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  1. You know what to do don’t you lads and lasses? Get rid of the incompetent shitestate Labour council that has perpetuated Sheffield for to long Crossbow preferably lol but the vote will also work
  2. I agree with the OP it looked soft on the TV pundits spunked in there pants for it, but that was standard all night bunch of lizards
  3. This site is toxic we have good players we should be able to give united a game the difference is clear.....I will spell it out for you MANAGER + HART (management term) solve that solve 70% of our problems
  4. Proper *********** nearly made me sick
  5. Nope but thanks for using physic Powers.....no hang on wait!! Thats not what I said, if you read all the posts in the thread you would understand.....go on then go.........catch up and come back to me when you understand my point
  6. I totally agree with your post i am only annoyed that we did not set up to win the game or even try to win the game, we are better than that fizz united your giving them to much respect Leeds first half high press - we had them on the ropes! West Brom we where all over them for most of the game! its not the team it’s the tactics and the managirial direction again I am not happy with that
  7. I never said that they are workman like organised and well drilled but they are not the best team in this league no where near individually they are bobaar lile I CLEARLY SAID ITS THE MANAGER THAT MAKING THE DIFFERENCE if You want to spunk on Uniteds performance go and join the sky commentary team
  8. Mate its the pigs ffs not Man City edna Stevens mark duffy ffs we are not playing to our potential they are playing over theirs again are you happy with the performance with the clubs recources because I am not
  9. Manner of the game it’s like the second half against leeds but for a full game and if you think it’s our players your a muppet we have good players but yet why can’t we match teams?? i will let you work it out
  10. Bullshit so so just confirm your happy with tonight’s performance! Because I’m not
  11. Agree we are bobaar it’s soul destroying united team is flipping Scottish second division apart from a couple of players the difference is the managers we have come tonight to defend not good enough
  12. If David Brooks went for 11m after one season then we should be looking for around 16-17m for Adam Reach.
  13. I am not just talking about the last game it’s been the same story for most of the season, Boro looked average last night, it was our passing, indecision on the ball and the fact we couldn’t seem to beat a man or keep hold of the ball further up the field that made them look better, much like the second half vs Leeds that’s where we let ourselves down, we invite pressure and make mistakes, at least Hector has been a calming influence since his arrival
  14. ^^^^^This all day long^^^^^ absolutely clear as day to anyone with fully functioning eyes
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