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  1. Edit my bad clearly adds up to 150 years
  2. Why does it say 2017 on it? its clearly 2018
  3. That’s what happens when you wear blue and white strips fellas
  4. There is quite a few fellow Owls in our lot too (Mercian) couple of stinking blades tho as well (got some right stick this season )
  5. I totally agree, unless they need treatment somewhere that’s not Sheffield
  6. baz9209

    Snodgrass tweet

    In two years we will be where we will be.....Snodgrass will be 32 + legs will have gone, best days belind him and probably be plying his trade in a championship club playing 15 games a season at best, looking forward to being a fifth rate pundit in Scotland FACT
  7. Wonder if we will actually be able to finish the season FFS, imagine this scenario there is the last two games to play but we can’t field a team and automatically lose all six points and condemns us down to the pub League
  8. Between us the foot of the table....and Sunderland (who can’t buy a win with love or money), WTF let that sink in, chuffing awful season
  9. baz9209

    The Referee

    If I worked with the count hd would gen up get cracked
  10. baz9209

    We will be relegated

    This is what happened at Huddersfield, when Wagner came it they where rubbish for the rest of the season and where lucky not to drop - we all know what happened the following season don’t we when the manager had a close season and a transfer window to play with!!
  11. Misssd Abdi off there granted Not first team regular but still a body that would get game time in this injury blight
  12. it is our first team ffs!!!
  13. I thought he spoke well considering it’s probably his third language, new and exciting times ahead
  14. baz9209

    Relegation Battle

    We can only hope, relegation might lower match prices and allow us to get rid of all the dross players we have accrued it also might convince our stubborn chairman to employ a footballing person in some capacity to the club and to stop meddleing / micromanaging