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  1. Can we just give him the Just Can't Get Enough song?
  2. I still think, given the way we played against Udders in both legs, that the final - had we come through the shoot-out - would have been exactly the same as the Reading-Udders game: 0-0 and penalties. After losing to Hull, I think Carlos would have been even more cautious second time round.
  3. Spare U18 ticket going free to a good home. In Mailbox pre-game.
  4. Have they sorted out some WiFi yet in there again?
  5. On the front cover of single The Man Don’t Give a F*** by the Super Furry Animowls.
  6. Have PM’d you mate if Lee doesn’t want it.
  7. Sky will do something stupid and move to 7.45pm evening kick-off so no one can get a train back, even indirectly.
  8. Sit in the row in front of Mark on the Kop and it’s a sad loss to the Wednesday family. I’ll miss hearing his voice on match day. Condolences to family and friends. WAWAW.
  9. The people that paid £6m for Madine, or £15m for Maddison, or £12m for Elyonoussi, or £17m for Solanke/ £15m for Jordan Ibe/ £11m for Brooks hopefully.
  10. Quicker to walk to Earls Court (20 mins) and get Piccadilly line from there.
  11. Let’s hope it doesn’t go missing - just booked that one!
  12. And/or a discount off your season ticket according to the number of years you’ve been a season ticket holder. Say, 5% 5-9 years, 10% 10-14 years, 15% 15 years plus.
  13. When I went on to buy, only North and South available (no option to purchase regular seat on Kop). Block T was open to purchase in the North, all the way to the back.
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