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  1. As title I’m going with my son would love to take my daughter too so if anybody has a spare child ticket let me know! Thank you
  2. Only one I can find is 12.16 getting in at 13.38 and one back at 18.34 anybody find any others? Cud go via Leeds but that takes 2hr 40!
  3. After going off Saturday I’ve not heard anything just wondered if anybody else has? Hope he’s available Saturday we desperately need him!
  4. Blackburn adult and under 18 ticket can’t make the match now will sell both tickets if anybody wants them for 20 quid must collect tonight
  5. Qpr silver ticket under 18s ticket going spare if anybody interested face value 13 pound
  6. I’m selling a lot of the videos but not converted them to a dvd (see Swfc transfer list)
  7. Only 41 days till the Lincoln match! It’s awful Saturdays with no Wednesday match! Least fixtures or out soon so can start planning the away days
  8. Yes I would def b interested , if any spaces let me know, cheers
  9. I arrive at Newcastle for just after 10 going to have a few there then get metro to Sunderland about 12ish how far is Whitley bay that could be fun drinking there?
  10. I go every year to Leeds with my son who is now 14 and never seen any trouble we get early train have some food and drink in city centre then shuttle bus to ground takes about ten mins then power walk to station after game!
  11. I’ve booked 7.54 and back on the 18.17 30 quid me and my son
  12. I was on the 06.50 but that is cancelled but looks like 07.56 is still on time this is going to be a long day! Wawaw
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