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  1. Yes I have a ticket I’m not going but my son is he could meet you
  2. As above must collect tonight or in the morning
  3. Max points deduction we can get is 21 points that would take us 7 points adrift in the relegation zone , it makes games like reading at home massive these or must win games ! Even with the maximum points deduction we can just about stay up as relegation would be disastrous , we’ve some tough fixtures like Brentford away Fulham away etc still to play so today is massive we need every point , imagine playing Accrington , Shrewsbury etc next season we can’t go down and that stupid checker trade cup ! Cmon every game is a cup final now
  4. Hi I cudnt make it but can now and it’s sold out! Typical so if anybody has a spare ticket please let me know, cheers
  5. Selection of videos all vhs anybody want to make me an offer 10 in total
  6. I’m just walking from new street to snow hill 15 minute walk tops, still showing a train at just after 2 only takes 6 minutes if that gets cancelled think you can just jump on tram which takes about 20 mins, anything can happen after a morning on the beer lol never goes to plan
  7. How bad is hillsborough at the minute ? Not stopped all day and forecast heavy rain all tomorrow hope the pitch holds up !
  8. Wont let me change my username says only allows you to change it once every 365 days!
  9. Ye I was looking at trains this morning and they all seemed very expensive even from donny wondered why
  10. Swfc dream scene picture is 95 in club shop will sell for 55 no offers please had it about a year perfect condition
  11. Am I right in think ff is available till the appeal is complete?
  12. I think we play Notts county if bury can’t play the fixture as they come second off bottom in league 2 last season, not 100 percent if this is true though!
  13. Was going to book train this morning as it’s payday then realised sky might still change it should I risk train going up or just book it! Just looking and sky announce August games for tv in 5th July
  14. As title I’m going with my son would love to take my daughter too so if anybody has a spare child ticket let me know! Thank you
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