rolling. Anyone with one going spare (I know, unlikely) PM me - after one for a mate without enough points.
  13. This link ( http://www.efl.com/news/article/2016/sky-sports-more-efl-matches-selected-for-coverage-in-february-2017-3454504.aspx ) suggests that: Further selections for February are under discussion with the relevant authorities, including the police, and will be confirmed at a later date but within the five week window. I'm guessing they want Leeds v Wednesday for the Saturday 5.30pm slot. So might not know for definite until mid-Jan!
  14. Worst thing is Brentford have got Halifax or Eastleigh at home so, if we go out, no game on the 28 January and another cold rearranged Tuesday night fixture at Hillsborough. Car required from Lincoln. No booze. May as well go to Boro for the day out to make up for it.
  15. Didn't have enough points.