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  1. Bit disappointed tbf thought it was gona be a picture of Tango and the cake ball on the summit of K2
  2. This IS the best thread on Caketalk this season....FACT
  3. OMG Neil has someone doctored the sacred Owltalk logo :-0
  4. Swfc world record cake

    Messi and Ronaldo are gona burst out of it and spearhead out promotion push....or err maybe not
  5. Swfc world record cake

    Is this a flipping wind up, it looks like a a white misshapen ball bag with a owls badge on it.....really what where they thinking giant Yorkshire pud would have been better and cheaper...FFP :-0

    What a fanny ^^ read this back when you have calmed down and breathed in to the paper bag
  7. Fernando Forestieri

    As per the above I agree, but once the line is crossed and the player is being a *** then there cannot be special treatment (it will affect the squad harmony) I would get rid for the greater good
  8. Fernando Forestieri

    I disagree, there are model professional players out there that will do as asked for the good of their team that won't rock the boat, and that do not believe their own hype - now I am not saying you cannot massage a situation for a difficult player but once that line has been crossed and it's out in the media and other players are aware every one will try it on - then the dressing rooms gone and the manager has to go for the balance to be restored
  9. Fernando Forestieri

    Na roger that if you pancer to one that's when you lose them all seen it happen time and time again you cannot allow one rule for one and one for another- up the players with the correct attitude and mindset in the first place they should be professionals
  10. Fernando Forestieri

    It's the lack of stripes that's why....it's a curse
  11. The Underdog

    Good OP I think there more than a grain of truth in there, Lord snooty I think your right but not the relaxed part, I think we are to cautious and that we don't press as a team with enough energy at the start of games, that's why we always start slow against teams that press and test us with pace, until we go behind then we seem to snap out of it and play with no fear that's when we're at our best we need a sense of urgency that doesn't come from being relaxed it comes from drive and focus and speed of action look at the first season we pressed and harried teams they couldn't cope with the pressure and made mistakes, because we where playing without expectation and the freedom that comes with that and vice versa now
  12. Carlos Tonight

    Apparently he was seen punching a horse with Gary Madine after full time, unconfirmed tho if the horse survived #carlosoutjusticeforhorses&garymadine
  13. Rythem, understanding, desire and intent are what we're missing if we get that right the consistency will come its like we have the fuc*ing fear when we play till we go a goal or two down then we open up the can of urgency
  14. When burnley got promoted they has a settled squad, when Brighton got promoted they had a relatively settled squad, when Boro got promoted.....add repeat add repeat agree with the OP to be fair, if the players can build an understanding then we might not roll over as much as we do