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  1. Bristol City

    I really want a win against Bristol, and think if we can break the back of these slow starts after international breaks we seem to have acquired them it bodes well for the rest of the season BUT we never do it the easy way I can't help like feeling it's a false dawn, please prove my pessimistic side wrong Wednesday UTO
  2. This times a million, were suffering the twice run close hangover effect and need to shake it off
  3. Shoes on the other foot for me I rip anyone that supports your Man U and Chelsea's when there from Mansfield or so on "plastics" and they all shut up or pretend that they go to games and their grandad was from Manchester...fade fade fade ect etc
  4. Abdi

    Careful Neil, London Owl will be along to pick you up for no full stop in between paragraphs. Fixed it for you.
  5. Dispatches

    Spelling police hear again! bore off and eat a prawn sandwich or what ever you London folk do #Troll
  6. Dispatches

    No but grown men acting their shoe size in front of women and children in the name of "Banter" get what they deserve in the sober cold light of day
  7. Dispatches

    Watched it, some right Neanderthals cought on camera, thick as #roger
  8. Do a run in t club shop see what happens
  9. If This Was Next Years Kit?

    This would be the first kit I bought since the stripes disappeared nice design classic Wednesday hooped sockstho as already mentioned
  10. Winnall

    Nope probably not knowing us
  11. Winnall

    goal machine, hope he comes back just in time for play off final!!!
  12. Winnall

    goal machine, hope he comes back just in time for play off final!!!
  13. Mate said we where good in the first half, fell apart after the equaliser
  14. Stopped going, been soul destroying this season