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  1. Looking for 3 spaces on any mini bus/coach going to Portsmouth
  2. 7-21 train to Leeds , change there should be on the sea front at 10.30, can’t wait
  3. Got myself and son a ticket it’s my birthday needed one for my daughter she had 510 points so missed out , long shot I know but worth a try
  4. Selling dreamscene 150 year pic and Swfc tracksuit top size large never worn pm if interested 80 for both
  5. I think DC mentioned a few times that his family was getting abused on social media when jos was manager since then he’s gone into a shell and we don’t hear a peep , I think he still as Wednesdays best interests at heart but now more than ever a statement is required it’s a good job fans or banned as it would be more toxic than ever at Hillsborough and this would drive him further away, last thing we need as he has our club in his hands
  6. The silence is a killer even at monks press conference when he was announced as Manager he was half asleep and had no interest ! He will let monk carry on regardless , we as fans deserve more than this at least come out and say something!
  7. Does every Season ticket including kids one have to be linked to e mail address?
  8. If I choose to take a full refund will the club knock 50 points off my ticket priority points??
  9. Yes I have a ticket I’m not going but my son is he could meet you
  10. Max points deduction we can get is 21 points that would take us 7 points adrift in the relegation zone , it makes games like reading at home massive these or must win games ! Even with the maximum points deduction we can just about stay up as relegation would be disastrous , we’ve some tough fixtures like Brentford away Fulham away etc still to play so today is massive we need every point , imagine playing Accrington , Shrewsbury etc next season we can’t go down and that stupid checker trade cup ! Cmon every game is a cup final now
  11. Hi I cudnt make it but can now and it’s sold out! Typical so if anybody has a spare ticket please let me know, cheers
  12. Selection of videos all vhs anybody want to make me an offer 10 in total
  13. I’m just walking from new street to snow hill 15 minute walk tops, still showing a train at just after 2 only takes 6 minutes if that gets cancelled think you can just jump on tram which takes about 20 mins, anything can happen after a morning on the beer lol never goes to plan
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